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Meline Clarke March 23, 2023 • 5 min read
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Ready for an Easter egg hunt? That’s right, it’s time for the season’s festivities. One of the most widely-celebrated spring holidays is about having fun with family and friends and remembering the resurrection of Christ. Thus, many businesses close their doors on this day to celebrate with their loved ones.

If you’re planning a day-off too, make sure you notify your customers with “Closed for Easter” signs. With so many different sign printing ideas floating around, you get to pick an attention-grabbing “Closed for Easter” sign to stand out from the crowd. Check out the custom signs we make in various shapes and sizes to find the best “Closed on Easter” sign for your business.

“Closed” Easter Sunday Signs for Different Businesses

Make sure your customers don’t come all the way to your premises just to find out that you’re closed. Use eye-catching “Closed for Easter” signs to make the announcement. Mediums like gator board printing or foam board printing are among the most popular options. If you’re wondering what other “Closed for Easter” signs you can incorporate, explore the list below.

  • “Closed for Easter” Sign for Stores

Easter is celebrated in different traditional ways and each one of them needs a lot of preparation. Allow your customers purchase necessary items and supplies ahead of time by putting up a visible “Closed for Easter” sign. Whether it’s a huge grocery store or a small shop, custom store window decals will communicate your message effectively. Your clients will appreciate you keeping them informed. To make your “Closed on Easter” sign unmissable, pay close attention to the design. Use the holiday’s symbols like bunnies, eggs and flowers. Want a small “Closed for Easter Sunday” sign for the front door as well? Get PVC signs in matching colors to keep it consistent.

Promotional closed for Easter sign in red reading a pre-holiday sale on the storefront window

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  • “Restaurant Closed on Easter” Sign

People will be looking forward to tasty meals once the fast is over. If you’re planning to close your establishment for the holiday, a “Closed for Easter Sunday” sign will be vital. Get restaurant window decals to inform people about your plans and elevate exterior branding. Choose one of the four material variants available to make the most of the medium.

Use cheerful colors for your “Closed” Easter Sunday signs and add a note to explain your absence. You can also showcase a preorder menu for people who want to grab some food a day before you close. An illustration of an Easter basket full of dyed eggs and seasonal sides will appeal to the eye.

Restaurant closed on Easter sign displaying an excuse note and a basket full of dyed eggs

Easter is the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween in the US. Every year, Americans spend nearly $2 billion to make chocolate bunnies.

  • “Closed on Easter Sunday” Sign for Banks

Inform your clients about the Easter day-off ahead of time not to let them down. Opt for vinyl lettering to keep it simple and professional. Pastel colors such as yellow or baby blue will add a festive Easter spirit to your “Closed for Easter” sign. Apply the tailor-made “Closed for Easter” sign in a visible area to expand your reach. If you have more information to communicate, large opaque window decals will come in handy. You can use these “closed” Easter Sunday signs to enhance your branding efforts and showcase alternative banking options at once.

Minimalistic closed on Easter sign in the form of a text applied to the front glass door

  • “Closed for Easter” Sign for Beauty Salons

Your customers will need your beauty salon’s services to look good on the holiday. So, you should let everybody know if you’re going to be closed on that day. To complement the elegance of your salon’s design, you can create “closed” Easter Sunday signs with sleek acrylic signs. Print your text and images on any acrylic material you desire and hang it on the front door.

A transparent closed for Easter sign with pink and white texts hanging from a salon's door

  • “Closed for Easter” Sign Options for Other Institutions

Irrespective of the type of business you run, displaying an “office closed” sign for Easter is a thoughtful thing to do. If you’re looking for a professional tool to display operating hours during the holiday, get striking office window decals. They’re perfect for different departments within stores such as pharmacies. Set up your “Closed for Easter” printable sign before the holiday to save everyone time. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the adhesive “Closed for Easter” sign with a congratulatory note will add a festive touch to any setting.

Floral closed for Easter Sunday sign reading notes applied to the pharmacy window

Printable “Closed for Easter” Sign of Different Types

Easter is observed by millions of people around the world. The holiday is accompanied by plenty of decorations. For your “Closed for Easter” signs to stand out, you need to find the perfect fit for the venue. Here are some “Closed for Easter” sign options suitable for different businesses.

  • “Business Closed for Easter” Sign as a Window Notice

Display a printable “Closed for Easter” sign at the storefront early on to notify people about your day-off. Apply eye-catching window clings to save space and capture attention. To benefit more from the “We Will Be Closed for Easter” sign, use it to encourage pre-holiday shopping as well. Highlight your holiday deals to make it impossible to overlook. The informative medium designed in Easter themes will evoke a festive mood among passersby. In case you’re looking for an adhesive alternative, window decals in cheerful colors are ideal.

Printable closed for Easter sign showing up to 50% sale for the holiday on the storefront glass

  • “Closed for Easter Weekend” Sign for Storefront Announcements

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box solution for your “Closed for Easter Weekend” sign? Put up appealing retractable banners in Easter themes right on your doorstep. Be brief and concise to convey the message about being closed for Easter weekend. Don’t forget to thank your customers for their understanding and wish them a Happy Easter. If you want to communicate more information, choose a larger “Closed for Easter” sign. Complement it with reusable static clings for a festive look.

Freestanding We Will Be Closed for Easter sign displaying the Easter bunny

Did you know that the Easter bunny was introduced to America by Germans?

  • Printable “Closed for Easter” Sign for the Lawn

Want to reach as many people as possible? Set up a branded yard sign reading “Happy Easter, We Are Closed” on the side of the road. Keep your “Closed for Easter” sign simple and use bold letters to deliver your message effectively. To give the medium a festive touch, design it in cheerful colors and illustrations. Make your “Closed for Easter” signs more effective by including the date and time of reopening. Or have it in simple design to use in the future as well.

Outdoor closed for Easter sign in red and white reading a congratulatory note placed on the lawn

  • “Closed for Easter” Signs for Indoor Applications

Informing your customers about holiday closures is an act of respect and appreciation. You can put up a “Closed for Easter” sign inside your building so that people could see your working schedule a few days before the holiday. Self adhesive foam boards are a great choice when it comes to decorating your interior. Put them up in the most visible area of your office so that none of your customers can miss the important information.

A colorful closed for Easter weekend sign mounted on a wall inside the gym

“We’re Open on Easter Sunday” Decor Item

Are you one of the few businesses that operates on Easter? Make your customers happy by sharing the good news appropriately. Create your own “Closed for Easter Sunday” sign with our sign design tool. Experiment with colors and explore different fonts to make it unique. Choose from our adjustable sign templates to get started easily. Pick up the “Closed for Easter” sign template you like most and customize it to match the overall setting. Anything from free-standing “Closed for Easter” signs to space-saving media with a well-thought-out design will offer you great exposure.

Small closed on Easter sign design with baby blue floral illustrations outlining the notice

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