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Marianne Bard March 21, 2022 • 3 min read
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Good Friday is one of the most solemn days for Christians. The holiday is a commemoration of Christ’s crucifixion and death prior to His resurrection. Many American companies, public institutions and organizations are closed in observance of this holy day.

Make use of our Good Friday closed signs to announce that your establishment is going to be shutting its doors for this holiday. Get professional sign printing to create distinct “Closed for Good Friday” signs with your preferred design. Browse through our wide array of custom signs and pick your favorite to craft “Closed for Good Friday” signs.

“Office Closed for Good Friday” Sign Options

On Good Friday, most Christians put aside their daily routines and take time to remember Christ’s sacrifices. You can keep passersby informed about your day-off by printing “Closed on Good Friday” sign plaques on foam board printing or gator board printing. Also check our “Office Closed for Good Friday” sign ideas below if you’re searching for other products and unique design solutions.

1. “Commemoration of Good Friday” Closed Signs

Get your “Closed for Good Friday” signs printed on durable static clings if you want to reuse your illustrations later, too. The medium sticks well to glass even though its backside is glue-free.

Square-shaped Good Friday closed sign for businesses attached to glass

Use our sign design tool to create a crafty “Office Closed for Good Friday” sign.

2.“Have a Blessed Good Friday” Closed Signs

Vinyl lettering is a suitable choice for creating printable “Closed” signs for Good Friday with a bespoke design. Use this phrase to customize your own Good Friday “office closed” sign. The delicate design of the illustration will appeal to everyone.

Free-lettered Good Friday office closed sign attached to a window

Check out our collection of thematic sign templates. Choose the one that best suits the “Closed for Good Friday” sign you’ve envisioned and restyle it to your taste.

3. “We Will Be Closed” Good Friday Signs

We offer variants of office window decals such as clear or opaque window decals using which you can create “We Will Be Closed” Good Friday signs. The products’ surface can be covered with illustrations and colors of your choice. Our professional printing will make them even more captivating.

Large Good Friday closed sign in white installed on a glass wall

Did you know that Christians commemorate Good Friday in a special way?

Public Office Printable Good Friday Closed Sign Options

Good Friday is also known as Great Friday or Holy Friday. It’s commemorated by millions of Christians worldwide. Companies, public institutions and other establishments are closed to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Will your establishment also close its doors on this day? Here’s a list of “Closed for Good Friday” signs to keep your clientele informed.

4. “Closed in Observance of Good Friday” Sign Ideas

Get “Closed for Good Friday” signs printed on window clings or window decals. Both products will come in handy if you want to save space and still put up “Closed for Good Friday” signs.

Closed for Good Friday sign attached to the office window

Read our Closed for Easter signs blog if it’s going to be a day off for your business on that day as well.

5. “Remembering Good Friday” Closed Signs

PVC signs are other great mediums for crafting durable Good Friday “closed” signs. You can hang your “Closed on Good Friday” sign outside the door to catch everyone’s attention.

Rectangular printable Good Friday sign hanging from a glass door

Look through our Closed for Easter and Good Friday sign template collection. Pick your favorite and restyle it to make a unique “Closed on Good Friday” sign.

6. “City Hall Will Be Closed for Good Friday” Signs

Customize and create Good Friday “closed” signs on sizable retractable banners for an important announcement. You can put up your “Closed for Good Friday” sign inside or outside your building. Despite its size, the product takes up very little space.

Free-standing closed for Good Friday sign put up in front of a building

Check out our blog on Closed Signs for MLK Day to learn about another special US holiday.

Good Friday Closed Signs for Other Establishments

Public institutions and companies aren’t the only establishments that are closed on Good Friday. In some states, restaurants, small food chains and grocery stores also close their doors in observance of Holy Friday.

We offer various types of restaurant window decals and store window decals. Choose whichever best fits your printable Good Friday closed sign design.

Make use of these “Closed for Good Friday” sign ideas to craft your own illustrations. Put them up inside or outside your establishment and keep everyone informed that you’re closed in commemoration of Holy Friday.