Marianne Bard
Marianne Bard December 06, 2022 • 8 min read
Marianne Bard is a content writer at Square Signs. Her sources of inspiration are the colors of the sun and creative design. She loves to delve deep into the field to learn about exceptional decorative techniques. Blogging is a reflection of her curiosity, offering a way for her to share endless ideas with her beloved readers.

The walls in any building present you with the most surface area suitable for decoration. They draw a lot of attention, so it’s crucial to make them presentable. They’ll add a homely feel to any premises when spiced up with creative artwork. Keep reading and look through these 24 cool wall art ideas I’ve compiled to inspire you. The personalized wall art you create can make you feel comfortable and happy at home.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Unique Wall Art Ideas for Interior Spaces

Aesthetic acrylic photo prints and foam board printing illustrations have been a prime wall art design solution before people moved to other materials. Nowadays, any indoor product and a creative mind are all you need to develop unique wall art ideas to place in any room.

Decorative Wall Art Ideas for the Study

You may feel comfortable working from home depending on how much creativity and concentration your job requires. So why not establish a comfy spot in your house with inspirational art ideas for wall decor? Read further to explore five workspace wall art decor ideas.

  • Family Portraits

What motivates you more than seeing the smiles of the people you love? Use wood prints to personalize your favorite images of them as heartwarming ideas for wall art. This type of custom wall art will look perfect in your office.

Family photo custom wall art collage displayed on a white wall

  • Working Routine

You can use metal photo prints to make a handy work agenda. List the most important tasks and meetings for each working day. This customized wall art solution can help organize everyday tasks.

Working routine wall art displayed above the work desk

  • Energizing Color Walls

It’s no secret that colors impact productivity. Colored artwork ranks high among the most expressive art ideas for large walls to have in any workspace. Bring this idea to life with vibrant self adhesive foam boards that adorn the wall in front of you.

Colorful wall art design with vivid blue and yellow illustrations

  • Brainstorming Elements

Custom wall art with brainstorming features is another sort of art ideas for large walls to use in whichever room you work in at home. Are there any notes, formulae or expressions you use frequently to put your mind in gear? Feature them on large custom wall decals.

Brainstorming illustrations large wall art idea on a blank wall

Large Wall Art Ideas for Home Rooms

Oversized paintings by famous artists are no longer considered practical ideas for wall art. Use your creativity to bring your own wall art decorating ideas to life with Square Signs and decorate your rooms with jaw-dropping visuals.

  • Personal Gallery

Have you ever considered that the photos on your phone could portray original wall art ideas? This is an amazing tip for creating living-room wall art ideas and showcase them on custom canvas prints. You’ll get awe-inspiring photographs to add life to your bland walls.

Customized wall art gallery in red hues displaying personal photographs on a living room wall

  • Bold Accent Wall

What if you decorate the walls themselves instead of hanging illustrative visuals on them? This is one of many wonderful bedroom wall art ideas for all tastes and preferences. The most practical product to highlight this style is wall art decals that’ll look painted on the wall.

Sky-themed large wall art design in dark blue with constellations

  • Favorite Recipes

Now for some fun wall art ideas. Envision customized wall art based on our sign templates to add flavor to your kitchen walls with mouthwatering recipes. Paper poster printing is the best match because you can update your lists over time without spending too much money.

Colorful wall art ideas of smoothie recipe illustrations on kitchen walls

Extra Wall Art Ideas for Smaller Rooms

We have more wall art design ideas on our list. Keep reading to find useful tips on designing wall art for the other rooms of your home.

  • Bathroom Decor

Designing wall art for bathrooms is common nowadays. Many people decide to take a relaxing bath there after a tiresome day at work. One of the unique bathroom wall art ideas are images of landscapes or other natural elements. Use picturesque scenery coupled with quotes and scented candles to implement these ideas for wall art. Products made of PVC signs work well in humid conditions.

Custom wall art quote with floral design elements attached to bathroom wall

  • Illustrative World Map

Everyone knows that colorful pictures help in children’s education. So don’t forget about designing wall art for your kids’ playroom. Vibrant world maps with famous cartoon characters are cute large wall art ideas you can bring to life with crisp dibond signs.

Colorful wall art design for the playroom with illustrative map of world animals

  • Welcome Notes

The best way to greet your guests is by designing wall art for your entryway with welcoming messages. Vinyl lettering can help you go bold with unique wall art ideas. Personalize your favorite welcome quotes or sayings with our sign design tool to draw attention to your entry wall.

Aesthetic wall art design in the entrance hall with welcome notes for the guests

Ideas for Popular Wall Art Design Styles

Now that you have a number of wall art design ideas to implement in the different rooms of your house, it’s time to learn what style will complement your interior design. Check out the original wall art ideas listed below that’ll show you how to pull off different styles.

Dark Art Ideas for Wall

Dark art is gaining popularity among enthusiasts of contemporary artwork. It does remain quite a specific taste though, due to the style unveiling some of history’s creepiest paintings. This trend can generate bizarre art ideas for wall decor but you have to figure out the way to incorporate them into your interior design appropriately. Check out the unique wall art ideas I’ve compiled below.

