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Window Decals

Window Decals

Highly adhesive - awe-inspiring window promotional graphics to enhance the look of your brand. Drive more traffic with affordable but highly alluring decals.

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Custom Window Decals

Display promotional messages with attractive graphics on your storefront and invite new customers to your business. Square Signs offers a large selection of dazzling window decals that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest audience.

Custom window decals are ideal for both decorative and promotional purposes. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can get it here with a personalized design.

Renovate your home or office interior with removable window stickers or brand your storefront. Attractive graphics will make passersby stop and check out your business.

We offer custom window decals for various applications like indoor and outdoor branding, home decoration, informative displays, promotional offers and so on. 

Here at Square Signs, window decals are available in custom shapes, sizes and designs with shipping across the US and Canada. You can get custom window decals with all kinds of decorative patterns and styles.  

Our custom decals are made of top-quality clear or opaque vinyl that’s easy to apply and remove without staining surfaces.

Opaque or white window signs are used to give businesses or homes a unique accent - an upscale effect to enhance your décor. They add an elegant appeal to your home or office, grant a touch of privacy, brand the storefront and serve various other purposes only limited by imagination. Opaque window signage attracts passersby to product sales and special offers. With opaque window decals, the negative space around the graphics remains white unless you choose a background color.

Clear window signs are a perfect option for window branding, be it for a storefront or an office. You can use clear decals for advertising as well as for decorative purposes. They easily attract attention whether used indoors or outdoors. Unlike opaque decals, clear decals don’t block the view because the material is fully transparent. With clear decals, the negative space on your design remains clear and provides perfect visibility.

Create stunning decorations with thousands of free templates available in our design tool. You may also upload your artwork and further customize it using powerful features and elements. Square Signs offers directly printed window decals in full color with the highest resolution and color density available.


  • Durable, weather-resistant
  • Sun-resistant, UV protected
  • Easy application
  • Removable, doesn’t stain surfaces
  • Eye-catching, attracts customers from afar


The versatility of custom window decals enables us to use them for a variety of purposes. These decals are great whether you need storefront branding, a quick upgrade to your interior design or a myriad of other circumstances. 

Here are a number of custom window decals that you can get right now:

Clear window decals

These transparent window signs are made of clear vinyl. Clear decals are great when you don’t want a heavy-looking sign. Unlike other adhesive graphics, clear window decals don’t block the view thanks to the transparency of the material. The negative space around the graphics remains completely clear which highlights the design of the decals. Clear glass decals are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether used for business or decorative purposes, clear decals will ideally fulfill your needs. 

Opaque window decals

Opaque decals are the opposite of clear decals. They are made of opaque white vinyl and don’t offer any transparency. Opaque decals are great for full window covers. If you are looking for an effective advertising tool for your brand, wrap the storefront windows with opaque decals to attract high foot traffic to your store. You can order opaque window decals in custom shapes, colors and sizes. To highlight your logo, outline or overline cutting are recommended so the decals will be cut in the shape of your design. As for application, you can do most of them yourself within minutes. For larger decals, we recommend getting a helping hand for a more accurate finish.

Home window decals

Breathe new life onto your home windows and glass doors with stunning decals. What’s great about these is that you can remove them within seconds when they’re no longer needed. Just peel off the stickers and that’s it - your windows will return to their previous look. You can decorate home windows with flower decals, quotes or anything else you prefer. Whatever you can imagine, we can turn into beautiful window decals. Renovate your home interior in no time. Place your order, we’ll ship it out to you and you can apply the decals in just minutes.

Store window decals

Use your empty store windows to promote your business. Window advertising decals are a wise investment for every business. Brand your storefront with striking store window stickers and special deals to entice customers and increase foot traffic to your business. Store window decals can serve various purposes such as the display of new products, special offers, seasonal discounts, information and decorations. Storefront window graphics are the most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with customers and promote your products or services.

Window lettering

Custom lettering is the perfect choice for storefront promotions. You can easily display special offers, operating hours, your business name and any other information with these adhesive letters. Our window lettering is fully customizable: you can choose the font, size and color to fit your business and decorative needs. Window letter decals are very easy to apply and remove. Our window letters come pre-spaced on a transfer paper which makes the application process as easy as can be. If you need to change window information often, be it regarding sales or anything else, window lettering is the best choice for you. These letters offer a hassle-free removal without leaving any residue behind. You can also decorate indoor glass surfaces by displaying famous quotes on them with adhesive lettering.

Business window graphics

Custom window decals can speak volumes about your business and take your branding to a whole new level. Our custom window decals for business are perfect for promotional as well as decorative purposes. Attract potential clients in the streets with striking window decals featuring your products. Business window graphics are a can’t-miss advertising tool that is sure to entice customers and represent your services at their best. You can personalize your business windows with beautiful graphics to spice up the interior. Window signs for businesses are great for branding as well. Display the company name and logo on glass doors and windows to create a professional atmosphere.

