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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Rectangle Flag Banners


Vibrant, durable and unique rectangle flags offer an innovative way to promote business promotions and share announcements.
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Rectangle Flag Banners

Use custom rectangle flags to draw attention to your message. Durable materials make the construction suitable for moderate weather conditions. The unique rectangle banner design will ensure your design stands out from its surroundings.

Rectangle flag banners are popular marketing tools used for displaying promotional and informative content just like feather flags and teardrop flags.

Design your rectangle flag banner on our website and place your order within minutes. Square Signs will deliver your rectangle flag to any location across the USA and Canada.

Rectangle Banners for Different Uses

Logistic Company rectangle flag banner with a blue logo installed outdoors

Similar to retractable banners, our rectangle flags showcase advertisements that capture attention from a distance. Create an original rectangle banner with our free and intuitive sign design tool.

Rectangle Flags for Promotions

Design a personalized custom rectangle flag with our ready-made sign templates and use it for trade exhibitions, seasonal sales and other occasions. Just like our vinyl banners, rectangle flag banners show illustrations with bright and vibrant colors.

Rectangle Flags for Announcements

Explore our rectangle banner template collection and choose the illustration that best suits your taste and requirements. Use the rectangle banner design anywhere you like to share announcements with your audience.

Main Features of Rectangle Flags

Explore all the characteristics of this product and place your order.

Material of Rectangle Banners

Rectangle flag banners are composed of a polyester face and aluminum hardware. The components of the product are delivered in a package. Assemble your custom rectangle flag banner and slip the face over the construction to use it. Rectangle banners serve for a minimum of two years if you take good care of them.

Rectangle Flag Banners Printing Options

Promotional rectangle flag banners in single-sided, double-sided and reverse-sided options

We produce our custom rectangle flags with dye sublimation printing technology. The three printing options we offer for rectangle banners are listed below.

Single-Sided Rectangle Banners

These visuals cover only one side of a rectangle banner but may be slightly visible from the other side if placed under direct light.

Reverse-Sided Rectangle Banners

This method uses single-sided printing but the image is mirror-printed so you can display two custom rectangle flags side-by-side.

Double-Sided Rectangle Banners

This technique applies imagery on both sides of a rectangle flag banner so you can gain double the exposure for your message.

Rectangle Banners in Standard Sizes

We offer rectangle flag banners in three standard sizes.


Rectangle Banners

Rectangle Banners With Pole Sets






8.5 ft.




11.8 ft.




15 ft.

Custom Rectangle Flags Setup Options

Welcome rectangle flags in medium size and with different construction bases

Rectangle flag banners are assembled and set up with a support structure. We offer four types of construction bases to install a custom rectangle flag banner in different settings. Learn more on our rectangle banner installation page.

Ground Stake

This base is used to dead-fix a large rectangle flag banner into the ground.

Square Base

Heavy metal mechanism to support medium to large rectangle banners on flat ground.

Cross Base

A four-legged base to help you set up your small rectangle flag banner indoors.

Cross Base + Water Bag

Cross base weighed with a water bag to hold up your custom rectangle flag banner.

Comparison Chart of Rectangle Banners and Similar Products

See the chart below to compare our rectangle flag banners with similar products. Keep in mind that the prices below correspond to products with standard options.


Rectangle Flag Banners

Fabric Banners

X-Stand Banners

Tension Fabric Stands

Custom Event Tents





12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

24”x63”, 32”x72”

38”x91”, 50.5”x91”






$24.99 - $4,981.99

$82.25, $98.58

$254.08, $309.29


Rectangle Flag FAQ

How to create a unique rectangle banner design?

Our free design platform will let you create unique designs for your rectangle banner from scratch.

Where do you ship rectangle banners?

We deliver all our products to any location within the USA and Canada.

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