  • Horror Wall Illustrations

As everyone knows, horror is an extremely complicated art genre. Those who embrace this style are proud to show off decorative wall art ideas with dark themes in their houses. Black acrylic signs are brilliant for showcasing your favorite horror art ideas for wall adornment.

Dark wall art design with horror-themed illustrations portrayed on a black wall

  • B/W Photographs

Another expression of dark art is horror-themed monochrome photography. Black and white images on acrylic signs are interesting ideas for wall art regardless of their placement.

Dark custom wall art with a mystic ghost illustration in black and white

Vintage Wall Art Design Ideas

Old is gold. This is true for every aspect of life, and vintage art is no different. Even today, the style represents a topic of interest for millions of artists, designers and ordinary people. Why not generate vintage art ideas for large walls in your home?

  • Book Page Wallpapers

If you want to transform your space into a retro corner, you can use creative wall art ideas with old book pages. If you’d like to avoid ripping out pages from books, which I know you would, create personalized wall art decorations with bookpage illustrations.

Vintage style large wall art design with illustrations of book pages

  • Rare Antique Maps

World maps have always been a representation of beautiful large wall art ideas in a home. But have you thought about improving your space with huge antique maps? Historical maps, being a very innovative expression of vinyl wall art ideas, are an option for creating one-of-a-kind interior designs.

Vintage style large customized wall art with imagery of rare antique maps

Custom Wall Art in Abstract Style

Sometimes a block of colors can express things that reach beyond your imagination. That’s what we refer to as the abstract style. For a very long time, people have used abstract wall art decorating ideas to decorate their house.

  • Rainbow Color Blends

Do you need cool wall art ideas that incorporate a range of color shades and textures? Use blended hues on large adhesives or sturdy products like gator board signs to beautify your walls. Make sure to select and combine appropriate colors in order to get stunning custom wall art.

Aesthetic wall art design in a bedroom with blended pink and blue coloring

  • Abstract Symbols

When speaking about abstract art ideas for wall embellishment, don’t forget about abstract symbols. Take the opportunity and use famous abstract symbols to generate creative wall art ideas. Make sure to check their true meaning before using them as part of your decor.

Colorful wall art ideas with different symbols showcased in an abstract style

Typography Art Ideas for Wall Embellishments

A picture is worth a thousand words. Meanwhile, a picture combined with words is better than pictures or words alone. Yes, we’re speaking about typography art. As a novelty for decorative wall art ideas, this style is lavishly used in contemporary interior design. Reflect your ideas on aluminum signs to make your artwork stand out.

  • Portraits of Famous People

Typography ideas for wall art can help you combine pictures of outstanding people with their famous quotes, ideas, accomplishments and more. You can also use their expressions to create their portraits. This style is a fresh turn in inspirational wall art which looks beautiful when mounted on walls

Typographic wall art design in purple with the portrait of Albert Einstein

  • Typographic Images of Animals

Searching for more typography wall art design ideas? Create “loud” art accentuating your favorite animals’ images and sounds. Select a good visible place in your house to showcase your customized wall art.

Dark-themed wall art design with an image of a tiger in a typography style

Wall Art Decor Ideas with Structural Drawing

Structural drawing is about reaching the unreachable or capturing the motion of images. Go through the structural art ideas for wall decor listed below and pick your favorite to design an avant-garde interior.

  • Architectural Sketches

Sometimes, plain drawings are bolder than multicolored paintings. Sketches of buildings are cool drawing ideas for wall art and fit in all corners of your house.

Black and white custom wall art with illustrations of plain architectural sketches

  • Mechanism Drawings

Mechanical gear sketches are unique wall art ideas. One example is to have the complicated artwork demonstrate the flow of time while displayed on simple sheets.

Beige toned large wall art idea with mechanical gear imagery

Wall Art Design Ideas in Fashion Style

Fashion art style is an admired type of modern wall art distinguished for its candy-colored artwork. The style helps generate unique wall art ideas for fashion lovers.

  • Dress and Gown Illustrations

Fashion designers and others who keep up with the newest trends frequently use sketches of dresses and gowns as decorative wall art ideas. Your bedroom will also look nice with wall-mounted images of fashionable dresses.

Fashionable art ideas for wall with dress illustrations in beige, purple and black

  • Elegant Artwork in Pink

Decorative wall art ideas with pink illustrations are luxurious elements for the lovers of fashion. Are you one of them? Head over to our decoration sign templates. Select your favorite one and restyle it as you like.

Pink wall art design with illustrations of glamorous girly accessories

Wall Art Decor Ideas with Plain Artwork

Add some glitz and glamor to your house using appealing large wall art ideas with aesthetic illustrations. This style focuses on simplicity which is considered to be the new gold-standard of modern design.

  • Body Line Drawings

Abstract human body line drawings are a prominent subtype of minimalistic wall art. Thanks to its simplicity and plain features, this style generates amazing art ideas for large walls that are suitable for the bedroom.

Plain customized wall art pieces displaying woman body line illustrations

  • Botanical Wall Decor

Last but not least, here’s an important tip for you. Use large wall art ideas with pastel-colored abstract plant illustrations. They’re simple DIY wall art options that can adorn your rooms.

Plain wall art ideas with abstract botanical illustrations in pastel colors

Don’t pass up the chance to create an avant-garde interior design for your home using one of these beautiful ideas.