Highly Adhesive Wall Decals

Wall Decals are a type of indoor as well as outdoor advertisement, which can also serve as a decoration. These Decals are a great option, if you are looking for an affordable way to decorate your office or home. With wall stickers, you can have customized, unique decorations and advertisements in any shapes and sizes.

Wall Decals require a simple installation. You just need to take the back paper off and directly mount it to a smooth surface, preferably painted. Just make sure the surface is clean, otherwise, air bubbles will form under the Decal.

These Decals are easy to remove without damaging the surface.

You can order Wall Decals in your customized design. Use our Free Designing Tool to create your personalized graphics that will later be printed on Adhesive Vinyl with UV inks.

These Stickers are often used for outdoor advertising. Such as, on the walls of cafes and restaurants or for other types of promotions. Wall Decals are frequently used in stores to inform about the sales or, for instance, to inform about the arrival of a new seasonal collection.

Peel and stick Wall Decals can be used for indicating direction. Such indicators can be found in shopping malls, offices, etc.

As for the decorative Decals, you can get a Wall Decal with any design to add a splash of colors to the empty walls.

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Thickness: 6mll

Weight: 0.08/sqft

Min. Sign size: 4″x4″

Max. Sign size: 52″x1740″

Common Sizes: 12″x24″, 24″x48″, 48″x96″, Can be Customized

Color: White

Printing: Digital printing with quality, sun-resistant UV inks

Cutting options: Standard, Overline, Outline

Installation: Direct wall-mounting with a squeegee

Usage: Outdoor 3+ years with proper care, Indoor 7+ years with proper care

If you ordered a Wall Decal to decorate your room, you will need this installation technique to have a bubble-free and great-looking wall decor.

Step 1

Prepare the wall for the application. Clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry completely. The cloth will take the dust and everything else away that can decrease the Decal’s adhesiveness.

Step 2

Wall is ready. Now it’s Decal’s turn. Slowly peel some part of the Decal off of the backing paper and apply it to the wall.

Step 3

Carefully pass the squeegee (special tool for applying the Decal, bank cards can be used as well) along the applied part of the Decal for flat and firm application.

Step 4

Remove the rest of the backing tape. Press the vinyl onto the wall while fixing it with the squeegee at the same time.

With the complete removal of the backing paper the Decal will be completely fixed on the wall. Enjoy it.

If you ordered wall letters, numbers or some separate graphics, your Decal will have an additional layer – transfer paper. In this case apply the same technique as for the ordinary decal appliance, but after pressing it with the squeegee on the wall, remove slowly the transfer tape to have your Decal perfectly adhered to the wall.

What materials are Wall Decals made of?

Wall Decals are made of high-quality opaque Vinyl that is a thin and a highly adhesive material. Vinyl can stay on the wall for a long time without fading and tearing off.

They are also known as wall vinyl and wall tattoos. These removable wall Vinyl stickers can be used for small wall graphics as well as for full wall cover Decals. You can have both images and letters for your wall made of Vinyl. Quotes, family trees, landscapes, butterflies, company names and logos are the most popular use of Vinyl Wall Decals.

Where Can I use Wall Decals?

The usage areas of Wall Decals are quite diverse. They can serve both as decors as well as an advertising tool. Besides they can hide the flows on the wall. You can have small images as well as cover the whole wall with custom Wall Decals.

Decorative Wall Decals are ideal for all the rooms of the house – kitchen, bedroom, living room, even bathroom. Offices also use wall stickers as a decoration to create a warmer and motivating atmosphere for employees. Inspirational quotes especially have a wide usage here. Entertaining places and beauty bars use Decals to bring an inspiring and stylish look to their place.

Are Wall Decals laminated?

Unlike Floor Decals that require extra protection, Wall Decals are not laminated. They are printed with high-quality, fade resistant UV inks that provide a long lifespan to the Decal. UV inks suggest a wide range of colors that give an opportunity to create any design and use any image for Wall Decals.

Can Wall Decals be Custom Shaped?

Yes! Just customize your Wall Decal with our free design tool or choose one of our hundreds of templates. Add personal photos, texts as well as arts or customize the template to your liking to get your unique wall graphics design. The stickers can be printed on whole Decals and also cut in custom shapes.

What is the lifespan of the Decals?

Once applying the Wall Decals on your wall, get ready to forget about their renovation for more than 3 years. The high adhesiveness of wall stickers will keep them on the wall surface for years, but will not be an issue when removing. You can still remove them any time you need without leaving stains on the wall.

Will the graphics printed on the Decal fade away?

No! At Square Signs, we print Decals with high-quality UV inks. This means long-term usage and vividness of colors. Being used indoors they stay away from sunlight and harsh weather conditions that provide a longer usage for Wall Decals without fading.

Can you remove and reuse Wall Decals?

Although Wall Decals are removable, they are not meant for multiple uses. They can be removed from walls once you’re tired of them or want something new. But if you remove them and try to reuse, they will have lost their adhesiveness and not stick as good as they used to.

Though, if applied a bit wrong in the process of installation you can immediately peel it off and correct it, nothing will happen.

Why Choose Square Signs?

You are our highest priority! For our customers, we have designed a user-friendly interface with an easy to use the designing tool. Choose from our wide range of templates at your disposal. With highest-quality assurance, we offer next day shipping services. Credit card safety guaranteed while making an online order from Square Signs! Happy Purchasing!

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