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Marianne Bard January 12, 2023 • 4 min read
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People across the USA celebrate Martin Luther King Day each year in January. The holiday is dedicated to one of the prominent leaders of the civil rights movement.

Use Martin Luther King posters to decorate your premises and celebrate the memorable day. Professional sign printing will allow you to create bespoke MLK posters. You can use thematic illustrations which will be suitable for the day. Our wide selection of custom signs will provide you with an impressive platform to bring any of your ideas to life.

Martin Luther King Poster Ideas

On this day, people showcase Martin Luther King Jr. posters to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King. Foam board printing products are popular items for implementing MLK poster ideas. However, other options are also available to get these masterful visuals.

1. Typographic Martin Luther King Poster

Create typographic Martin Luther King Jr. posters which can feature his most famous quotes. Use resilient gator board printing to apply this idea. They’re a good choice for getting crisp MLK Day posters.

If you want to turn your Martin Luther King poster ideas into artwork. Decorative acrylic photo prints and custom canvas prints are your go-to products. Compose MLK Day posters and use them as innovative interior wall art with these mediums.

Typographic Martin Luther King poster with a background of American flag

Select your favorite design from our sign templates. You can also employ the template above the way it is or to draw inspiration for your very own Martin Luther King poster ideas.

2. “Let Freedom Ring” Martin Luther King Poster

Martin Luther King’s “Let Freedom Ring” expression was widespread during the days of the civil rights struggle. It aimed to establish equality among people of all racial backgrounds.

Employ printable PVC signs to design an MLK poster that raises the volume of this quote from the struggles of the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr. posters printed on this material are easy to use at outdoor and indoor activities. The product is resistant to weather changes and different conditions.

Styrene posters are also suitable for implementing unique Martin Luther King Jr. poster ideas. The medium is a flexible and lightweight type of plastic. Its weight makes it easy to transport during events and activities.

Square Martin Luther King poster with an inspirational quote applied on glass

3. Portrait of Martin Luther King Day Poster

Create designs for your MLK poster ideas and print them on snap hanging posters. These products are a good fit for indoor exhibitions. Craft portraits of the popular movement leader on Martin Luther King posters and hang them in highly visible areas.

Black hanging MLK posters with the portrait of Martin Luther King

Paper poster printing is another affordable solution to design MLK posters. Use acrylic signs to get a classier, more refined look. Feature the picture of the historical figure on large illustrations and apply them onto flat surfaces.

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Martin Luther King Banner Solutions

Martin Luther King Jr. poster ideas are more expressive when showcased on large products such as x-stand banners or custom wall decalsAlternatively, you can make use of sandwich boards, another effective solution for displaying a variety of visuals. The latter features replaceable graphics, making it a very cost effective product.

Browse through the set of Martin Luther King posters below. You’ll find them with the products which can best feature them to get an awesome combination.

4. Illustrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day Banner

Design MLK banner placards with illustrated images of Martin Luther King. Whether you want to exhibit them inside or outside your premises, custom vinyl banners are an ideal product choice for large MLK posters. Illustrated MLK Day banner placards can capture more attention with their appealing visuals. As an alternative option, consider using fabric banners. Both mediums are lightweight and capable of showcasing large illustrations.

Large illustrated Martin Luther King banner attached to a wall

Go to our free sign design tool to compose your MLK Day banner visuals from scratch.

5. “I Have a Dream” Martin Luther King Banner

Most Martin Luther King posters include the world-famous words “I Have a Dream.” Get your MLK banner visuals printed on retractable banners and put them up outside or inside your establishment. Apply this phrase on an MLK poster along with other quotes and excerpts from the famous speech.

Vertical Martin Luther King Banner featuring the famous I Have a Dream quote

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. is the symbol of nonviolent civil rights movements?

6. “A Day On, Not a Day Off” Martin Luther King Banner

“A Day On, Not a Day Off” is a well-known phrase that’s used on this day. It encourages the public to spend this day remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and appreciating his accomplishments rather than spending it as any other day off. Type this motto on MLK posters and display the visuals on pole banners to increase your reach. You can use the design in the picture below to compose your MLK banner visuals. Head to our design platform and restyle it to your taste.

Two Martin Luther King Day banner illustrations with his portrait and quote

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Use these MLK poster ideas to get impressive and expressive illustrations for the holiday. You can apply Martin Luther King Jr. posters inside or outside your premises. They’ll be nice additions to the events honoring the most prominent leader of the civil rights movement.