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Aria Kyan June 17, 2020 • 11 min read
Aria Kyan is a content writer and editor at Square Signs. She likes to integrate her experience in journalism, urban sustainability and art for novel solutions to problems big and small. When she’s not hanging out with Woody the office parrot, she loves to cook, travel, dance and rock climb.

Artwork is a simple life-hack to breathe new life into any space and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Step into a new decade by reinvigorating your house without the hassle of remodeling. Canvas print ideas are an ingenious way to spruce things up for 2020.

2 Cute Canvas Ideas for Each Room in Your House

Paintings are a universal luxury when it comes to taste but definitely not to wallets. The Renaissance Era has passed but here to save the day is the canvas print: a contemporary classic. Here are two cool canvas ideas for each room in your home, plus two bonus ones for your hallways. So stay with us!

Living Room: Canvas Print Ideas for a  “Roaring” Future

Idea 1. Collage Decor

Collage Prints are the newest trend in canvas decor ideas, adding intrigue to any living room. For example, dividing a Japanese print like The Great Wave Off Kanagawa into several different-sized canvases can showcase movement, detail, and add an interactive element for enjoyment.

electric blue wave print canvas collage idea on a 3 panel canvas

Idea 2. Digital Art Prints

Since we are entering the Roaring (future) 20’s, we can’t forget the impact of technology on art. Digital art prints are a perfect way to merge the old with the new. Add style to match the futuristic age and honor the retro with the authentic feel of a canvas.

modernized statue of David canvas art print idea

Dining-Room: Classics Because Dining Is Classic

Idea 3. Famous/Classical Prints

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt will likely be the most expensive work of art ever if put up for sale. Instead of waiting to rack up your riches, why not get it as a simple canvas and adorn it with gold leaf yourself? Warning: your dinner guests might start a bidding war.

dining room classical print decor idea

Idea 4. Abstract Prints

Our full-spectrum color prints are great for all canvas design ideas, but especially when it comes to abstract art. They will highlight the rich tones by greats like Rothko better than any poster. Yellow and orange are said to make people hungry, fyi, so let’s move on to the kitchen.

funny eating quote canvas idea with abstract design patterns on a dining room wall

Kitchen: Food Fare for the Future

Idea 5. Culinary Prints

Food art has reached a new level of beauty thanks to social media. Small canvas ideas allow you to add a collection of favorites to your kitchen walls, whether it be dishes, herbs, spices or any of the 80,000+ edible plants on earth.

mini kitchen canvas idea in yellow, black and white color scheme with kitchen quotes

Idea 6. Rustic/Vintage/Retro Prints

Art deco dancers are a classic representation of the Roaring 20’s and certainly add flavor to the kitchen, where few cooks are strangers to dancing. The 2020s are a wonderful excuse to bring that jazz back into your life with this simple canvas idea. Btw, you can use acrylic photo prints instead of canvas decor as they're easier to handle when it comes to cleaning.

retro style canvas print idea with African traditional dancers in electric blue color

Bathroom: Tips Worth the Trip

Idea 7. Pop Art/Magazine Prints

Canvas print ideas for the powder room range from exquisite to punk. Pop art and magazine covers could offer a great selection if you’re having a tough time deciding. What’s your style? If none of these, maybe the next text will fit your fancy.

pop art canvas print idea

Idea 8. Text Prints

A prayer, blessing, rules or funny quotes go a long way when you’re staring at the walls for a while, like we often do in the restroom. Get creative with cute canvas ideas where you need them most! Waterproof PVC signs are also a great solution for the bathroom.

bathroom canvas decor idea with a funny quote

Master Bedroom: Simple Canvas Ideas for Comfort, Romance and Elegance

Idea 9. Personal Prints

The master bedroom is one of the most special places in the house and the art adorning it should be, too. Canvas decor ideas here should focus on intimate memories that evoke comfort, romance and elegance all at once. Can you think of a picture canvas idea of your wedding or hometown?

the bride and the groom picture canvas idea on a bedroom wall

Idea 10. Color Gradient Prints

Colorful canvas design ideas are an exquisite way to enhance furniture and overall decor. Analogous or complementary color palettes that show off vibrant hues will complete the ambiance. Use our design tool to find your perfect match. You can choose other media like custom acrylic signs as well.

bedroom gradient print decor idea

Boy’s Room: Boisterous is Best

Idea 11. Funny Prints

Boys are known to either have a good sense of humor or a need to lighten up. Funny memes or inside jokes are cool canvas ideas that will add just that with a side of style.

