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Clear acrylic signsClear acrylic signs
Clear acrylic name displayClear acrylic name display
Clear acrylic name plateClear acrylic name plate
Custom clear acrylic signCustom clear acrylic sign
Office clear acrylic signOffice clear acrylic sign
Clear acrylic office signClear acrylic office sign
Clear acrylic signs
Clear acrylic signsClear acrylic signs

Clear Acrylic Signs

Rigid, lightweight and versatile clear acrylic is ready to give an elegant touch for promotional and decorative purposes.

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Clear Acrylic Signs

A clear acrylic sign is one of the most common types of acrylic signs. It’s a rigid and transparent medium with a glossy finish. The product is durable and versatile, serving business and decorative purposes.

Buy More, Save More

Discount prices below apply to clear plexiglass that’s 24”x30” in size and with default options.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF

$91.88 $98.80

$183.76 $197.6

7 pcs

17% OFF

$82 $98.80 

$574 $691.6

20 pcs

24% OFF

$75.09 $98.80

$1,501.8 $1,976

50 pcs

29% OFF

$70.15 $98.80

$3,507.5 $4,940

100 pcs

36% OFF

$63.23 $98.80

$6,323 $9,880

500 pcs

41% OFF

$58.29 $98.80

$29,145 $49,400

Clear Acrylic Signs by Shape

A clear acrylic sign has the following cutting options available:

  • Square / Rectangle - 90° angles with pointed corners
  • Rounded - 90° angles with rounded corners
  • Outline - cut in the form of your design
  • Overline - cut in the form of your design with a border around it

Material and Printing of Clear Acrylic Signs

A clear acrylic sign is a sturdy glass-like medium available in two thickness: ⅛” and ¼”. Also called plexiglass, this product is stronger and more lightweight than glass. Clear plexiglass signs have a see-through finish and are comparable to black transparent acrylic signs though the latter is tinted. We only offer second surface printing for clear acrylic. This means that the graphics are mirror-printed on the back surface to keep the front glossy and protect the images.

Mounting for Clear Acrylic Signs

The following installation accessories are available for our clear plexiglass products:

  • Standoffs

Mount your clear acrylic sign onto a wall using silver or golden standoffs.

  • Command strips

Adhesive command strips are used to attach the clear plexiglass to the wall.

  • Suction cup & hook

Hang the sign from a glass or similar surface with suction cups and hooks.

  • Easel Backs

Make your displays free-standing on tables and countertops with easel backs.

Clear Acrylic Signs FAQ

How can I maintain my clear acrylic sign?

Regularly clean your product with a soft and damp towel. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges to prevent damage to the print and material.

Where can a clear acrylic sign be used?

Clear acrylic signs are sturdy and water-proof so you can use them anywhere indoors as well as outdoors.

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