Car Decals

Car Decals

Affordable -yet highly effective- way to advertise your business - turn your car into a moving ad and make an unforgettable impression on your prospects and clients

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Car Decals are a great tool to personalize your vehicle or promote your company. Custom auto decals will look flawless on your vehicle be it a car, truck, van, ship or a motorbike. Square Signs offers two types of Decals: clear and opaque.

Clear Decals: Transparent car stickers are made of transparent vinyl material and can be applied to different parts of the car: mirror, tailgate, rear window and windshield. With such Decals the areas without printing are clear. Clear Decals are perfect for showcasing the graphics without blocking the view.

Opaque Decals: These Opaque Stickers are often used to display graphics on the bumper, side doors, hood and other parts of cars. These eye-catching vehicle logo graphics will grab the attention of everyone in the streets and serve as an ideal advertisement for your business. You can also use Vehicle Opaque Decals for decorating your car or for adding informative and funny stickers on it.

Car Decals can have different sizes, colors and design to best deliver your message. Create your custom design online in just seconds with our free design tool and advertise your company while driving in the city or delivering your product.

Our custom vehicle stickers are sun and moisture resistant, therefore the long lifespan of the Decals, as well as the vivid color density of the printing, is guaranteed. Attractive car stickers with bright colors and well-designed graphics won’t escape from the notice of drivers and passers-by.

You can increase your business reach, stand apart from the crowd and gain more potential customers with this type of advertising. Car branding decals are perfect for mobile advertising and are on the direct view of the potential customers.

Car Decals are used to add and increase the visual appeal of your vehicle. The item is easy to peel and stick, and so create more interest and creativity. Its ideal for any smooth surface - literally it sticks anywhere  - with your logo, business information or humorous or personalized graphics printed onto the Vinyl. It goes more than that! You can advertise your message, give your vehicle a name, display a funny family graphics, a motivational quote or any other custom messaging you need.

For Cutting your custom car stickers, we use Digital Plotter cutting machine. The artwork can be cut to standard option or to your custom liking.

The Vinyl stickers are ideal for short, medium or long- term usage. It gives personality to your vehicle at the fraction of cost and great quality prints.

Benefits of Car Decals


  • Temporary Personalization
  • Eye-Grabbing Size and colors
  • Increase sales, inform customers, create a business presence
  • Means to utilize an existing surface
  • Fit into the smallest of space, style Easy to install and remove
  • Cost effective, ideal for frequent events
  • Increase Advertising Success
  • Durable and UV protected


Clear Vinyl: Translucent - crystal-clear plastic - adhesive material used in a plethora of industries. The material can be recycled and reused for another decade. It is waterproof - ideal to use during short or long-term outdoor rides. Also, the material is temperature and fade resistant, it can be easily maintained by wiping off the dust with a damp cloth. The UV ink prints have and retain their vibrant look for 3+ years.   

Opaque Vinyl: Naturally it comes in rolls and it is white, thus you can get Decals in custom sizes and colors. The material is very easy in use, you can easily install it and remove it when needed. The adhesive Vinyl does not stain the surface after the removal.


Your novelty artworks are full color printed using the latest technology. The quality of the prints is mind-blowing. We offer any custom color availability, which is identically printed on the vinyl sticker. The end-result products look vibrant and can serve their purpose for years to come.  The prints come matte with the white - non-printed areas with glossy.

Car Decals Cutting


Square Signs offers cutting services for different types of soft and self-adhesive materials. You can have your car decals cut in a custom size and shape with our digital plotter machine. Its knives and tools are used to cut complex patterns. Computer control enables precise and accurate cutting. The sharp computer controlled blade provides standard, overline, and outline cutting options for your car decals.

Buying Options

Standard cut - Car Decals with this cutting option will have a standard square or rectangular shapes with sharp edges.

Overline cut - With this cutting option the Decals will be cut in the shape of your design with a slight border around it.

Outline cut - The Decals will be cut in the shape of your design without any extra borders.

Standard print - With this option, the graphics are printed on the face part of the Decal.

Second surface print - The image is mirror printed on the Decal, which is later fixed on the inside of the glass. So, the graphics are printed on the back of the material but are visible from the front part.

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