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Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Add color to your space with affordable Wall Decals - premium solution for office, retail, business and home wall decor.

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Custom Wall Decal Printing in the US & Canada

Wall decals are adhesive graphics perfect for long-term indoor and short-term outdoor use. Order customized decals to decorate your space or promote your brand. Whether you need wall decals for personal or commercial use, these adhesive murals will serve their purpose with style. We offer a large assortment of decals with shipping across the US and Canada.

Decorate your house in just a few minutes without breaking your bank. Create the artwork of your dreams in our free design tools and get completely new walls in minutes. Use your imagination to personalize your interior design with one-of-a-kind vinyl wall decals.

The installation process of custom wall decals is as easy as pie with a peel-and-stick technique. You simply remove the backing paper and directly attach it to a smooth painted surface. Ensure you clean the surface before application or air bubbles will form under the decal. Just like the installation, removal is also simple as you peel off the decals without leaving behind any residue. 

Turn empty walls into branding opportunities by displaying your company logo with a decal.

Scroll through thousands of our free templates or upload your own personal design. In just a few clicks, you will have top-quality decals with dazzling works of art on their way. 



Custom wall decals can have a wide variety of uses. We have separated two of the most popular ones for you below. The first is decorative and the second is promotional but of course, you can put wall decals to any use you desire besides these two purposes.


Vinyl wall decals are a great decorative tool for homes, offices or anywhere else. Transform boring walls into colorful pieces of art in just a few minutes. Wall murals are an affordable alternative to wallpaper and are much less of a hassle to install. Plus, the process is cleaner as all you have to do is peel and stick them on. No glue, paint, or anything else is required except for a squeegee or a plastic card to even out the decal. 

With removable wall decor stickers, you can easily redecorate your house every year and continually boast fresh interior design.

Wall graphics are a perfect solution for decorating children’s rooms. You can get custom wall decals with the images of their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes and create thematic decor.

You can use these graphics to decorate your workspace. Accent walls are very common in offices. This is when only one wall in the room has graphics on it and the rest are painted in one color. With custom wall decals, you can turn your workplace into a motivating site for your staff with quotes and bright graphics.


Aside from being a stunning decorative option, large custom wall decals are also perfect for indoor and outdoor branding.

Use empty walls to feature your business name and logo. Such visuals help reinforce your brand’s message and identity. Warm up lobbies by covering office walls with messages that engage your clients and welcome them into your professional space. Motivate your office staff with inspiring quote decals. You can also get the word out about your business by displaying wall decals outdoors, next to your office entrance or anywhere you find fit.

Draw customers to your establishment with bright, inviting decals. Upload your logo, customize it and get it printed on top-quality vinyl. If you don’t have a logo ready for printing, you can simply use one of our ready-made templates or elements to create a unique one for your business. 



  • Sun-resistant UV printing
  • Easy to peel and stick
  • Leaves no residue after removal
  • Lamination options available



We offer a wide range of decals to meet your requirements, whether you need decals for decorative or commercial purposes.

Wall Stickers

These are a great solution for office branding and interior decoration. You can get outline or overline cut stickers with your company’s logo and display it in the office lobby. Such logo stickers are great for business promotion. You can also let your imagination loose and decorate your house in certain themes. Custom stickers can be used to decorate children’s bedrooms with the images of their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes, for example.

Wall Quotes

Nowadays, wall quotes are among the most popular decorative tools and are the simplest way to add a touch of personality to an interior space. Let your walls speak the words of distinguished scientists, writers and artists. We offer highly adhesive vinyl lettering to display all kinds of quotes on the walls of your home or office. With wall quotes, you can create a motivational and inspiring atmosphere. We offer a large selection of font styles in our design tool to customize the decals to your liking. Apart from regular letters, you can choose the reverse cutting option, where the letters are cut out from the material, leaving behind a silhouette of the selected text.

Wall Murals

Apart from lettering and stickers, we offer large murals to cover the entire wall from top to bottom. These are a great alternative to wallpaper. Not only are they more affordable, but they also have the advantage of not being a pain to install and remove. With wall murals, you can renovate your house interior every other year if you like. Just peel off the old murals and apply new ones with a fresh design.


