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Jessica Goldsworthy May 8, 2020 • 9 min read
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You’re in the right place if you’re in search of exciting living room wall decor ideas to create an inspired atmosphere for your home. The quarantine is the perfect time to reinvigorate your room’s interior with wall art. One or two well-thought-out additions can turn those stark, empty walls into classy ones worth living in. Regardless of your living room's current style and theme, correctly chosen wall decor can breathe new life into it.

I have gathered 6 accent wall decor ideas both for petite and sizable living rooms. In addition, I’ll share some tips on how to decorate a large wall in the living room and how to invite spaciousness into a small room by utilizing meticulously selected wall decor.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

I bet you have seen in-vogue pictures of living rooms online which left you wondering, “how can I make my living room beautiful?” A full renovation may cost you a fortune but even a modest budget may be optimized with captivating art. Here are carefully considered accent wall decor ideas to usher warm vibes into your living room.

Idea 1. Get a Real Work of Art with Canvas

living room wall decor idea with split canvas

There is an impressive variety of wall art ideas for the living room that can brighten the ambiance of any drab wall. Thematically curated canvas prints are among the favorites for interior designers. Fashion them to give your living room an elegant museum look or a cozy colorful one depending on your taste. A blank canvas offers endless design possibilities. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be the one to paint it as high-quality canvas prints are not only more affordable but utilize jet-ink printers to display vivid imagery that will rival any original Monet. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even paint over them with rich-textured strokes to add more depth. Choose a unique image you are fond of or combine your craziest vision board into a split canvas print - you are free to mix and arrange anything to your liking. Looking for canvas ideas? Here are “22 Canvas Ideas to Level Up Decor”!

Idea 2. Add Depth to Your Wall Art with Acrylic

Nature living room wall decor idea

Acrylic photo prints can confer a drastic vivacity to your walls and give your aesthetic a pop of originality. Acrylic signs allow you to experiment with a range of modern wall decor ideas for the living room that will be sure to make an impression. The transparency and sheen of this material adds a unique touch in comparison to flat wall art, giving it depth and luminosity. Getting it printed in high quality will bestow a brilliant work of art on your room’s wall that will leave any framed competition in the dust.

Do you have a special image you want printed to put some spirit into your decor but aren’t sure how to get it to your home? Start with our free online design tool, upload your favorite graphic, or create one using our designer-made elements.

Idea 3. Use Large Decorative Decals

Large decorations are a sharp way to make a statement but unfortunately, a part of that message can be at the expense of damage to the wall. We often wonder how to decorate a long wall in the living room without making several holes or scratches on the surface. In this case, wall decals are the distinguished option amid all large wall decor ideas for the living room. They give you the opportunity to add an extravagant spark to your space without having to worry about unwanted results. What do you think of this one?

art print living room wall decor idea

Idea 4. Add Wood for a Friendly Atmosphere

No listing of wall art recommendations would be complete without wooden signs. They create a friendly mood in the room and help you entertain your guests and family with an environmental charm. Though most often utilized for rustic interiors, these decorations can also enhance other styles. Besides choosing your favorite image to be printed on the wood, remember to get creative with its size and shape as well. Curating a gallery wall with these decorations is one of the neatest large wall decor ideas for the living room.

wooden pictures living room wall decor idea

Wondering what images to use for your own gallery wall? Use our decoration templates and order your striking decor additions right away!

Idea 5. Liven up Your Interior With Hanging Plants

Hanging wall plants will create a welcoming atmosphere and freshen the air simultaneously. Plants beautify any interior style as long as you choose the right pots for them. Sculptural vases, crystal ornamentals and even rusted vintage cylinders are a delightful way to bring nature into your home while maintaining an urban zeal. In case you want to hang your live decor higher on the wall, make sure to choose plant varieties that are low maintenance and don’t require too much watering.

hanging plants living room wall decor idea

Idea 6. Bring in Your Favorite Quote

Do you believe in the magic of words? A motivational quote emblazoned on your walls is one of the best modern wall decor ideas for the living room. If you’re confident about the artistic quality of your handwriting skills, go ahead and write that soul-stirring quote that’s always on your mind right on the wall you like best.

