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X stand banners
X stand bannersX stand banners

X-stand Banners

Attractive and durable tool to showcase your message with fade-resistant graphics and an easy-to-install mechanism for indoor and outdoor use.

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Custom Size:

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Installation of X-Stand Banners

Installation takes minutes and doesn’t require any additional tools. The product comes in three parts: graphic face, tripod and two arms with hooks.

Step 1: Secure the tripod base on level ground.

Step 2: Insert the arms with the hooks into the tripod facing forward.

Step 3: Hang the graphics with grommets onto the top and bottom hooks.

Note: If there are wrinkles on your graphics, place them directly under the sun for an hour or two to restore their initial look. If you clean the graphics with a damp cloth, make sure to dry them before storage to prevent molding.

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