Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Floor Decals

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Pull in more foot traffic to your place of business with impossible-to-miss floor decals
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Floor Decals 

Floor decals are self-adhesive graphics printed on top-quality vinyl material. At Square Signs, you can find superior floor vinyl stickers for both business and decorative needs.  Customize them however you like and we'll ship them to you anywhere in the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

With a simple installation technique, anyone can transform their home or office floors with these peel-and-stick decals. This product is perfect for companies with limited space within their premises. Utilizing any surface area to promote your brand is an efficient way to optimize your resources. Stickers of any size will work wonders for the indoor promotion of your brand.

Do you have empty floor space in your office? Why not use it to advance your brand? Floor decals don’t require much space and won’t interfere with the mobility of the office crew. You can display as many stickers as you wish. 

These stickers are a prime choice if you’re looking for a simple and space-saving yet effective signage solution.Reach customers, entice them when they enter your place of business and create a brand identity with eye-catching floor decals. Display these stickers in hallways, elevators, reception areas and other indoor surfaces.

Floor decals work most effectively in high foot traffic areas by attracting passersby. While walking (especially on their phones), people tend to look at the ground. This is when the decals catch their attention. 

Floor vinyl stickers can attract new clients or make repeat clients more aware of your business. These stickers can guide clients throughout your establishment or simply entertain them. Every feature of these floor stickers is customizable. Choose the design and the purpose of the decals and personalize them to your needs. With just a few clicks, you can create a unique design and hit the order button to get the decals shipped out the next day.

Decorate your home with these simple yet attractive graphics. With an easy installation technique, you can renovate your house without any mess or tools. All you have to do is peel and stick them within minutes and that's it. When you don’t need them anymore, simply peel them off and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The decals don’t leave any stains or residue, making removal a cinch.

We offer a wide selection of free templates ready to be printed onto floor vinyl stickers. You also have the option to upload your own artwork and customize it with our design tool using a variety of elements and styles.

Social Distance Floor Decals

As we battle the coronavirus pandemic, keeping a social distance is mandatory for conducting business in many places. By distancing ourselves from one another, we can protect each other from COVID-19. 

Until the threat passes, all business owners should equip their establishments with relevant informative signs to remind and encourage people to keep their distance.

Social distancing floor decals should be displayed at checkout counters, in front of entrances, between supermarket aisles and any other appropriate place to maintain safety.

Social distancing stickers can be fully customized. Display your  logo along with informative messages to provide a safe environment for your customers and employees. 

3D Floor Graphics

3D floor decals give freedom to the imagination. With these stickers you can display amusing, inspiring, funny and creative graphics on indoor floors. 3D floor decals can be put to decorative as well as promotional use.

You can get floor 3D stickers for your business floors to entertain your customers and make sure to leave an impression. Captivating 3D floor decals can be used to depict your logo, products or any message on the floor. The decals give a unique look to your space and will have a distinct impact on your audience.

With 3D floor graphics, you can turn any plain floor into an underwater ocean scene, a fuming lava spill or a stunning waterfall. These floor graphics are completely customizable for various venues. Anything you can imagine is possible with 3D floor decals.

Floor Tile Decals

Floor tile decals are a fine decorating solution for homes and offices. Breathe new life into your old tiles in just minutes. Remodel your bathroom or kitchen in a quick and affordable way with vinyl floor tile stickers. Print your desired pattern on decals and apply them with a simple peel-and-stick method.

Floor tile stickers are the perfect remodeling option for renters. Decorate the place with your desired aesthetic then simply remove the decals when returning the property without leaving any residue.

What’s perfect about these decals is their ability to remodel your space as often as you wish without making a mess or spending a fortune. Just choose your design, get it printed, remove the backing paper and apply it to the tiles. That’s it - as simple as that.

Staircase Riser Decals

Transform dull staircases into works of art with peel-and-stick decals. You can get riser decals that form a full image from the first to the last step. In this case, the image is split into the number of risers and when you step back to take a look, you will see the whole image.

