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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Pop Up Displays

Showcase vibrant graphics with large-scale pop up displays perfect for big events such as concerts, conferences and trade shows.
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Pop Up Displays

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, expo or a conference, chances are you’ve come across pop up displays. No matter what setting you use them in, pop up signs are powerful promotional tools. Pop up banners attract attention with stand-out dimensions and a refined appearance. If you want to get leagues ahead of your competition, pop up displays are the way to go. We offer pop up banners for trade shows in two large sizes because when it comes to branding and promotions, bigger does mean better.

Whether you’re organizing an event or participating in it, these massive pop up walls will come in handy. You can use our design tool and create your pop up banner by either uploading original graphics or customizing our templates with ease. Square Signs will deliver your pop up displays anywhere across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Pop up displays come with fabric banners for the front and sides. They’re easy to set up although they might look hefty and intimidating. Pop up walls are portable so you can move them around and place them in different venues as needed. A pop up wall is also easy to break down and store. You can disassemble pop up trade show displays single handedly in a matter of minutes, though an extra pair of hands would simplify the process even further.

Buy More, Save More on Pop Up Banners

Whenever you order two or more pop up displays, you’ll get them at a discounted rate. The larger the quantity, the bigger the discount. You can find discount details for pop up displays in the table below. Keep in mind that the prices listed are for the 8’x8’ pop up banner but the same discount rate applies to the 10’x8’ size.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF

$730.91 $785.93

$1,461.82 $1,571.86

7 pcs

11% OFF

$699.48 $785.93

$4,896.36 $5,501.51

20 pcs

17% OFF

$652.32 $785.93

$13,046.40 $15,718.60

50 pcs

22% OFF

$613.03 $785.93

$30,651.50 $39,296.50

100 pcs

26% OFF

$581.59 $785.93

$58,159 $78,593

500 pcs

29% OFF

$558.01 $785.93

$279,005 $392,965

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop up display set up at a trade show

The most obvious place you’d find a pop up wall is at a trade show. The reason these pop up trade show booth displays are so popular among participants at large events is because of their size and vibrant print quality. Pop up displays provide visibility like no other medium. As long as people are in the same venue, your pop up trade show displays will capture their curiosity. Pop up display banners tower over everything so they command attention regardless of how many objects stand in their way.

Pop Up Display Banners as Promotional Tools

Promotional pop up banner with LED lights displaying a logo and products

Many trade show participants use pop up banners for promotional purposes. Pop up trade show displays give you a lot of surface area to market your products. You can feature high-res images of any product along with a list of specifications and benefits on a pop up display. You’ll even have room for information about your company or any other message you deem fitting. You can also present images of several products side by side. Pop up trade show displays grant your brand great exposure that can’t be achieved through many other means.

The advantages of pop up displays don’t end here though. You can use pop up trade show displays as backdrops for your pop up booth as well. This is easier and more cost effective than setting up a traditional booth that has a rigid back wall. You can use the pop up booth display to show off gorgeous graphics that pique curiosity about your brand.

Pop Up Walls as Branding Tools

If you’re looking to attract people to your booth at a trade show, assemble pop up walls covered with motifs of your brand’s logo. You can also highlight a single large-scale logo at the center of your pop up trade show displays and get creative with the surrounding design. Make sure the text, graphics and color scheme work well together. Well balanced pop up trade show displays will establish a classy brand image. Use them to turn heads and be the talk of the trade show. Spotlighting your logo on a pop up display where countless people and company reps are roaming will bring you a great deal of attention. Pop up banners will help you boost brand recognition as well as attract clients, partners and sponsors to elevate your business.

Other Uses for Pop Up Banners

The use of pop up display banners isn’t restricted to trade shows and vendors. Organizers of events such as conferences and concerts can use the graphics for a variety of purposes.

Advertising Pop Up Shop Signs

Many companies use a pop up shop banner for special occasions. We see this often in large supermarkets for the promotion of products that are in high demand or on sale during the holidays. A pop up shop display attracts customers so you can provide them with samples of your products, for example. These pop up displays are a worthwhile investment that can be used across all types of shops during clearance sales, seasonal discounts and beyond.

Informative Pop Up Displays

Pop up banner with LEDs warning of Covid 19 symptoms placed in a hospital

Organizers of large events use pop up displays as a medium for sharing information with big crowds. They can present basic ground rules, share contact information, provide safety procedures for evacuation and so on. They can even be used for things as simple as wayfinding. These pop up banners make great informative notice boards because they’re large enough for everyone to see clearly. They’re also more efficient and environmentally friendly than printing out thousands of flyers that will likely end up in trash cans.

Photoshoot Pop Up Displays

Pop up backdrop of a green field and flowers set up in a studio

Another fun purpose for pop up displays is to set them up as photoshoot backdrops. These pop up banners can still serve branding, promotional and decorative means, be it at a trade show or any other venue. Having people line up in front of your pop up displays to get their photos taken is always beneficial. The photos they upload to social media pages with your pop up display banners in the background will give you incredible reach. Reposting these or posting pictures of your visitors in front of your backdrop on your social platforms and website will also offer great publicity.