boy's room canvas idea with a funny warning message

Idea 12. Animation Prints

Traditional wall decorations for boys are posters of video games, bands, or cartoons. Traditionally, they’re stuck onto the wall crooked, with tape sticking out the sides, and a few rips at the edges. A simple canvas will fix all that mess. Let them choose a favorite!

animation print boy's room decor idea

Girl’s Room: Let It Be Light and Dreamy

Idea 13. Floral/Fairytale Prints

Imagination, fantasy, and an affinity for the beautiful things of this world are a girl’s bffl. The possibilities for canvas or gator board signs featuring fantastical tales, characters, and natural elements are endless. All you have to do is follow the butterfly to find them.

cute girl's room canvas idea in pink and white color scheme

Idea 14. Animal Prints

There are many other cute canvas ideas for girls’ rooms, like a picture of a horse, unicorn or any animal print of your choice. They’re beautiful and evoke feelings of joy and peace.

cute unicorn canvas print idea in pink and white color scheme for girl's room decorating

Kids’ Bedroom/Playroom: Fun, Meet Unique

Idea 15. Custom Drawings

Inspire children for future success by creating professional prints of their best doodles. This will also encourage their passion for the arts, which happen to have a positive effect on school children's grades in math and literacy.

They'd also look great on foam board printing.

cute giraffe illustration canvas print idea for kid's room decorating

Idea 16. Mini Canvas Ideas

Since we’re talking cute here, it’s hard to get cuter than a mini canvas or two to twenty-two. Virtually all mini canvas ideas create a playful feel fit for kids. Our favorite is starting with their mini hand and foot prints, then adding bigger ones as they grow. If you prefer larger prints, let's move on to the entertainment room.

food and hand print  simple canvas ideas for kid room decorating

Entertainment Room: Larger than Life Canvas Prints Ideas

Idea 17. Poster Canvas

Entertainment can get rowdy and posters tear easily. Large prints of your favorite posters will offer a durable and classy alternative. Pick your favorite sports stars and musicians, then bring them to life with our sign design tool.

canvas design idea in electric green with the iconic The Beatles faces

Idea 18. Movie Scene Prints

Entertainment is almost synonymous with movies. Whether it’s your favorite film scene, hero, actor or director, our design tool makes it simple for you to create a fan favorite. Beautiful cinematography can be fully displayed with our vibrant prints. Though if movies aren’t your thing, the library is next.

entertainment room movie scene print decor

Library: Travel Tales & Escapes

Idea 19. Travel Prints

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a library or a modest library nook, it’s the best place to escape and give your mind a vacation from the stresses of life. A beloved travelling tale is Eat, Pray, Love, taking us through Bali, Italy, India and New York City. Any of these locations would look gorgeous on large prints.

"Travel is Therapy" cool canvas idea for library wall decorating

Idea 20. Adventure Prints

Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Goonies, Tom Sawyer, Lord of the Rings, and of course, Indiana Jones are timeless adventure tales. Which would you pick, and which scene plays out in your head first? Mine would be the Goonies’ ship. But don’t get too excited, we’ve still got work to do in the office...

"Adventure Awaits" inspirational canvas design idea on a library wall

Office: Focus and Succeed

Idea 21. Nature Prints

The office can feel sterile without the proper accents. Pictures of natural scenes increase attention span and prepare worker’s for new tasks. Go for grand scenes of natural wonders like the Horse-Shoe Bend in Arizona.

travelling inspired canvas idea with a nature scene and motivating quote

Idea 22. Inspirational Prints

Displaying your dreams and sources of inspiration can elevate quality of life and motivate you to work harder to reach your goals. Inspirational quotes on canvas will usher a new level of elegance and success into your office.

"Don't Be Busy Be Productive" motivational quote canvas idea

2 Bonus Canvas Ideas for the Hallway: Perfect Place for Progress

Idea 23. Photography Prints

It can be difficult to integrate family photos into a home with the right style. Thankfully, hallways offer the perfect wall space to include everyone. Canvas photos reflect an extra touch of care and class.

romantic couple picture canvas print idea with a family quote

Idea 24. Sequence Prints

Take advantage of the natural progression created by a hallway with sequence prints. These can vary from successive motion shots to changing seasons, personal growth to baby bumps, or be more abstract. The sky--or rather the hallway--is the limit. Now let’s move on to the best part...

hallway sequence prints decor idea

Start at Perfect

You made it! 22 + 2 suggestions for the year 2020! Before you get overwhelmed with too many ideas, check out our free and easy design tool, then start creating your canvas prints right from where we left off: the perfect hallway.