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Marianne Bard January 9, 2023 • 7 min read
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Motivation is a key source of energy that we need to get past everyday hurdles. That’s why people’s energy levels increase when they spend some quiet and peaceful time surrounded by positive wall art pieces. If you’re one of those people, you’ll enjoy the inspirational wall art ideas we’ve prepared for you.

Browse through our twenty best inspiring artwork concepts which we’ve presented and bring them to life with the help of professional sign printing. If you want to create motivational wall art for office and home decor, you can use a variety of custom signs.

Motivational Wall Art for Office Furnishing

When it comes to embellishing your workspace, motivational wall art for office rooms is a must. We’ll introduce you to some fun and inspirational wall art ideas for your workspace.

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Motivational Wall Art for the Lobby

Sophisticated acrylic photo prints are a gold-standard for embellishing the reception area walls. However, it’s one of many products that can spice up the area with small to large inspirational wall art pieces.

1. Quotes by Outstanding People

Use crisp metal photo prints to highlight famous sayings on the lobby walls. Inspirational quotes wall art behind the reception desk encourages people to have a positive outlook before heading out to their workspace.

Black and white inspirational wall art with Steve Jobs' portrait and quote

2. Nature-Inspired Images

Lightweight foam board printing is yet another product that’s suitable for creating printable inspirational office wall art. If you want to freshen up the atmosphere, motivational wall art for office reception areas with images of serene natural scenes will be a good solution.

Nature-themed motivational wall art with fall forest scene for the office reception

Inspirational Wall Art for the Workspace

Now that you know how to refresh your lobby, it’s time to move to the working area. Adorn the space with several inspirational office wall art pieces to keep productivity at its peak.

3. Human Evolution

It’s no secret that human beings underwent a long process of development to evolve into the humans we know today. Use custom wall decals to implement this meaningful wall art tip for the main workspace. The concept of this adornment is to remind employees about the power of mankind.

Funny meaningful wall art showing the seven stages of human evolution

4. The Success Iceberg

Another wonderful concept for inspirational office wall art is showcasing the illusion of success iceberg on the wall facing you. Create big office wall art decals that will remind you of all the hardships you need to overcome while writing your very own success story.

Success iceberg meaningful wall art in blue for the workspace motivation

Inspiring Wall Art for the Conference Room

Another key area in your office that needs inspiring adornments is the conference room. Let’s see what kind of inspirational office wall art we can apply in this room.

5. “Chances of Success” Wall Decor

Make motivational quotes wall art to demonstrate how drastically the chances of success can increase if you take concrete steps in its pursuit. Use sizeable gator board printing to create inspirational wall art for office conference rooms.

Rectangular inspirational quotes wall art displaying the chances of success rates

6. Famous People and Their Inventions

What can stimulate you more than the world-altering geniuses and their inventions? Depict some prominent inventions by making themed inspirational wall art for office meeting rooms. Refined acrylic signs are a classy solution that will complement any conference room design.

Colorful positive wall art with illustrations of famous inventions

Positive Wall Art for the Break Room

Taking breaks during work hours can make you more productive than working the whole shift nonstop. This is why many companies know the value of comfortable break rooms. Create relaxing, inspirational wall art for office break rooms with the design concepts shown below.

7. Forest Therapy Wall Design

It goes without saying that forests have a calming effect on human wellbeing by reducing their stress levels. Use this concept to get motivational wall art for office break rooms. Polished dibond signs with dark green forest images can allow you to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Dark forest inspiring wall art in big size displayed in the break room

8. Funny Brain Illustrations

Use white acrylic signs to get funny inspirational wall art for office break rooms. As an original design tip, you can showcase funny illustrations of a tired, hyperactive or relaxed human brain.

Colorful positive wall art with funny brain illustrations

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Custom Motivational Wall Art for the Office Gym

When you offer workout rooms in your office, you promote the health of your employees. Explore inspirational wall art for office gyms to adorn the walls in a masterful way.

9. “No Pain, No Gain” Wall Decor

Versatile vinyl banners are a suitable product to put together large motivational quotes wall art. Attach vinyl wall art with colorful illustrations to your office gym’s walls to attract everyone’s attention.