Riser decals are a fast and easy way to spruce up and add a touch of personality to the stairs. The decals are very easy to apply and remove.

Floor Lettering

Display the name and motto of your company on your office floor. Use adhesive lettering in the reception area to create a welcoming brand identity. Floor lettering can be used in malls, business centers, wedding halls and in all kinds of other establishments. Vinyl floor lettering can be used for branding as well as decorating. In our design tool, you can find a wide range of fonts and typefaces for letters to complement any interior design and thematic scheme. 

Floor Graphics for Branding

Company branding is the key to success for many businesses. Custom floor decals are a great tool for indoor branding. As floor graphics don’t take up any space, you can use a vast amount of surface area to promote your brand. Display the name or logo of your company to highlight your presence.

These attractive floor vinyl stickers work great for promotions as well. Feature special offers on the floor of supermarkets or shopping malls to attract bargain hunters. Use this persuasive technique to guide your customers where you want them to go, such as towards new products. Floor decals are a simple and economical way to attract customers and inform them in areas with good foot traffic.

Decorative Floor Decals

Floor stickers are a budget-friendly choice for the decoration of any space. These stickers are perfect for providing an individual touch to your interior. Use beautiful patterns or thematic designs to decorate the floors in your space.

Wedding floor decals - Make your wedding day special by customizing the ceremony hall. You can display your initials on the floor or get directional floor stickers to guide everyone through hallways and aisles. Custom floor stickers can be used to decorate the hall with beautiful floral graphics or other elements.

Gym decals - Gyms are often equipped with floor vinyl stickers, most commonly to provide safety information but in many cases they are used for decoration as well. Floor graphics can display the logo of the gym or feature other thematic graphics.

Office floor decals - Bright floor graphics create a fun and inspiring atmosphere inside the office. Offices can display their company logo on the floor along with specially themed graphics to spice up their interior. Exhibit whatever comes to mind with floor graphics - whatever you can imagine, we can transfer onto decals.

Dance studio floor stickers - Decorate the dance floor in your studio with our striking decals. You can showcase your collective’s name and logo or add some thematic graphics to the floor to create a stimulating environment. Our floor decals come with lamination so the printing will not wear off from constant footfall. Also, the lamination makes the decals slip-resistant so dancers can do spins and slides with the confidence that they won’t slip and fall (at least because of the floors).

Court/Arena decals - Custom floor decals are the most common branding and decoration tool for sports arenas such as basketball courts. These decals are used to brand the floors with the team’s logo and slogan. Court decals can be easily replaced per season or after each game. 

As the home team will host a new team for every game, the decals should be exchanged accordingly. For this case, floor graphics are the perfect choice as they are easy to apply and remove with a hassle-free installation and removal technique. 

Besides, our custom floor signs come with lamination which is slip and scratch-resistant. So, the material is completely safe for the players and will maintain its initial look till the end of the season and beyond.

Directional Floor Decals

Custom floor decals are the perfect choice for guiding potential clients to your place of business. These graphics will immediately attract everyone’s attention. People often look at the ground when they walk, making it the perfect spot for displaying wayfinding signs.

Such directional decals are mainly popular and effective in the following areas detailed below.


In supermarkets, floor vinyl stickers are perfect for labeling the aisles and guiding customers through them and towards the checkout. You can also label departments in supermarkets, using arrows or footprint decals to direct them to special offers. Such decals make navigating through supermarkets easier, contributing a crucial factor to enhancing the customers’ experience.

Retail/Department Stores

It’s quite easy to get lost inside large retail/department stores. To make the navigation in your store easier, we recommend getting directional floor decals. These floor graphics can be displayed in front of entrances and in between aisles to label each section in a store. 

Directional decals are perfect during the sales season as well. Guide customers to products and special offers with attractive stickers. You can get floor stickers in all kinds of custom shapes. Whether you want arrow decals, a pointing hand sticker or anything else, you can find them all here. 

The stickers can be laminated for extra durability. This protective layer will prevent the decal from wearing off ahead of time.