If your writing is in the chicken-scratch category along with your courage (we don’t blame you), you also have the option of ordering vinyl letters that will simply stick onto your wall without any trouble. Inspire yourself and your guests by filling the blank space with quotes that will set the mood and get the conversation going. Here is a fun example to ignite creativity!

Home Sweet Home living room wall decor idea

How to Decorate Living Room Walls

There are so many wall art ideas for the living room that sometimes you just can’t decide which one is the one that will last the test of time and mood swings. There are many factors you should take into account when choosing wall art like size, shape, material, colors and originality. Here are some guidelines to help you personalize the experience.

How to Decorate a Large Wall in the Living Room

You might be under the impression that coming up with large living room wall ideas is a piece of cake since there is so much room to work with. This is partly true in terms of the decor size and shape but you should be careful with the coloring. Otherwise, you may end up with a cold and lifeless looking room. This is why I have gathered some tips and advice on how to decorate a big wall in a living room. Fill the blank space on those large walls with style!

Tip 1. Go with two main wall colors and choose decorations accordingly with complementary tones. Use your walls to visually divide your large living space into two parts. This will help add an element of intrigue and coziness to your place. Rearranging your furniture respectively will help you boost the comfort and appeal of your room as well. 

Tip 2. Feel free to go for bold decorations when looking for large living room wall concepts. Big walls need big decor on them to maintain a sense of balance. On the other hand, make sure not to rely too heavily on the same type of decorations to avoid a repetitive and boring look. Why not experiment by placing aluminum signs and PVC printing side by side? Just make sure to use complementary color schemes.

Tip 3. Balance the lighting. Large walls often include large windows, which is great. But too much light can make your room feel cold. You are free to put an accent on one of the walls with dark-toned decals and decorations to add a touch of warmth along with a grounding element.

Tip 4. Colorful wall decorations will enliven the atmosphere. Hanging wall plants can be a good choice in this case as well.

Quote living room wall decor idea

How to Decorate a Small Wall in the Living Room

There is a misconception that you should avoid decor in a small room so as not to use up additional space. The truth is that the right decorations can actually make the room look larger. Here are some hacks that will level up and expand the horizons of compact spaces.

Tip 1. Avoid heavy-looking decorative pieces and furniture. They grab too much attention, weigh-down and stress-out the room.

Tip 2.Use lightweight gator board printing or foam board printing to invite an airy atmosphere. This will add the bonus that you’ll be able to move them around more easily if need be. That last point will come in handy, especially in cramped spaces.Use lighting to your advantage. Make sure there are no dark corners or walls in your room during the day as well as in the evening. The right light-fixtures and their illumination will relax the ambiance of the room. Make sure to choose lamps that hang from the wall. There are many elegant pieces that won’t occupy additional space.

Tip 3. Take advantage of unique wall mirrors. By reflecting light and surroundings, they imbue the illusion of a larger space and look classy at the same time. Mirrors can come in beautiful shapes and styles and can be made to fit perfectly with different interior vibes.

Tip 4. Be careful with what colors you select for small walls. Choose mild, pastel hues and don’t mix them up too much. Simplicity works best here. You want this feature to have a pleasant effect without being in your face. Be aware of mixing patterns as well. Vertical lines are your best choice in the case of tight living spaces as they have an elongating effect to add to the feeling of spaciousness.

abstract image living room wall decor idea

Now that you know some of the finest living room wall decoration ideas, have learned a few tips on how to decorate a big wall in a living room and figured out how to make a confined space look anything but constricting or boring, it’s time to take action!   

Our free sign design tool will help you kick-start the revitalization of your living room. Find the product to match your taste and proceed to the designer tools that will help you personalize it with bonus features. Use one of our ready-made templates, upload your image, or create from scratch. We’ll deliver your creation right to your doorsteps. Happy decorating!