Workout inspirational wall art with the quote "No pain, no gain" in the office gym

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10. Legendary Sportsmen’s Images

Do you crave the satisfaction of reaching your daily workout goals? Cover the walls with images of the legendary sportsmen in history. Create your inspirational wall art for office gyms with fabric banners. These visuals can provide the daily dose of motivation.

Large inspirational wall art with the quotes of Kobe Bryant for the workout room

Inspirational Wall Art for Home

A couple of custom motivational wall art pieces at home encourage family members to feel energized while going about their daily activities. Keep on reading to see what kind of inspirational wall art for home decor can best adorn your main rooms.

Inspirational Wall Art for Living Room Design

Follow the tips below to create cool elements of inspirational wall art for living room design.

11. Gallery of Smiles

Create a gallery of inspirational wall art for living room items by printing images of your loved ones with smiling faces. Artistic custom canvas prints can make soft illustrations that will set a positive atmosphere.

Photography positive wall art with a family portrait

12. Calm Blue Ocean

Use sterling aluminum signs to paint the picture of a calming ocean in various shades of blue. This style of inspirational wall art for living room adornments will bring serenity to your space.

Ocean themed inspirational wall art in blue on a white background

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Motivational Quotes Wall Art for the Bedroom

What’s better than ending a day in a comfy bedroom adorned with inspiring wall art items? See how you can turn your space into one of them.

13. “Give It to God & Go to Sleep” Quote

Cover your bedroom walls with inspirational quotes wall art pieces that will bring a smile to your face before you sleep. Get your illustrations on paper poster printing in case you want to change the quotes frequently.

"Give it to God and go to sleep" quote motivational wall art near the bed

14. “Your Dream Before Your Eyes” Wall Design

Set a daily reminder to push you to achieve your goals by picturing your dreams on your bedroom walls. Use black acrylic signs to turn your inspirational wall art for home into refined artwork.

"Dream big" inspirational wall art in black with a parachuting scene

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Positive Wall Art for the Kitchen

Inspirational wall art for home can be used to encourage a number of healthy habits. When placed in the kitchen, these can support you while you keep a balanced diet. You can also create an appetizing corner if you follow these design tips.

15. Appetizing Texts

Get some mouth-watering kitchen notes on self adhesive foam boards. The product adheres well to the wall without damaging it.

Food themed positive wall art with macaron illustrations and the quote of Ernestine Ulmer

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16. Vegetable Rainbow

Did you know that people can taste colors and this can impact their appetite? Implement this wonderful tip to cover your kitchen walls with succulent illustrations of vegetables on large wall art decals.

Rainbow colored positive wall art with illustrations of fruits and vegetables

Inspiring Wall Art for the Bathroom

An inspiring wall art with uplifting notes or illustrations can help people start their day on the right foot and stay positive for the rest of the day.

17. Funny Bathroom Quotes

A couple of funny words or sayings on bathroom walls can be pretty motivating. Create your inspirational quotes wall art piece with humorous notes. Use PVC signs if you want your decor item to work well in humid conditions.

Funny motivational quotes wall art in white in the bathroom

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18. Calming Landscapes

Styrene signs are another high-quality product that can last well in a damp bathroom. Consider using this product to picture soothing landscapes around you.

Nature themed motivational wall art with a quote and mountains scene in the bathroom

Large Inspirational Wall Art for the Entryway

Set a positive tone in your entryway by applying inspiring wall art items. The artwork will energize people upon entering your home.

19. Welcome Notes

Use artsy vinyl lettering to make inspirational quotes wall art for your entrance. For simple and sophisticated solutions, check our blog on minimalistic wall art.

Welcoming positive wall art with a heart illustration around the entryway

20. Encouraging Messages

Motivational wall art made of rustic wood prints is meant to have a soothing and empowering effect on the viewer. Don’t pass up the chance to spread your messages in an artistic way.

Simple inspirational quote wall art in white set up around the entryway

Inspiring wall art is a timeless design solution for embellishing premises where people spend most of their creative time.