Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Transparent, durable - great solution for both decorative and branding purposes

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Custom acrylic signs can be the perfect asset for your company’s branding. Also known as plexiglass, acrylic is an ideal material for signs of all purposes, making it useful for the construction of both business and decorative signs. 

Check our acrylic photo prints page if you’re looking for decorative acrylic signs. 

At Square Signs, we offer cutting-edge acrylic printing with your custom design. Order your sign today, and get it shipped the next day to any destination in the USA and Canada. 

Being a versatile material, plexiglass can be used both indoors and outdoors - and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Want to save some cash on glass printing? Acrylic signs are the best glass substitute. Not only does this material look identical to glass, but it is also more lightweight and durable.

In terms of effectiveness and durability, custom acrylic plaques are the best option for business and personal needs.

Plexiglass is the perfect material if you want a refined and eye-grabbing look for your signage. The vivid color density of the printing and the attractive graphics won’t ever go unnoticed.

Custom printed acrylic signs will give off a classy and professional impression to your potential clients.

Send us your own images - or use one of our many free designs - and print them on your acrylic sign.


Acrylic Name plates

Essential signage for business centers and offices. Display the names of your employees with elegant acrylic glass signs. Put up acrylic plaques with standoffs to provide the ultimate professional look and feel.


Acrylic Logo Signs

Brand your office with your logo printed on an acrylic board. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, these signs are sure to catch the attention of your potential prospects. Acrylic office signs do not require much space, so these logo signs work perfectly for smaller companies as well. Give a more professional look to your workspace with custom-printed logo signs.


Tabletop Stands

Avoid drilling holes in the wall - get gorgeous tabletop acrylic signs instead. These stands can be displayed on the table with lightweight easel backs.


  • Transparent and translucent material
  • Rigid and resistant to all types of weather
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Lightweight, durable, and affordable glass substitute



Acrylic is an ultra-durable plastic material that is often used for both indoor and outdoor signs. The sturdy material is perfect for making attractive business signs.

Naturally, the material has a glossy finish, but after printing the areas covered by ink turns matte. Acrylic comes in various thicknesses ranging from 1/8"/0.125" to 1/2"/0.5". Length and width vary highly between 4" x 4" to 48" x 96". We offer the following types of acrylic:




The material has an ideal optical clarity and transparency. Combined with backlit vinyl it can be used to make breathtaking illuminated signs. With clear acrylic signs, you can choose an inside glass printing that gives more depth to the graphics.


The material has a matte finish - perfect for providing privacy in the workplace. Although frosted acrylic signs are not see-through, they are translucent and allow light in.


Standard black color that can be printed on with any color you desire.


Opaque white acrylic sheets that can be printed with any design.



You are welcome to order custom acrylic signs with custom designs printed on them. Use our free design tool to create your personalized graphics, or choose one of our beautiful templates. For printing, we use sublime quality UV and digital printers. After the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays. This makes the printing sun-resistant and guarantees a long lifespan.

Printing Options
Standard printing

Graphics are directly printed on the face part of one of the acrylic sheets (black, white, clear, frosted). The printed areas on the sign have a matte finish.

Second Surface Printing

With this option, the graphics are mirror printed on the back of the clear acrylic. This makes it so when you look at the sign it seems as if the printing is inside the material. This style provides a glossy finish as the graphics are on the back, leaving the face clean and shiny.

Double-sided printing

For even sharper visibility, you can get opaque acrylic signs with graphics printed on both sides. With this option, your chosen images will be printed on the front and back of the plexiglass. The printed area has a matt finish.



We offer the latest equipment in the industry for cutting your acrylic signs with high accuracy. Controlled by computer precision, laser cutting and CNC machines provide perfectly cut edges. Because of this accuracy, you can order acrylic signs in custom shapes and sizes. Due to the versatility of the material, you can choose from the following cutting options:

Cutting Options
Square or Rectangle

Square or rectangle-shaped signage with standard sharp edges and pointed corners.


The sharp edges of the signs will be rounded. Signs with round cut edges have a cleaner and more elegant look.


This cutting option provides signs in the shape of your design without any extra edges.


With this option, the sign is cut in the exact shape of the design with an extra border around it.



To make every piece of sign more durable, we offer lamination services. This special coating protects the material and the printing from abrasion. During the process of lamination, the printed sign is covered with a protective layer to protect the surface from scratches. With this film coating, your acrylic sign will retain its initial look for a long time. We offer three types of lamination: glossy, matte and dry erase.

Lamination Options

For high-contrast colors and to give more sheen, choose the glossy lamination option. This finish provides a cleaner and deeper look with vibrant colors that immediately attract attention.


For a softer look, matte lamination is the best option. It creates a more elegant look to the sign.


Dry erase

This lamination option turns any material surface into a dry erase surface. By using industry top lamination equipment we can cover acrylic signage with a protective layer that can be used as a blackboard. Write and erase on your signs as many times as you wish. This option can be perfect for calendars, presentation boards or anything else.


Comparison of Similar Signs


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Min. size

4" x 4"

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4" x 4"

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Max. size

48" x 96"

48" x 96"

48" x 96"

48" x 96"

48" x 96"


Indoors: 15+

Outdoors: 5+

Indoors: 10+

Outdoors: 3+

Indoors: 15+

Outdoors: 10+

Indoors: 10+

Outdoors: 3+

Indoors: 7+

Outdoors: 1+

Printing Options


Second surface












What are the advantages of acrylic signs?

  • Available in clear, white, black and frosted sheets and can be printed in any colors
  • Comes with UV protection to prevent printing from fading
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be laminated for more durability
  • Affordable glass substitute
  • Highly durable and resistant to all types of weather
  • Lighter and more impact resistant than glass
  • Available in various printing and cutting options

Where can I use custom acrylic signs?

Acrylic is such a versatile material, it’s the ideal choice for both interior and exterior branding. Whether you want to promote your business or decorate your house, acrylic signs will work perfectly for either.

Acrylic plastic signs are used to give an exclusive and professional look and feel. For office interior branding solutions, these signs can serve as nameplates, directional and informative guides, as well as logo signs.

Just use one of our free designs - or send us your images and get them printed right onto the acrylic.

How are acrylic signs installed?

Acrylic sign board installation requirements depend on the location and the size of the sign. We offer a wide range of accessories for acrylic signage installation. Acrylic name plates can be mounted directly on the wall with standoffs or command strips. You can also hang the sign with suction cups & hooks. Or, if you have a small acrylic sign, you can display it on your desk with easel backs. Find more information on how to set up plexiglass signs in our installation section.

How can I keep my acrylic sign in great condition?

To preserve the clean look of your signage we recommend to periodically wipe the dust off. For dirtier surfaces, you can use a mixture of water and liquid soap. To clean the sign use only a soft piece of cloth, as abrasive materials may scratch the surface. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia base or other chemicals.

Where do you ship custom plexiglass signs?

For all our signs, we offer next day shipping all across the USA and Canada.

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