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Jessica Goldsworthy January 14, 2020 • 13 min read
Jessica Goldsworthy is a content creator at Square Signs, passionate about everything related to interior design and decoration. She enjoys DIY projects, learning new things and is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with  others.

Since you’re here, you likely want to get inspiration for DIY wedding signs and learn how to make wedding signs that are worthy of the big day. 

In the first section, I’ll present 12 ideas that will be the foundation for your overall design. Feel free to mix and match them with wedding reception hall decoration ideas in the same style to complement your wedding theme.

Then, stay tuned for techniques on how to make wedding signs in the second section. From acrylic signs for your wedding reception to using our design tool for tailored embellishments, let’s create the trendiest signage for your special day. 

Wedding Sign Ideas

Take a look at these wedding board ideas that will make your celebration impeccable. 

Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Out of all the wedding room decoration ideas out there, welcome boards are among the most popular. Find the perfect one to meet your guests from the wedding welcome sign ideas below.

Idea 1. Use your own photos

Wedding welcome sign ideas are meant to spread love and romantic vibes while serving a functional purpose. Get a photo of yourself and your beloved printed on a large board of your preferred material: gator board printing, foam board printing, acrylic photo prints, etc. The oversized photo will capture attention and serve as a wayfinding sign for your guests. 

wedding welcome sign idea with a couple's photo print

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Idea 2. Print a quote that speaks to people’s hearts

Wedding welcome sign ideas don’t necessarily have to spell the word “welcome” or include the couple’s names and ceremony date. You can switch things up and use a favorite quote or verse instead. 

wooden wedding welcome sign idea with a quote and thematic elements

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Idea 3. Add natural elements

Natural elements like flowers and plants are an inseparable part of wedding ceremonies, big or small. Design your welcome boards in the same theme to create a serene atmosphere. Greenery will remain trendy in 2021 according to Mindy Weiss, a noted party consultant. Take this into account with your wedding welcome sign ideas. 

elegant wedding welcome sign idea with floral elements

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Read the second part of this article to learn how to make welcome signs for weddings yourself. 

Wedding Gift Table Sign Ideas

Set up a gift table to avoid awkward moments during your ceremony. There’s nothing as uncomfortable as guests not knowing what to do with the gifts and cards they’ve brought for you. Here are wedding gift table sign ideas that create a perfect solution.

Idea 4. Combine seating and wedding gift table sign ideas

Using a chalkboard, inform your guests where they can leave the gifts and cards they’ve brought. Make even more use of it and add a note about how they can sit wherever they like if you don’t have a seating plan. In case you do have one, check out idea 9.

rustic wedding gift table sign idea with cute elements

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Idea 5. Adorn a gift box with a saying

Many couples prefer cards or cash as gifts and that’s totally understandable. If this is the case for you, get a gift box made of acrylic and display your message on one side. It may be a nice touch to highlight the goal you’ve set for the money. Read the next section on DIY acrylic wedding signs to learn how to create a custom design on your box.

honeymoon fund wedding gift box made of wood and acrylic

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Idea 6. Keep it simple

Sometimes it’s enough to use simple DIY wedding signs for the gift table. A wooden sign printed with the phrase, “gifts & cards” along with a nice design element will do just great. 

simple wedding gift table sign idea with the text Gifts & Cards

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Wedding Just Married Sign Ideas

The classic “just married” signs are always something to look forward to. Check out these wedding sign ideas for the happy couple. They’ll look great at the event venue and for the photoshoots, too. 

Idea 7. Decorate the car

Self-adhesive vinyls that spell out “just married” along with the couple’s names and wedding date are perfect for the rear window of a car. You can keep it for some time after the celebration to bask in the nostalgic vibes. 

just married sign idea displayed on a car rear window

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Idea 8. Get trendy with a just eloped sign

Eloping is the newest COVID-19 trend and it seems like it’ll be around for a while even after the pandemic. More and more couples are now opting for smaller parties with just their families or even alone. A “just eloped” sign is the must-have decor if this is your case. A photoshoot with this sign is a cool way to announce your marriage on social media and create fond memories to look back on.  

wedding sign idea with the text We Eloped in the hands of a couple

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Wedding Sign Ideas for a Well-Organized Party

You don’t want your celebration to turn into a chaotic mess, do you? These wedding sign ideas will make sure everything flows smoothly. 