Office window decals

Brand your office with window and glass decals. Display your company name and logo on office windows and glass doors to create a professional environment. Office window decals can serve as decoration as well. Play with colorful patterns to embellish empty windows. Vinyl window decals for businesses can be used to share important information with employees and guests, such as safety guidelines or changes in operating hours. Proclaim your brand voice with office decals that are easy to apply and remove within minutes.

Decorative window decals

Personalize your space with custom decorative window stickers. You can decorate office or home interior glass surfaces with striking decal designs. You can choose one of our thousands of free templates or send us your designs for printing. Decorative decals are an ingenious solution if you are looking for an affordable and quick interior design upgrade. With these decals, you can change the design of your windows and glass doors every few months so that you always have a fresh style to look forward to. When you get tired of the decals, just peel them off and easily clean the window to get rid of any excess residue, if any.


We offer full-color UV printing services for custom window decals. At our printing facility, we use only UV curing printers. During the window sticker printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that make the prints sun and fade-resistant. This procedure prolongs the longevity of the print and helps retain its vivid colors for an extended period.

Printing options

Standard printing

This is the standard vinyl window decal printing option where the design is printed onto the material without any extra white layers. Standard printing is available for both opaque and clear decals. You can get full-sized images printed on the decals or you can just display your company name and logo. The areas without a design will remain white or you can choose outline cutting to avoid any negative space.

Second surface printing

For clear vinyl decals, we offer second surface printing, also known as inside glass printing. With this option, the decals are attached to the interior side of the glass. For the second surface option, the graphics are mirror printed onto the custom window decals in two layers. For the first layer, we print the design and then add a second white layer. This process is done to make colors on the print look more vibrant.  


We offer premium cutting services for your custom window decals. Have your sign cut into square, rectangle, rounded, overline, and outline cuts with our bleeding-edge plotter cutter. The plotter machine ensures high accuracy with its computer-controlled sensor system that provides crop marks for cutting. Our highly accurate cutting machines enable us to cut vinyl window decals in custom shapes and sizes of any complexity.

Cutting options

Square/rectangle - This is the standard cutting option when the decals need to be cut in the shape of a square or rectangle. The square/rectangle cut decals will have sharp, pointed edges.

Rounded - Another cutting option that you can choose from is the rounded cut. Square and rectangle decals will be cut with rounded edges in this case.

Outline -  If you are looking for decals with the shape of your design, you need to choose this cutting option. The decals will be cut into the exact outline of your design.

Overline - This is a similar cutting option to outline cut, except with this option, the design shape will have an extra white or clear border around it.


For making custom window decals, we use highly adhesive vinyl material. The material comes in rolls, so you can order window graphics in custom sizes. Although the material is highly adhesive, it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave any residue. For vinyl window decals, we offer two types of vinyl: opaque and clear. 

Clear vinyl

This is a fully transparent material that’s ideal for window stickers. After the printing process, the areas without graphics remain see-through, emphasizing the design.

Opaque vinyl

This option is the opposite of clear vinyl. Opaque vinyl is solid white. Although the material is white, you can print graphics of any color onto it. 

Comparison Chart


Window Decals

Perforated Window  Decals

Static Cling

Frosted Window Decals

Min. Size

6" x 6"

6" x 6"

6" x 6"

6" x 6"

Max. Size

58" x 1680”

52" x 1680”

52" x 850”

58" x 1680”






Printing Options


Second surface

Standard with no background

Second surface with no background



Second surface

Standard with no background

Second surface with no background



What is a bespoke window decal?

Vinyl window decals are adhesive graphics often used for branding or decoration. The material of the decal is highly adhesive vinyl that is very easy to apply to smooth surfaces and remove without leaving any residue. Bespoke window decals can come in various shapes and sizes with custom designs specific to your needs.

Where can I use window graphics?

Custom window decals can be used for both indoor and outdoor premises and serve various decorative, functional or promotional purposes. You can apply window decals to glass doors and windows in offices, stores, beauty salons and, in a nutshell, any glass-like surface. Offices and different establishments use vinyl window decals with decorative graphics, informative texts, big sales announcements, opening hours and general service messages. Clear decals, as their name implies, provide visibility from either side of a surface through the negative space around the graphics. Our vinyl window decals are fully customizable, so whatever the purpose, we can make decals to suit your needs.

What advantages do window stickers have?

  • Provide maximal visibility
  • Stick to all kinds of glass surfaces
  • Highlight sales and promotions
  • Eye-catching to attract new customers
  • Require little maintenance
  • Available in custom sizes, colors, shapes and design
  • Serve indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Cost-effective solution for business promotion
  • UV-resistant

What are the alternatives to window decals?

