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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

Refer a friend


Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are easy to apply and remove. The product will embellish negative spaces and retain vibrant colors for years.
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Custom Wall Decals 

Our bespoke wall decals are printed with UV inks on 4 mil thick opaque adhesive material. They’re easy to apply as well as remove and don’t leave any residue. Great for business and decorative purposes, this product will embellish any blank space in your home or office. Vinyl decals can be designed in an endless combination of sizes, shapes and colors.

Whether you need them for personal or commercial use, these adhesive murals will serve their purpose with style. Square Signs offers a large assortment of custom wall decals with shipping available all across the USA and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Buy More to Save More on Custom Wall Decals 

We provide you with a unique opportunity to buy this product in bulk and get discounted rates. The prices in the chart below are for products 12”x12” in size.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price

2 pcs

7% OFF

$17.87 $19.21

$35.74 $38.42


17% OFF

$15.94 $19.21

$159.4 $192.1

30 pcs

24% OFF

$14.60 $19.21

$438 $576.3

100 pcs

29% OFF

$13.64 $19.21

$1,364 $1,921

500 pcs

36% OFF

$12.29 $19.21

$6,145 $9,605

1000 pcs

41% OFF

$11.33 $19.21

$11,330 $19,210

Spend as little money as possible and quickly decorate your home or office. Create your own wall decal in our free design tool and get completely fresh walls in minutes. Use your creativity to add a one-of-a-kind vinyl wall decal to your wall design.

Applications of Vinyl Wall Decals

This product is popular for branding, advertising and decorative purposes with a wide range of applications. It’s mainly used indoors but can also be placed outdoors for a shorter period of time.

wall decals for outdoor and indoor usage

Outdoor Applications

Add your own flair outdoors using these colorful displays. Peel and stick vinyl wall decals will turn empty spaces outside into commercial displays by highlighting your company. Get the word out about your business by placing your designs outside, next to the entrance to your office or anywhere else you deem appropriate. They can be used in tandem with other promotional mediums like retractable banners or pvc printing. These branded and decorative visuals will help you reinforce your brand’s identity.

Indoor Applications

Warm up indoor areas by adorning walls with messages that draw your clients and welcome them into your professional space. Engage customers inside your premises with a bright and inviting vinyl wall decal. Go creative and combine it with other products like gator board signs or foam board printing. Upload your logo to our platform, customize it and get it printed on top-quality materials. If you don’t have a design ready for printing, you can simply use one of our ready-made templates to create one that’s unique to your taste.

Removable Wall Decals for Business

Vinyl wall decals are a perfect way to advertise your business. From logos to creative graphics, we’ll make sure that these removable wall decals meet your requirements.

wall decals for different types of businesses

Small to Large Wall Decals for Offices

Office wall decals are an indispensable part of your enterprise. Business wall decals play a great role in branding and promoting your services. Showcase your logo and name right at the entrance. Make visitors feel welcome and put up informative messages in your reception area. Inspire and direct them with decorative as well as wayfinding graphics.

Business Wall Decals for Gyms

The effects of removable wall decals displayed in gyms are immense. They show people what they can aspire to achieve with vibrant vinyl wall graphics. Gym design elements can be used on smooth and textured walls. Make strategic color choices and they can visually enlarge the space. Design your own wall decal using our online design platform and leave your attendees stunned with beautiful graphics.

Wall Decals for Beauty Salons

Custom decals for walls are an indispensable feature for beauty salons and spas. A gorgeous vinyl wall decal will set the tone to get your clients in a good mood. Choose our high-quality products with beautiful colors and vivid imagery. Spice up your salon walls with depictions of the services you provide from hairdressing to manicures and let customers envision their most beautiful self. Use complementary acrylic photo prints to add an air of sophistication to your premises.

Other Uses for Wall Decals

Our custom wall decals also have a wide range of other uses. Regardless of the industry, business wall decals accentuate a company’s corporate identity, promote services and relay important information. They can be made to match your business voice, vision and strategy. They’ll give their surroundings a trendy appearance and engaging feel. One of the most important roles of a vinyl wall decal is wayfinding. The product streamlines navigation, allowing people to find their destination without wasting time.

Decorative Wall Graphics

Custom wall decals are a popular way to decorate any home or business space. They’re a fun option to show off your favorite art in a fully personalized way. All our decorative wall decals are easy to apply, removable and leave no residue. You can switch them out as often as you wish so you’ll never have to settle for boring walls again!

wall decals for decorative purposes

Artistic Wall Graphics

Wall art decals add an elegant touch to any blank space. Choose your favorite art from our collection or upload unique images to liven up your home or office. Explore our custom vinyl wall decals to create products from the best art this world has to offer. Lastly, share your favorite photography through these wall adhesives.

