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Office wall decalsOffice wall decals
Directional office wall decalDirectional office wall decal
Custom office wall decalCustom office wall decal
Decorative office wall decalDecorative office wall decal
Large office wall decalLarge office wall decal
Creative office wall decalCreative office wall decal
Office wall decals
Office wall decalsOffice wall decals

Office Wall Decals

Upgrade your workplace with creative office wall graphics. Apply them indoors or outdoors to spruce up your work environment.

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Installation of Office Wall Decals

You can stick this product to any wall with no trouble. You don’t need any tools, but a squeegee will come in handy to smooth out the product onto the application surface.

Step 1: Clean the wall of any dust or debris using a damp cloth. 

Step 2: Let it dry before applying the display for optimal adhesiveness.

Step 3: Take the adhesive and slowly peel off a part of the backing paper.

Step 4: Use that as the starting point for applying the display to the wall.

Step 5: Carefully pass the squeegee over the applied section of the product

Step 6: Work from the center to the edges for an even application.

Step 7: Remove the rest of the backing tape as you go. 

Step 8: Continue applying the display to the wall while pressing it down.

Step 9: Smooth it out with the squeegee to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles.

Note: When the backing paper is completely removed, the medium will be firmly fixed onto the wall. Make sure to smooth the squeegee over it until you get rid of any air bubbles trapped under the surface. 

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