Idea 9. Display the seating chart

It’s a good idea to display the seating chart for everyone to avoid misunderstandings and awkward moments. You can set it on an easel to give it an artsy vibe. Don’t forget to mark the table numbers with small corresponding signs as well.  

outdoor wedding sign idea displaying a seating chart with floral elements

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Idea 10. Let people know you expect an unplugged ceremony

If you want everyone to be fully present on your big day, taking a break from technology may be the way to do it. While you can’t personally ask every guest to turn off their cameras, you can still encourage it with wedding board ideas like this one. 

transparent wedding sign idea displaying an "Unplugged Wedding" message

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Idea 11. Highlight your special hashtag

In contrast to the idea above, you may want people to feel free to take lots of photos and post them on social media using a special hashtag. Get a board printed with the hashtag you want to use and make it easier to find all the images later on. 

wooden wedding sign idea with a hashtag and camera icon”=

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Idea 12. Bonus wedding sign idea for a memorial table

Honoring those who are looking out from heaven is a heart-warming tradition for weddings. Whether you put a candle or flowers on the memorial table, signage is necessary for designating it. Make sure to keep the design simple and elegant. 

memorial table wedding sign idea with a quote surrounded with candles”=

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If you’re thinking about organizing an outdoor ceremony, these 13 magical outdoor decor ideas for your big day are a good place to start.

How to Make Wedding Signs

DIY wedding signs are extra special when you create them with love and inspiration. While it’s not the easiest task, we’re here to help you simplify the process. Read on for techniques on DIY acrylic wedding signs and guidance on using our design tool to create elegant event decor.

How to Make Acrylic Wedding Signs

DIY acrylic signs for weddings are a wonderful addition to the celebration and we’re in love with them. Regardless of wedding style, acrylic decorations add a touch of contemporary chic. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make acrylic wedding signs. Whether you need a DIY acrylic wedding welcome sign, favorite quote print or a seating chart with neat design elements, this technique will work for you.

Step 1.Print design: Depending on the size of your decor, you may need to split the graphics onto multiple sheets of paper.

Step 2. Prepare the acrylic board: Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to make sure it’s perfectly smooth and clear. 

Step 3. Adding the design on acrylic: Position the paper(s) face down on the board and take a look from the other side to make sure it’s perfectly aligned. Tape the paper so it stays in place. 

Step 4. Trace the design: Put your clear board on a hard surface with the paper side down. Trace the design onto the front of the board with a paint pen. I recommend using oil-based pens for DIY acrylic wedding signs as they’re weather resistant and more durable. 

Step 5. Remove the paper: Once you’re sure you’ve traced every part of the design, you can remove the print paper from the back of the signage. Use rubbing alcohol once more to clean any residue left over from the tape.

Step 6. Paint the backside (optional): Use a contrasting color for the backside of your sign to make the design pop. You’re free to cover the whole surface or get creative. Note that different painting tools like a brush, sponge or spray will leave unique textured effects. 

diy acrylic wedding sign idea displaying a love quote”=

↪ Click here to use this template!

Now you know how to make acrylic wedding signs on your own. To make the process even easier, use vinyl lettering for the design and just paint the back surface of your clear plexiglass. It’ll have a professional look and save you a lot of time. 

How to Make Wedding Signs With Square Signs

DIY wedding signs are not a far-fetched concept even if crafting isn’t your thing. Here is a detailed guide on how to make wedding signs with our design tool. You can order them within minutes after just a few clicks. Watch our video tutorial for more visual guidance on how to bring your wedding sign ideas to life without having to invest a lot of time, money or effort. 

Step 1. Choose the product: Go to the design tool and choose the medium you prefer. If you’re not sure about the materials, read the product descriptions to find the best match for the occasion. 

Step 2. Customize the sign: Customize the size, thickness, base color, shape, number of drilled holes and other modifiable features. All of these depend on your vision and requirements. 

Step 3. Use a template: Choose a template in the design tool. Use the categories or search “wedding” to find relevant designs. We’ve got lots of wedding sign templates that are fully customizable. Make sure to make the template background transparent if you’ve selected a clear material like acrylic. You can upload your own images or create a design from scratch using our designer elements, fonts and backgrounds. 

Step 4. Order your sign: Once your designs match up to your wedding sign ideas, order them and we’ll take care of the production process. We offer delivery within the USA and Canada. 

Now that’s a really fun and easy technique on how to make wedding signs, right? You create, we fabricate! With our design tool, you have the freedom to make any kind of sign.

Here, making a mistake won’t cost you extra time and money spent on more materials. Customize and modify your design as many times as you like before placing the order. Our design tool is completely free!

If you need a thorough, step-by-step guide for navigating our awesome platform, read this article: Design Tool 101: A to Z Guide on How to Use Our Free Design Tool

Bonus Wedding Sign Decor Color Trends for 2021-2022

When you’ve chosen the wedding sign ideas that work best for you, the next big question is what color scheme to go with. Here we’ve got four color palettes - one per season - that will be trending in the years 2021 and 2022. Use the codes shown in our design tool to match your color theme with precision. 

wedding sign decor color trend chart with color codes

Square Signs offers a free design tool with lots of wedding sign templates that will allow you to create your event signage yourself. It has a user-friendly interface and powerful features to cover all your needs. Put a little heart into it and start creating your own wedding signs now!