Jessica Goldsworthy
Jessica Goldsworthy February 5, 2020 • 8 min read
Jessica Goldsworthy is a content creator at Square Signs, passionate about everything related to interior design and decoration. She enjoys DIY projects, learning new things and is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

The most romantic holiday of the year is almost here. We’re all looking for unique ideas to make our loved ones, families, and friends smile. To go along with the gifts, a romantic dinner, or even a party with your girlfriends, decorations have a big impact on the overall atmosphere. Here are some Valentine decoration ideas - from table centerpieces to Valentine signs.

Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Thinking about throwing a “gal-entine’s” party or just planning a romantic dinner for two? You definitely should decorate for the right mood. Whichever type of valentine’s day decoration ideas you choose, I suggest to keep your theme consistent. 

I’ve combined some of my favorite ideas so that they work both for a dreamy day for two or a Valentine’s party. Let’s start with Valentine door decoration ideas. Then we’ll move on and continue decorating each part of the room.

Valentine Door Decoration Ideas

As they say, there’s no replacement for a good first impression. That’s why you should be choosy when it comes to decorating your door for Valentine’s Day. 

Idea 1. Using vinyl lettering to decorate your door is a great idea as it gives you full creative freedom. You can have any quote written to welcome your special guest or guests. These letters are easy to apply and take off without damaging the door. They won’t cost you a fortune either. Here’s a basic vinyl lettering idea to get you inspired!

Wine Is My Valentine door quote decor idea

Idea 2. Another great idea I like is decorating the door with a Valentine’s wreath. Yes, you read it correctly, wreaths and door hangings aren’t just for Christmas. You can get a Valentine’s wreath from a craft shop. Or make it yourself from flowers, candies, ribbons, or anything else you want! Need an idea to start? Here is one that is easy to make.

valentine door wreath decoration idea

Now that we’re done with decorating the door, it’s time for Valentine's day room decoration ideas. Read on to see how I decorate each part of it.

Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas

Big empty walls are perfect for large decorations. Be it a sign or an image, big decorations can change the whole atmosphere of the room on their own. This is your chance to establish a nice environment of romance and warmth. I have two exciting ideas to decorate your walls for Valentine’s day.

Idea 3. A simple photo brings back all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings. Create a “sweet memories” wall with pictures from some of your happiest moments. Choose a mild color palette for the frames and hang them on the wall. You can also print and frame some of your favorite quotes, or even your names. The more frames you have, the better. Btw, according to FactsLegend, “On average, 220,000 wedding proposals are made each Valentine’s Day.” Maybe it’s your time?

wall memory pictures for valentine's day decoration idea

Idea 4. The idea I described above is one of my favorites, but the con is that you have to make a lot of holes to hang all those frames. This is where canvas prints come in. You can choose one of your pics, your favorite Valentine-themed work of art, quote, or anything else you’d want to decorate the wall of your room with.

valentine room decoration idea with canvas

Alright, so your walls are ready for Valentine’s Day? Let’s take a look at some inspiring Valentine table decoration ideas.

Valentine Table Decoration Ideas

Romantic decorating ideas for Valentine’s day aren’t complete without table decorations. Delicious food and fine wine are a good start, but presentation is important too. Simple flower decorations are always welcome, but I have some nice ideas to give your dinner table a sparkling look.

Idea 5. Are you throwing a party and want to have everyone seated in their right place, while providing a personal gift for each person? I have an idea to cover both! Get an acrylic sign with “Happy Valentine’s Day” along with the names of each of your guests. Each sign should be in the place you want the person to sit. This is a great way to break the ice and kick off a Valentine’s party that will be remembered. Btw, I have a bonus Valentine backdrop idea for a party at the end of the post.

Happy Valentine's Day Emily valentine table decoration idea

Idea 6. There are hundreds of ways to fold a napkin for each holiday and Valentine’s is no exception. The idea itself is not a new one. But there are so many ways to creatively fold it that you can amaze your guests with something new every time they pass by. 

valentine table decoration idea with red napkin

We’ve got one more thing to go over while we’re talking tables. Don’t forget about centerpieces! Here are two of my favorite ideas.

Valentine Centerpiece Ideas

Idea 7. Candles are a must when it comes to Valentine decorations for a romantic dinner. You can choose any color and shape you want. Put them in the center of the table for even lighting. The good thing is you can accompany candles with other ornaments like little gift boxes. This is what a nice candle and candy centerpiece looks like:

candles and hearts valentine table decoration idea

Idea 8. Another great Valentine centerpiece idea is a runner. With or without a tablecloth, a Valentine-themed runner will give your table an elegant look. Make sure to choose the style and colors that match your tableware. Here is some inspiration for you.When it comes to using what you already have for romantic decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day, don’t overlook your shelves! 

valentine table runner with heart prints

Valentine Shelf Decoration Ideas

Shelves are useful for more than just everyday decor and knicknacks. Since I like DIY projects a lot, I’m going to share a project that’s easy to do but always turns out super-cute.

Idea 9. You need four wine bottles, gold and white paint, and some artificial flowers to create this decor. Start with painting the bottles gold. After they are mostly dry, take a brush and write down each letter of the word “LOVE” on the bottles. Then let them dry completely overnight. The next day, put some flowers or other ornaments in the bottles. And that’s it! You have creative DIY Valentine’s decor for your shelves.

LOVE valentine decoration idea

Idea 10. Small and pretty wood signs always look stunning on shelves. Your favorite quote or design printed on a wooden board will give your shelves an elegant appeal.

Love Is In The Air valentine sign idea

Some of these can be found in local craft shops, others you can create yourself. To save you time and effort, we have created a free online design tool. You can easily create your own custom valentine decoration online and then have it delivered right to your doorstep.

But we’re not done yet! I have two more Valentine՛s day room decoration ideas for you to be completely ready for the holiday. 

2 Bonus Ideas

Here are the promised bonus ideas to make your Valentine’s even better. They’re unique, and are a couple of my favorite Valentine’s day room decoration ideas that I haven’t already covered.

Valentine Backdrop Idea

If you are throwing a Valentine’s party for your friends and family (or coworkers) and need a photo zone, then ordering a banner is the best solution. Choose a Valentine-themed design and your guests will be sure to have a blast taking creative photos. There are lots of banners out there to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding a good one that fits your style.

Happy Valentine's Day backdrop idea

Valentine Balloon Idea

Balloons aren’t for kids’ parties only. They can be used on any occasion and Valentine’s Day is a good example. Choose colors that match your interior best and have them printed to spell “Love” or “Be Mine”. Add lots of balloons to fill the room with festive fun.

LOVE balloons valentine decoration idea

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