Pop up banners may even be used in professional studios as backgrounds for broadcasting, photoshoots and filming. Think of commercials and other product promotions. They can even be used as green screens that enable digital editing. Showcase your product in front of any background - don’t be shy on the CGI.

Benefits of Pop Up Display Stands

Pop up banners serve many purposes and can be used in various venues, be they indoors or outdoors. That’s not their only favorable aspect though. Let’s see the advantages of a pop up poster.

Large Size

Pop up displays come in two large sizes – 8’x8’ and 10’x8’ with a 12” depth on either side – so you can rest assured that they’ll be seen no matter where they’re placed. A pop up banner provides optimal visibility and attracts a lot of attention and traffic. A pop up display’s large size and the way it’s constructed also mean that it’s the sturdiest product in its category. The risk of it tipping due to accidental contact is minimal.

Vibrant Graphics

The most evident advantage for pop up displays is their impressive size which also means they can show off incredible graphics with a high resolution. We use dye sublimation printing for our pop up walls to ensure that the images stay vibrant for an extended period of time. This also ensures that the images don’t crack or fade because they’re embedded into the material. Our full color inks will present beautiful representations of anything you can think of with striking clarity.


Because pop up displays can be packed up and stored after being used, you can move them around as often as you want and use them time and again in different venues. The structure is free standing so you can set it up on any level ground. A pop up display comes with a carrying case perfect for transportation and storage. After you’re done using it, pack it up in the case to make it easier for you to carry and store it in a dry place for future use.


A pop up wall is extremely sturdy and durable. It lasts a relatively long time when used outdoors and even longer when used indoors. It’s resistant to wind and won’t rip or tip over easily thanks to a sturdy construction. The prints on the pop up banner fabric are fade resistant so the graphics won’t lose quality even after being washed multiple times.

Materials for Pop Up Displays

When we talk about pop up displays, we’re referring to the entire product, including the banner and the frame mechanism on which it’s showcased. The banner itself is a polyester tension fabric. This fabric comes in standard white rolls and remains wrinkle free when stored properly. It’s resistant to most weather conditions but prolonged use under rainy and windy conditions is not recommended. As for the frame, it’s an accordion style aluminum construction which provides optimal stability. The aluminum material is rust-resistant and lightweight despite its large size.

Printing Custom Pop Up Display Banners

Our pop up display banners are printed through a process called dye sublimation. This means that inks are applied directly onto the fabric. It’s done by heating the inks into gasses and transferring them onto the fabric to cool down. The process creates a permanent color bond, rendering your pop up display safe to wash and increasing its lifespan. Graphics are mirror printed to extend over the edges of the frame. The depth of the frame sides are 12” each, so take this into account while creating your design.

Carry Cases and Add-Ons for Pop Up Displays

Our pop up displays come with two options for carrying cases. The standard pop up display comes with a soft carrying bag which will protect your product and make it easier to move around. If you want the product to have an even greater effect, you can add two LED lights that fit on top of the frame to highlight your graphics.

Comparison of Pop Up Displays and Other Products

We also offer a few other products that function similarly to pop up displays. Let’s see what these products are and how they compare to pop up walls. All the products below come with cases to make carrying easier.


Pop Up Displays

Retractable Banners

Step and Repeat Banners

X-Stand Banners

Size Range

8"x8", 10"x8"

33”x78”, 57”x78”

8"x8", 10"x8"

24”x63”, 32”x72”

Price Range

$785.93, $871.49

$121.84, $244.48

$311.93, $375.49

$93.18, $99.51

Banner Material

Tension Fabric




Frame Material & Mechanism

Accordion style aluminum

Aluminum base with spring roll mechanism

Aluminum pole with stands

Aluminum tripod base with two fiberglass top poles and hooks

Lifespan (Indoor/Outdoor)

15+ years / N/A

15+ / 5+ years

3+ / 1+ years

10+ / 3+ years


Pop Up Displays FAQ

What are pop up displays?

Pop up displays are large mechanisms with a fabric face on which you can feature any text or graphic you can imagine. Easy-to-set-up pop up displays are multipurpose tools that attract a lot of attention no matter where they’re placed.

How do I care for my pop up walls?

The fabric portion of the pop up displays is attached to the frame with Velcro. You can remove the fabric and wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth before you store it. Just make sure to give it enough time to dry after you wipe it to prevent possible molding. The fabrics are machine washable with cold water. Lay them flat to dry then fold or roll them up and place them in the carry case for storage.

How much does a pop up banner stand weigh and is it difficult to move around?

Despite the large frame size, the aluminum build makes them relatively lightweight. The 8’x8’ pop up displays only weigh 27 lbs while the 10’x8’ frame weighs 31 lbs, with the soft carry case included. Pop up displays can be moved around with ease when packed into the carrying cases they come in.

How do I design my pop-up graphics and order them?

When you want to order a pop up display, just head over to our design tool. Use it to upload your own image, create graphics from scratch, or customize our templates in a way that fits your requirements. Proceed to checkout once you’re satisfied with the design and we’ll ship the pop up displays to your location. We deliver all over the US and Canada. If you have questions, comments or custom requests, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.