Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Durable, professional-looking & aesthetically pleasing appearance

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Make an indelible impression on your customers and friends with elegant Brushed Aluminum Signs. The difference between Standard and Brushed Aluminum is that Standard Aluminum has a mill and opaque matte finish, whereas Brushed Aluminum comes with a brushed effect and matte finish.

These signs are used to display the name and the logo of the company. Aside from business purposes, Brushed Aluminum Signs have personal use as well.

Brushed face signs are used in lobbies, reception areas, hospitals, banks, hotels and in many other establishments. The elegant appearance of these signs can elevate any interior design.

These signs come with lamination, an extra coating to prolong the lifespan of the sign.

You can upload your own image to be printed on the Brushed Aluminum Sign or if you don’t have a ready image you can use our free design tool with diverse templates to create custom graphics.

There are several installation options you can choose from. One of the ways is - you can install a Brushed Aluminum Sign by directly mounting it to the wall with Command strips. Alternatively, you can install it through the help of standoffs. This type of installation is often used in offices to get a neater look. Brushed Aluminum Signs can be hung or fixed on special constructions as well.

Benefits of Brushed Aluminum Signs


  • Matt Finish
  • Durable
  • All types of weather resistant
  • Double-sided
  • For both outdoor and indoor use


The material is a rigid Aluminum with a brushed effect. This is among the most durable materials in the sign making industry. The brushed effect gives a more elegant and professional look to the sign.


Get your desired message or graphics printed on Brushed Aluminum Signs. For printing, we use premium UV inks and digital printers. This printer makes the Signs sun-resistant by drying the inks with LED curing system. This way the printing on your sign will not fade away over time. For printing, you can choose one of our many free templates or you can upload your own design.

Brushed Aluminum Signs Cutting


Have your sign cut with our bleeding-edge cutting equipment. For materials like brushed aluminum, we offer CNC mill cutting. Computer Numerical Control router is perfect for cutting thick materials in any custom size and shape. The multiple benefits of these cutting machines include high accuracy and precision. CAD software that drives the router makes cutting easier and more precise compared to the manual cutting process.

Brushed Aluminum Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

With standoffs - You can choose this option to install your Brushed Metal Signs with elegant silver standoffs. These are metallic accessories for installation, that keep the sign secure on the wall with a little space - dimension between the wall and the sign.

With drilled holes - If you don’t choose any installation accessory from the list of options that we offer, you can install the signs with your own hardware. Order Brushed Aluminum Signs only with drilled holes, choose the quantity and the positions of the holes. Our CNC Miller will make accurate holes in the specified location to minimize hassle for you.

Double-sided - Brushed Aluminum Signs can be either printed one or double-sided. Signs with printings on both sides provide more visibility and installation hardware choice.

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