Highly Adhesive Opaque Car Decals

Opaque Car Decals are perfect for mobile advertising and for decorating your vehicle. These durable adhesive stickers can resist any weather conditions serving as a 24/7 advertisement on wheels.

The material of these Decals is premium quality Opaque Vinyl. The graphics are printed on Opaque Vinyl with sun-resistant UV inks.

These Opaque stickers can be used as Bumper Stickers, Windshield Stickers, Hood Decals, Eyebrow Stickers, Side door Decals, Car mirror Decals and many more.

These eye-catching vehicle logo Stickers will grab the attention of everyone in the streets and serve as a perfect advertisement for your brand. You can also use Vehicle Opaque Decals for decorating your car or for adding informative and funny stickers on it.

Opaque Car Decals require a hassle-free installation. You can choose to order it with a squeegee which is a special tool for smooth application of the Decal.

Opaque Car Decals do not stain the surface and can easily be removed without damaging the vehicle.
Use our Free Designing Tool to create your own graphics to be printed on Opaque Car Decals.

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Thickness: 2.25mil

Weight: 0.065lbs/sqft

Min. Sign size: 6’’x6’’

Max. Sign size: 57″x1740″

Common Sizes: 12”x6”, 12”x12”, 12”x18”, can be customized

Color: White

Installation: Dry or wet mounting with a Squeegee

Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Cutting options: Standard or flash cut, outline or halo cut, overline or contour cut

Usage outdoors: 1+ years depending on weather conditions

Dry mounting

This method is for a quick installation, but messing up with this method is as easy as a pie. With dry mounting, once the Decal is attached you can’t reposition it.

Step 1: Choose the area where the Opaque Decal will be installed anywhere on the vehicle with a flat or slightly curved surfaces
Step 2: Thoroughly clean the surface to get rid of all the dust particles, otherwise you will be left with a bubbly Decal.
Step 3: Remove the backing paper from the Decal and position it in the correct place.
Step 4: Carefully start applying the Decal from one side by flattening it out with your hand.
Step 5: Take a Squeegee (a special tool for Decal application, which can be purchased with the Decal) or if you don’t have it, you can use a plastic card. Start flattening the Decal by removing all the air under it.

Wet mounting

Wet-mount installation process may take longer but it offers the most accurate application.

Step 1: Clean the surface where the Decal will be installed.
Step 2: Mix some detergent with water to get a soapy water and pour it into a spray bottle.
Step 3: Spray the surface with soapy water, this will allow the Decal to be repositioned.
Step 4: Take the backing paper off of the Decal and spray soapy water onto the sticky side of the Decal
Step 5: Apply the Decal on the vehicle and easily reposition it if needed.
Step 6: Use a Squeegee or a plastic card to flatten it out by starting from the middle and moving out towards the edges.
Step 7: After the installation, use a dry cloth to get rid of the excess water.

What is an opaque car decal?

Opaque Car Decals are perfect for customizing any personal or business vehicle, covering it with fleet graphics. It has the capacity to stick anywhere you’d prefer to: wrap the full car or just the car windows, door panels, Hood and tailgates, bumper and car mirrors.
Used to brand or decorate your car, truck, van, etc.

Is opaque Decal transparent or see-through?

No. Opaque car decals do not reflect natural light. The material comes opaque, so it doesn’t work that way with or without the actual prints. We don’t recommend using Opaque car decals on the front windshield as it can obscure the visibility. If only the Opaque Stickers are small and displayed on the corners of the windshield.

Opaque car decals VS Clear Car Decals

We offer both Opaque and Clear Car Decals. Clear car decals offer the desired level of transparency. It is the preferred choice for the car windows. Opaque car Decals offer more visibility, color density and detailed Graphics.

Where can I stick the Opaque car decals?

In most cases, opaque Stickers are used for sides of the car, Hood or bumpers. With a smaller size and placed in the corners of the windows is also applicable. Opaque partial wraps are highly practiced on the tailgate both for branding and decorative purposes.

Is there a difference between Car Window Stickers or Car Window Graphics?
These terms refer to the term – which is Car window Decal. All the three are interchangeably used inside and outside of the signage industry.

How do I install/remove my opaque decal?
For a bubble-free installation you need a clean surface and a squeegee for smooth installation. For removing the opaque decals simple peel it away. In case of a residue, clean it with warm water and a cleaner.
Note: if you have troubles to peel it off (for those decals that served 5+), place the car under a direct sun or use a streamer to weaken the adhesive backing. Use a sharp edged instrument to remove the decal but be careful not to damage the vehicle itself.

How do I maintain my opaque Car decal?
Hand wash the opaque car decal on a regular basis with a damp soft cloth. It is important to clean the decals in order to prevent dirt from building up.
Note: Avoid power washers, automated car washes or washing with abrasive cleaners to keep the corners from peeling up.

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