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Roll up Banners

Retractable Banners

Effective Advertising Medium - Ideal For Event And Tradeshow Booth Promotions. Portable, Easy-To-Set Up, Fail-Safe Banners With Built-In Graphics

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Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are effective promotional products for brands in any industry. They’re referred to by various names including pull-up banners and roll-up banners. It’s common to see a pull-up banner near the entrance of event venues, trade shows, storefronts and other places that want to attract attention. A roll-up poster is one of several types of banner signs used to communicate messages. A retractable banner serves many purposes ranging from promotional to informational and beyond. Roll-up banners have a list of advantageous features:

  • UV cured rolls
  • Light weight
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy construction
  • Portable case
  • Premium materials
  • Multiple size options

Square Signs offers different kinds of retractable banners. Types differ according to size and display features. We provide free ground shipping on qualified orders that exceed $70 with delivery all over the US and Canada.

People often confuse a retractable banner with pop-up displays. The latter are large-scale products used as backdrops whereas a retractable banner is more of a compact welcoming item. They’re also different from sandwich boards which are even smaller and made of rigid materials.

The More Retractable Banners You Buy, The More You Save

We offer discounted rates on all our products including retractable banners. Our discount rate for pull-up banners increases with the quantity of your purchase. You can get up to 29% off when you order retractable banners in bulk. Find exact pull-up banner discount details below.

Prices shown here are for standard single-sided pull-up banners. Prices differ for double-sided retractable banners.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price







2 pcs

7% OFF













7 pcs

11% OFF













20 pcs

17% OFF













50 pcs

22% OFF













100 pcs

26% OFF













500 pcs

29% OFF













Types of Pull-Up Banners

Single-sided and double-sided types of retractable banners

Retractable banners come in variants suitable for different goals. Each retractable banner type has its advantages depending on location and purpose. The construction of each custom retractable banner differs but they’re all made of durable, top-quality materials.

Standard Retractable Banner

A standard pull-up banner consists of one printed surface with a blank back. The retractable banner printing can feature HD graphics with fade-resistant UV-cured inks. We offer this version of retractable banners in three sizes. This retractable banner has stability legs to help your product stand up in a vertical position.

This pull-up banner is perfect as a centerpiece and guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. Set the pull-up banner at your shop entrance or in front of a wall. Pull-up banners will transmit any message with style and clarity. A retractable banner with vibrant graphics is irresistible to passersby.

Double-Sided Retractable Banner

We manufacture double-sided roll-up banners to provide optimal exposure for your message. This custom retractable banner includes a mounting structure and two roll-up faces. The retractable banner printing covers the outward facing sides of the material. We offer two-sided retractable banners in a 33”x78” size. These retractable banners present an extra benefit. They have a wider stand to stabilize themselves. This means these roll-up banners stay upright without the need for stability legs.

You may get one retractable banner design printed on both faces. You may also showcase different illustrations on either face of your double-sided roll-up banners. Contact our specialists to get the retractable banner printing you want.

A retractable banner with a two-sided display is ideal for promoting new products. Set up a custom retractable banner in your shop or in a supermarket to promote new products and seasonal specials. A roll-up banner also makes a powerful tool for presenting your company at expos and other events. Retractable banners take up little space but their displays highlight your message loud and clear.

Size Options for Roll-Up Banners

retractable banners comparison display

We manufacture our retractable banners in three different sizes. Two of the pull-up banner options are 78” long. The length of the third retractable banner construction is 92” long. The width differs for each of the various custom retractable banner options we offer.

The retractable banner measurements we have available are as follows:

Small Roll-Up Banners (33”x78”)

This option is 33” wide and up to 78” tall, granting you sufficient space to display both images and texts. You can get both single-sided and double-sided retractable banners in these measurements. The construction for these options has two and one stability legs, respectively. The latter requires only one leg because the bottom stand itself is wider and looks more sleek.

The footprint or base area the product occupies on the floor for the small roll-up banners measures 34”x13.5” for the single and 34.25”x22.5” for the double-face variants.

Medium Roll-Up Banners (45”x78”)

Medium retractable banners are 45” wide and up to 78” long. They enable you to fit in larger or more numerous illustrations as well as add more detailed information. Only one-sided retractable banners are available in this size. They have 2 stability legs to make sure they don’t accidentally fall over. The display has a 48”x13.5” footprint.

Large Roll-Up Banners (60”x92”)

The widest pull-up banner we manufacture measures 60”x92”. This custom retractable banner provides even more space for showcasing high resolution images with extra room for information and other written details. The structure has 2 stability legs to guarantee your retractable banners stay upright for as long as they’re needed. This roll-up banner measures 59”x13.5” at the base.

