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Family Themed split canvas print

Split Canvas Prints

Split canvas prints infuse a classic vibe in any room. Cover your walls with artwork spread across several panels.
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Split Canvas Prints

Discover the transformative power of gallery-quality artwork, elegantly partitioned across multiple panels. Our split canvas prints are designed to add personality to your space and make an impactful visual statement. Unleash your creativity and experience art in a way that speaks volumes about your unique style!

Our product features:

Durable material

UV printing

Effortless installation

High-resolution graphics

Square Signs offers comprehensive sign printing services for a wide range of products including gorgeous canvas prints. We’ll deliver your order directly to your doorstep anywhere in the US or Canada.

Split Canvas Print Types

Divide your favorite photographs across multiple panels to create jaw-dropping split canvas photo prints. Do the same with artwork that’ll look great in several pieces as well. Our products, be they artwork or split canvas photo prints, are available in two layouts: three-panel and five-panel combinations. Family photos, panoramic landscapes, abstract compositions and more… our products can showcase them all.

Split Canvas Prints on Three Pieces

Experience the allure of our three-panel canvases. Design captivating displays with a profound visual depth. They're easy to customize and perfect for enriching your space with artwork or imagery of your choice. You can order large canvas prints, 3 panel canvas prints and more on our website.

Decorative split canvas print in three pieces leaning against the wall

Split Canvas Prints on Five Pieces

Five-piece designs create a striking visual effect across multiple panels. Ideal for art enthusiasts, these chic options enhance any room, whether it's your office, living room, bedroom or kitchen. Showcase stylish illustrations by ordering your 5 piece canvas prints and other custom signs.

Bridge and mountain-themed split canvas print mounted on the wall

Split Canvas Print Features

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of practicality and aesthetics. Dive into the details below to uncover the unique attributes that set our product apart.

Material and Printing of Split Canvas Prints

Our multi panel canvas prints are crafted from a top-notch poly-cotton blend with a sleek satin white finish. The base material amplifies the vibrancy of every hue, ensuring that each illustration comes to life. Our canvas boasts a 21 mil thickness, giving these products superior quality and longevity.

Our advanced printing technology breathes life into your images when applied on split canvas photo prints. Our high-precision color-matching technique ensures you receive the colors you envision. Moreover, we use a special UV-curing system that shields your artwork from sunlight damage and preserves the vividness of your images for years to come.

Sizes and Shapes of Split Canvas Prints

The panels of our three-piece product measure 20"x30" each. 

In contrast, those of our five-piece multi panel canvas prints vary in size to ensure a symmetric look. The central panel is the largest and measures 24"x24". The two panels on either side of it are 12"x18". The two end panels are each 12"x12" in size.

The recommended wall sizes for these products are 61”x30” and 73”x24” respectively. This allows you to have at least a quarter inch of space between each panel and the next.

Create fun designs using our sign design tool. Choose your favorite images and customize them with ease. Check out our ready-made sign templates to draw some inspiration!

Main sizes of split canvas prints features the spaces between the panels

Comparison Chart of Split Canvas Prints and Similar Products


Split Canvas Prints

Acrylic Photo Prints 

Metal Photo Prints

Wood Prints

Size Range:

3-piece: 61"x30"

[3(20”x30” panels)
with 0.5” spacing]

5-piece: 73"x24"
[1(24”x24” panel)
2(12”x18” panels)
2(12”x12” panels)
With 0.25” spacing]





21 mil



0.040", 0.125"


Printing Options:


Standard, Second surface



Lifespan (indoor/outdoor):

60+ years / Not recommended

15+ / 5+ years

15+ / 10+ years

7+ / 1+ years

Split Canvas Print FAQ

What is a split canvas print?

This product is a combination of canvas panels that create a single image.  Each panel forms a piece of the whole. It's a cool way to decorate your walls with stunning imagery spanning multiple canvases.

What is the advantage of ordering a split canvas print?

These designs add depth to any space by dividing an image across several panels. They also offer flexibility in arrangement, allowing you to customize the layout to suit your style and the dimensions of your room. Hang up this product to make a room feel larger and more cohesive.

How to install my split canvas print?

Hang your product easily with our hanging kits or command strips. The products are delivered ready to hang, with the kits already attached to each frame. We provide 12 and 20 command strips for 3-piece and 5-piece designs respectively; 4 strips for each frame. For detailed instructions, check out our step-by-step installation guide.

What’s the lifespan of split canvas photo prints?

Multi panel canvas prints can last over 60 years indoors with the right care and attention. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight and keep them away from extreme temperatures and humidity to prolong their lifespan. Clean them by gently wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and refrain from touching the illustrations with your hands.