The material of wall decals is premium-quality opaque vinyl. It’s a self-adhesive and removable material that has a lifespan of more than three years indoors. The material comes in rolls and its natural color is white but you can order decals in any size and color. Vinyl decals are very easy to apply and remove without leaving behind any sticky residue.


For printing vinyl wall decals, we use full-color UV-curing printers. During the process of printing, the inks are dried with UV rays. This makes the resulting print sun-resistant and helps retain its initial look for a long period of time.


You are free to choose from the following cutting options.

Square or rectangle cut - If you are looking for simple vinyl wall decals, you can choose to get standard square or rectangular cut decals. With this option, the decals will have sharp edges and will be cut to your desired size.

Rounded cut - With this option, all the sharp edges of the square and rectangular decals will be rounded, giving the decal a neater look.

Outline cut - When you choose this option, the decals will arrive in the exact shape of your design without any borders around it.

Overline cut - This option adds an extra border around your design. Meaning, the decal will be in the shape of your design with a white line around it.

Reverse cut - This is also known as the cut-out option. With the reverse cut option, the letters are cut out from the material. The end product is an adhesive vinyl with cut out letters resembling a stencil.


We offer lamination services for vinyl wall decals. Lamination is the process of covering the material with an extra protective layer of plastic film in order to make it more durable and scratch-resistant. You can choose from matte, glossy or dry-erase lamination options.


Lamination Options


You can choose matte lamination if you are looking for a softer appearance. This option provides wall stickers with a glare-free finish. 


For brighter colors, it is recommended to choose the glossy option. This option provides more in-depth and vivid graphics by giving them an extra shine.


Finally, the dry erase option not only makes the material more durable but also turns it into a writable surface. You can easily add a note on it with a marker and erase it whenever you need to.



What material do you use to make a wall decal?

Wall decor stickers are made of a highly adhesive opaque vinyl material. Adhesive vinyl can stay on the wall for a long time without fading and tearing off. One of the benefits of vinyl is that you can remove it anytime you want without leaving any stains on the wall.

Where can I use personalized wall decals?

The usage areas for wall mural stickers are quite diverse. They can serve as decor as well as an advertising tool. Besides that, they can cover flaws on the wall like a crack or stain. You can have small graphics as well as full wall murals to cover the entire wall from top to bottom.

Decorative wall mural decals are ideal for all rooms in a house - kitchen, bedroom, living room or even bathroom. Offices also use wall stickers as decoration to create a warm and motivating atmosphere for employees. Inspirational quotes have extensive potential here. Likewise, entertainment venues and beauty parlors use decals to add a stimulating effect and stylish look to their space.

Do you laminate wall decals?

We provide optional lamination for all our signs. You are free to choose from the following three types of lamination options: matte, glossy and dry-erase. The first one has a glare-free matte finish. The gloss, as its name implies, has a glossy finish that highlights vibrant colors. Lastly, the dry-erase option not only protects the surface of the material, but also turns it into a writable surface. You can use a marker to write on it and erase as often as needed.

Can wall decor stickers be custom shaped?

Yes! Just customize your vinyl wall decor stickers with our free design tool or choose from our thousands of free templates. Add personal photos, texts and elements to customize the template to your liking and get your unique wall graphic design. The stickers can be cut into all kinds of shapes by choosing the outline/overline cutting option.

How long can wall decals be used?

Once applied to the wall, you can forget about having to renovate the decals since they last for more than three years. The highly adhesive properties of these wall stickers will keep them on the wall for years without posing an issue when it’s time for removal. You can peel them off anytime you need without leaving any residue on the wall.

Will the printed graphics fade away over time?

At Square Signs, we print decals with high-quality UV inks. This results in vibrant colors with a 3+ year lifespan. When used indoors away from sunlight and harsh weather conditions, they will retain their fresh look for an even longer 7+ year period without fading.

Are wall decals reusable?

Although wall decals are removable, they are not meant for multiple uses. They can be removed from walls once you’re tired of them or want something new. Once you remove them and attempt to reuse them again, they will have lost their adhesiveness and won’t stick as well as they used to. However, if you initially apply it a bit off-center in the process of installation, you can immediately peel it off and adjust the position without any adverse effects.

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