Applications for Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a multipurpose media. Retractable signs are high-demand products because they’re light enough to carry around, simple to install and great for showing off vibrant graphics. The retractable banner structure is also sturdy for long term use indoors as well as outdoors. Simply replace the vinyl face to reuse your custom retractable banner for different occasions.

Retractable Banners for Events

Chances are you’ve seen roll-up banners while attending an event. Organizers usually place a retractable banner near each entrance of a venue. A pull-up banner can showcase information specific to the section it’s placed near. They can even act as wayfinding displays to guide attendees.

A roll-up banner is easy to move, another reason these retractable banners are so popular. Once you pack a retractable banner in its carrying bag, you can easily take it anywhere you like. You can set up a retractable banner that’s suitable for different events. Just switch the faces with rolls displayings new texts and images.

Retractable Banners for Sales and Promotions

A retractable banner is a fail-safe for any business needing a temporary display. These retractable banners are highly effective for showcasing seasonal or promotional sales. A custom retractable banner grants you a sizable surface to place your ideas in the spotlight. 

Get creative with your message and position your retractable signs strategically to reel in customers. Installing a pull-up banner takes only a few minutes. Setting up retractable banners won’t disrupt your workflow and neither will taking them down.

Retractable Banners for Information

A large retractable banner printing surface grants you the opportunity to communicate longer messages. These include safety guidelines, schedules and so on. Anyone walking near these roll-up signs will notice them. Add quality graphics to achieve clear and appealing retractable banners.

Hospitals, government buildings, educational institutions, malls and conference halls utilize retractable banners on a regular basis. The product is popular because it eliminates the hassle of moving and installation. A custom retractable banner is portable with a fast and easy set-up.

Retractable Banners for Trade Shows

Retractable trade show banners are a perfect medium for corporate events. Roll-up banners will drive traffic to your booth with vivid visuals. Install a two-sided retractable banner near your booth to attract customers from both angles and maximize your exposure.

Retractable trade show banners will work wonders at any event. A custom retractable banner exudes professionalism with its sleek design and high-res graphics.

Retractable Banner Printing and Materials

We use state-of-the-art printers with a UV curing system. The inks are dried with UV rays during the retractable banner printing process. This renders the pull-up banner resistant to ultraviolet light, making it less likely to fade even after exposure to sunlight.

After the retractable banner printing phase, we attach the display rolls onto the structures of our retractable banners. The frames are constructed of sturdy and non-corrosive anodized aluminum. The face itself is made of a top quality 0.02” thick vinyl roll. It comes in a standard white that allows for custom retractable banner printing in full-color using genuine UV inks.

Custom Retractable Banner Design

Design options for customizable roll-up banners

Every retractable banner should be tailored to the occasion and stylized to represent your brand. We offer custom retractable banner printing that will suit any of your needs. Head over to our design tool and create the perfect retractable banner design with a few clicks. 

Look through our collection of templates to draw inspiration and create original designs for your retractable banners. You can use all the features and elements you find on the platform to perfect your pull-up banner display. You may also upload your own custom retractable banner design instead of creating from scratch. We offer shipping all over the US and Canada.

Pull-Up Banner With Reusable Faces

Retractable banners are a practical and multi-faceted medium. Thanks to a functional frame, you have the ability to replace the faces of a pull-up banner. This means you can reuse the same roll-up banner structure for different occasions. Replacing custom retractable banner faces is fairly simple. Find instructions for how to change your retractable banner printing on the product’s installation page.

Comparison of Retractable Banners and Similar Products


Retractable Banners

Step and Repeat Banners

X-Stand Banners

Vinyl Banners

Fabric Banners
























$13.42 -


$24.99 -


Face Material






Face Thickness






Retractable Banners FAQ

What is a roll-up banner?

A roll-up banner is a self-supporting display with a vinyl face and an anodized aluminum frame. This product is also called a pull-up banner or a retractable banner. The retractable banner structure holds a spring-loaded construction also called a roller. The vinyl rolls for a pull-up banner are pulled out of the bottom structure and attached to the top of the banner stands for display.

How to set up a roll-up banner?

Positioning a pull-up banner is a very direct process. All you have to do is remove the components from the bag and assemble them in a few easy steps. Once you pull out the banner display from the bottom stand, raise the banner up and attach it to the top of the rod. See our instruction section for details.

How to maintain retractable banners?

A roll-up poster is easy to maintain. Open the retractable banner and wipe off the face with a smooth cloth. Use a lightly wet cloth if your retractable sign has any stains but let it dry before you pack it up for storage in order to prevent molding.

If I have a pull-up banner, can I switch out the display with a new one?

One of the best features of roll-up signs is their reusability. You can order new display rolls and replace the faces on your custom retractable banner as often as necessary. A roll-up poster has a long lifespan so you can use the structure for several occasions.

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