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Three Types Of Business Banners

Business Banners


Discover lightweight, durable and portable business banners that can be used anywhere to promote your business.
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Business Banners

Business banners offer a versatile, budget-friendly method of marketing. Compared to other advertising methods, custom banners are much more targeted and affordable, enabling businesses to reach their desired audience without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can adjust the size and customize the design of advertising banners to cater to your liking. Business logo banners withstand various weather conditions and last several years without losing their quality.

Another advantage of custom logo banners is their ease of installation and mobility. Business logo banners can be hung or secured in numerous locations, allowing for a wider reach. This flexibility lets you move advertising banners easily from your storefront to trade shows.

Start designing your custom logo banners with our signs design tool on Square Signs, with shipping available across the US and Canada. You can select from our vast library of sign templates to start designing your custom business banners.

Browse through our custom signs collection for similar high-quality products.

Business banner for real estate company reading commercial space for leasing

Benefits of Business Logo Banners

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Memorable
  • Durable
  • Portable

Use Cases for Business Banners

Thanks to their versatility, business banners can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether promoting your business, advertising services, or showcasing special offers, business banners serve diverse applications. Here are a few examples of how business banners can enhance your marketing strategy.

navigational business banner for an open day event at an educational institution

Company Banners for Events

Highlight your company’s upcoming corporate events with business banners at trade shows, open houses or conferences. Invite guests to join and expand your business’ network while showcasing your brand’s presence with eye-catching visuals and event details. Utilize banners to communicate event highlights effectively, ensuring an impactful corporate presence.

business banner advertisement that indicates the entrace of a gym with inspirational text

Advertising Banners

Promote your business’s goods and services at events with advertising banners. These banners serve as dynamic tools to introduce visitors to your offerings, whether you’re highlighting new products, promoting exclusive services, or demonstrating expertise in your industry. Use business banners strategically to engage attendees and drive interest.

buy one get one free promotional business banner for special retial store offers

Promotional Company Banners

Draw in customers by highlighting discounts on your brand’s services and products through company banners. These displays not only attract potential customers but also effectively communicate the value and benefits of your offers. By prominently featuring promotions, banners create immediate interest and encourage purchases, directly impacting sales.

Advertising Banners for Various Industries

In addition to these use cases, business banners enhance visibility in different industries such as Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, Retail, and Travel. They attract students, advertise specialized services, promote events and discounts, aid in site advertising, showcase products and advertise special deals, effectively reaching diverse audiences.

Specifications of Company Banners

Nylon ropes, zip ties, hanging clips, pole pockets
3-10 years
Vinyl, Mesh, Fabric
UV Printing
12”x12” - 120”x1,680”

Business Banner Material

Best Burger We're Open vinyl custom business banner featuring contact details
Vinyl banners are made from a soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) layer that’s 0.51” thick

Vinyl is the material used for most banner products due to its longevity. It's commonly used for products like retractable banners and pole banners. Additionally, this material can be easily installed on x-stand banners whenever needed.
Gym operating hours mesh advertising banner with directional arrow and brand logo
Mesh banners are composed of 70% vinyl and 30% mesh. They are 16 mil thick and have small openings woven in them, allowing for wind to pass through. Mesh is typically used for company banners set up outdoors.
Custom business banner for medical center made of mesh material  featuring contact details
Fabric banners are made of crease-proof, triple-layered woven, 100% polyester fabric. This material has low light reflection, allowing for better visibility. Products like step and repeat banners utilize fabric as it is significantly more lightweight compared to vinyl and foldable, making it easier to transport.

Company Banners Printing

Custom business banners are printed with UV-cured inks, ensuring vibrant colors that last for years. Unlike thermal drying, UV curing does not cause solvent evaporation, preventing pollutant generation and volume loss. This process results in a more resistant, higher-quality product.

We offer both single and double-sided retractable banners on our website. The double-sided version is available for standard and deluxe roll-up banners 33”x81” in size.

Company banners high-quality printing and material  with brand slogan

How To Mount Company Banners?

If you choose to have grommets on your advertising banners, you can easily mount them using hanging accessories, nylon ropes, and zip ties. Alternatively, if you plan to mount your logo banners on poles, you can add pole pockets to fit the banners securely.

How To Mount Business Banners With Zip Ties

*Position the banner on the installation area.
Step 1
Pass the zip ties through the banner and the installation area.
Step 2
Tighten all the zip ties for a firm grip.
Step 3
Cut off all the extra ends of the zip ties for a clean look.

How To Mount Business Banners With Nylon Rope

Step 1: Measure the nylon rope. Step 2: Cut the nylon rope according to the number of grommets or pole pockets. Step 3: Pass the nylon rope through the grommets or feed the pole pockets. Step 4: Tie all corners with the nylon rope securely.

How To Mount Business Banners With Hanging Clips

Step 1: Place hanging clips in the grommets. Step 2: Install anchors or hooks. Step 3: Attach each hanging clip to the corresponding anchor or hook. Step 4: Hang the banner.

How To Mount Business Banners With Pole Pockets

Step 1: Open the pole pockets. Step 2: Insert the pole through the pockets. Step 3: Secure the poles at the installation spot.


Can business banners be reused?

Custom business banners are made of durable materials that last long and can be reused numerous times. If you need new company banners, you can order fresh ones with shipping available across the US and Canada

Can business banners be printed with custom designs and logos?

You can create custom business banners with any bespoke designs and logos you wish to use.

Are business banners fade-resistant?

Business banners made of vinyl and mesh materials are fade-resistant and can be used for longer periods, making them ideal outdoor banners. However, company banners made of fabric are more susceptible to fading, particularly when used outdoors.

How To Clean A Business Banner?

Use a damp cloth to gently wipe down company banners made of vinyl or mesh. If you need a more thorough cleaning, use a mild soap and water combination. For advertising banners made of fabric, you can machine wash them with cold water, using an all-purpose detergent and fabric softener if necessary.

How To Store Business Banners?

You must first ensure that your logo banners are completely dry before storing them, as moisture may result in discoloration and overall deterioration. Carefully roll the logo banners instead of folding them to avoid creases and wrinkles. Finally, store them in a room temperature room.