Apart from standard window decals, you can choose other similar products such as window frosting, vinyl lettering, stating clings and window perfs.

Window frosting adds a fantastic touch to any business establishment or storefront. The material is translucent with a matte finish that provides an elegant look to the stickers. Such decals create privacy by blurring the view. These are ideal for business offices, banks and public establishments such as schools and libraries.

Vinyl lettering is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. These highly adhesive stickers can be applied to walls, doors, glass and other smooth surfaces. The adhesives are often used to display company names or promotional messages as well as decorative displays and famous quotes.

Static clings are very similar to window graphics but with unique features. Unlike window decals, clings can be reused as often as you wish. The material sticks to glass surfaces without the use of any glue and can be easily peeled and reapplied within seconds.

Window perfs provide privacy and serve as effective promotional mediums at the same time.  The material’s surface is covered in small perforated holes which distinguish it from other decals. With this feature, the material obstructs the view from the outside but provides visibility from the inside without blocking light. These decals are often used for storefront or office branding.

Can custom window decals be reused?

No, vinyl window decals are not reusable. Our custom window decals are highly adhesive but will lose this property once removed. If you need reusable decals, static clings are the best option for you.

What is a clear vinyl sticker?

This type of window sticker is made of highly adhesive clear vinyl material and is very easy to apply and remove. Clear decals do not block the view as the negative space around the graphics remains clear. Transparent window decals are perfect for displaying promotional and decorative designs both indoors and outdoors.

Will the decals stain my windows?

Absolutely not. Our window decals are highly adhesive but this doesn’t make them permanent. Vinyl window decals are easy to remove and don’t leave any residue.

What is the maintenance of custom window decals?

To preserve the initial look of the decals, wipe them with a soft, damp cloth on a regular basis. Avoid using abrasive cloths that can scratch the surface. For removal, use a sharp tool to peel away an edge of the decal and use it to take off the rest. Clean the adhesive residue, if there is any, with warm water or a window cleaner.

How long is the lifespan of vinyl window decals?

Adhesive decals can serve for more than 3 years both outdoors and indoors with proper care. They are a cost-effective and long-lasting form of advertising. Due to UV printing, the prints will retain their initial vibrance for a long time without fading in the sun.

Opaque window decals vs clear window decals?

The difference between these two decals is in color and transparency. Clear decals are made of fully transparent vinyl material. Opaque decals come in solid white which can later be overlaid with any color.

Can you help me with the design of my window decal?

Yes, we can certainly help with your designs. You can customize your decals using our free design tool. It’s equipped with a large selection of features, elements and backgrounds. Choose one of our thousands of free templates and further customize them as you wish. If by any chance you need further assistance, our designers are here to help you create your design from scratch or edit the design you have been working on.

Can you help me design my custom decal?

First, we encourage you to read our blog guide on how to use our design tool or you can watch the tutorial on the design tool page. If you still need help using the interface, just contact our customer service specialists and they will walk you through the entire process. If you’d prefer professional help with your design, just let them know and our designers will be happy to bring your vision to life.

What shapes are available for glass decals?

We offer custom window decals in all shapes and sizes. We also offer multiple cutting options like standard square or custom outline that you can choose from.. If you need your decals to be cut into the shape of your design, you can choose the outline option. If you want to leave an extra border outlining your design, you can choose the outline cutting option. All our products are fully customizable. Just use our user-friendly design tool to create your personalized window decals. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where can I apply vinyl window decals?

As the name indicates, these decals are intended for window application. However, you can apply these decals to all kinds of glass surfaces. Custom window decals can be applied to the following surfaces: glass doors, tables, mirrors and so on. Just make sure the surface is smooth and clean before application.

What is an opaque vinyl window glass sticker?

Opaque window decals are made of highly adhesive vinyl material and graphics are printed onto them with durable UV inks. Opaque vinyl window signs stick to any glass-like surface and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor branding. They provide a professional look to any storefront or office window. Opaque window decals are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

How to apply glass decals?

Custom window decals require a simple peel and stick application. However, we offer three types of installation: dry-mounting, wet-mounting and dry-mounting for larger decals. Dry-mounting is the quickest and easiest application but with this option, you can’t reattach the decal if you don’t position it properly the first time. With wet-mounting, you can reposition the decal during the process of application. This method also provides a smoother finish. As for dry-mounting larger decals, you will need masking tape and scissors. You can find instructions in the installation section.

Will the print on vinyl window decals fade over time?

Window decals from Square Signs don’t fade quickly. Due to the UV curing system utilized at printing, our window decals will retain their vivid colors for a long period of time. During the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays. This procedure makes the prints sun-resistant and provides a 3+ year lifespan to the graphics.

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