Thematic Wall Decals

Our removable decals for walls are an ideal way to add a festive touch to any space. Our seasonal decorations are easy to remove and don't leave any residue. Use them every year to awe your family and visitors during any holiday. From Christmas displays to other thematic decorations, they will become one of the all-time favorite holiday decorations.

Motivational Wall Graphics

We could all use some inspiration and motivational messages are one of the best sources for that. Displaying a quote on the wall will make your interior design more appealing to customers. You have plenty of options from vinyl lettering to large wall decals. Spell out inspiring quotes with fonts and colors that match your overall theme.

Custom Wall Decals

Custom wall decals are the latest way to add creativity and fun to your space. If you have plenty of ideas for how to customize wall decals, turn to our designers and they’ll create wonders with your vision. We can produce custom wall decals in any style, shape and color to depict vibrant text and graphics.

Wall Decal Printing and Materials

wall decal material and printing

We employ full-color UV-curing printers for our custom wall decals. UV rays are used to dry the inks during the printing process. As a result, the print becomes resistant to sunlight and maintains its vibrant appearance for a long time.

Peel and stick wall decals are composed of premium-quality opaque vinyl. It’s a self-adhesive, removable medium that has a lifespan of more than three years indoors. The material comes in default white rolls but you can order stickers with all kinds of colorful backgrounds and graphics. This product is simple to apply and can be removed just as easily without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Wall Decal Shapes

Our custom wall decals can be tailor-cut into any shape you desire. Measure the width and length of the application area before placing the order. Make your own wall decal by choosing one of the following cutting options:

Square / Rectangle

When you choose this option, your vinyl wall decals with a square or rectangle cut will have 90 degree corners cut into any size you wish.


Your custom wall decals will have their corners rounded with this option, giving them a clean and elegant appearance.


When you select this option, the vinyl wall graphics will have the exact outline shape of your design without any surrounding borders.


With an overline cut, your custom wall graphics will have the outline shape of your design with a white border running around it.

Wall Decal Sizes

The most popular sizes for customizable wall decals are shown in the chart below. Please keep in mind that the list corresponds to personalized wall decals with default options and no add-ons or accessories. This product ranges between 6”x6” to 52”x1,680” in size.















Comparison Chart of Custom Wall Decals and Similar Products

The chart below is for the default options in our design menu. Please visit the corresponding product pages for more information. 


Wall Decals

Window Decals

Floor Decals

Paper Poster Printing

Canvas Prints

Acrylic Signs

Size Range

6”x6” - 52”x1,680”

6”x6” - 58”x1,680”

4”x4” - 52”x1,740”

4”x4” - 58”x1,740"

8"x8" - 96"x48”

4”x4” - 96”x48”

Price Range

$15 - $3,414.28

$7.97 - $3,369.94

$8.49 - $4,882.09

$5.29 - $1892.25

$44.54 - $389.31

$53.95 - $346.44


4 mil

4 mil

4.25 mil

7 mil

17 mil

125 mil



Standard, Second Surface




Standard, Second Surface

Lifespan (Indoors/


6+ / 3+ years

6+ / 3 + years

1+ years / N/A

3+ years / N/A

60+ years / N/A

15+ / 5+ years

Wall Decal FAQ

How to apply vinyl decals to a wall?

Custom wall decals should be applied to a clean and dry surface. Slowly peel the backing paper off the product and stick it to the wall. Start from the top and work your way down. For more information, see our custom wall decal installation page.

Can I put wall decals on textured walls?

Our vinyl wall decals are intended both for interior and exterior use. They will work best on smooth walls but they can also adhere to textured surfaces. This makes them a versatile option for all kinds of applications. 

Do wall decals ruin paint?

Walls can be safely decorated with our custom wall decal product. No paint or other ornamental element will come off during the installation or removal of the product. Follow our custom wall decal installation instructions for step-by-step application methods.

How to remove wall decals?

Start at a corner and pull the material of the removable wall decals away from the wall. Peel slowly and carefully in the opposite direction to prevent wall damage. If the product has been on for a long time or is on a textured surface, you might need heat to remove it. A blow dryer works great for this.

What color is the adhesive roll material?

The material is opaque white by default but full-color graphics can be applied onto it. 

How to make wall decals?

Go to our design platform and select the product dimensions and cutting options. Create your own wall decal online by customizing our templates or uploading and styling your own images with personalized icons, backgrounds, fonts, shapes, texts and visuals. 

Where can you buy wall decals?

Our website allows you to create and order custom wall decals with unique illustrations which you can upload or create from scratch. If you’re short on ideas, you’re welcome to use our modifiable templates prepared for all kinds of purposes and occasions. 

Do you ship your products?

We can ship your custom wall decal all across the USA and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.