The safety of employees in a warehouse is the number one priority. Floor vinyl stickers are a common choice for warehouse safety signs. Such floor stickers guide employees through the warehouse and make the job process safer and easier. Each section of a warehouse can be labeled using a custom floor decal. Hazardous areas should also be clearly marked with safety floor decals.

You can use one of our free templates, customize an existing design, or upload your own to be printed onto warehouse floor decals.


Directional floor decals are perfect for guiding customers and employees to designated office rooms, especially if the office space is large. You can get custom floor decals in arrow shapes and place them in hallways and reception areas to make navigation throughout the business center easier for everyone.

Shopping malls

You can often see floor graphics in shopping malls. This is another great use of custom floor decals. Directional floor graphics in shopping malls are used to guide customers to dressing rooms, different departments and more.

Floor stickers are also used in shopping malls to direct clients to a certain store. Such directional floor decals can serve as promotional tools as well. In areas with high foot traffic, custom floor decals are a must-have solution to attract customers.


  • Sun-resistant due to UV printing
  • Easily applicable and removable
  • Available in custom shapes and sizes
  • Slip and scratch-resistant due to lamination
  • Highly quality UV cured graphics
  • Space-saving, goes on any smooth surface


Floor decals are made of premium-quality opaque vinyl. It’s a highly adhesive material that is easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue. The material comes in rolls so you can order floor vinyl stickers in custom sizes. At Square Signs, floor graphics range from 4”x4” to 50”x1680” so you’re sure to find a size perfectly fitting your space and needs. Opaque vinyl comes in white as a default but we can print graphics in any color onto it. 


You are welcome to order custom floor decals with your desired artwork and messaging. We offer full-color printing services with UV curing printers. The inks are immediately dried with ultraviolet rays, providing a long lifespan to prints. Printed floor graphics will retain their primary look and vivid colors without fading for several years with proper care. For printing, you can create your own personalized artwork with our free design tool which boasts a large selection of templates. You can also send us your own design and we can transpose it to be printed onto the decal for you.


Order floor decals cut into custom shapes with our bleeding-edge digital plotter cutter. The digital plotter machine is perfect for cutting self-adhesive and soft materials such as vinyl. Its tools and knives enable ultra-precise and accurate cutting of different soft materials. A computer-controlled crop mark sensor system provides contours for cutting. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting tools are the most suitable for custom floor decals. The wide production area of our plotter cutter enables us to cut decals in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Cutting Options


With this option, the floor graphics are cut into standard square or rectangle shapes with sharp edges.


This option provides rounded corners to square and rectangle-shaped decals.


If you want your floor decals to be cut in the exact shape of your design then opt for this method.


By choosing this option, your floor graphic will be cut into the shape of your design with an extra white line surrounding it.


We offer lamination for floor decals which is the process of covering the decals with an extra protective layer. Lamination makes the material scratch and slip-resistant and gives it a longer lifespan. If you want the decals to retain their initial look for longer periods of time, you need to get them laminated. Otherwise, foot traffic will wear off the prints more quickly. We offer the following three types of lamination: glossy, matte and dry erase.

Lamination Options


If you are going for a more sheen look then glossy lamination is the right choice for you. With this lamination option, the colors on the floor graphics are more bright and vivid with a glossy finish.


Matte lamination has the opposite effect of glossy lamination. With this option, colors on the floor graphics are more subtle with a glare-free matte finish.

Dry Erase

Just like the afore-mentioned lamination options, dry erase lamination creates a protective layer for the decals. Additionally, it turns them into a type of whiteboard. This way, you can write on them with a removable marker and erase as often as needed.

Customized Design

The floor decals we offer are completely customizable. You can send us a ready design to be printed onto the decals or you can use our free design tool with thousands of templates, backgrounds and elements to create a unique design from scratch. With our user-friendly design tool, even a child can create professional-looking graphics. With just a few clicks, you can get your desired artwork printed onto the floor stickers. In case you face any difficulties with the designing process, our team of professional designers are ready to assist you to create a stunning product.

Application Surfaces

Floor stickers are applicable to almost every smooth indoor surface. Before application, make sure the surface is clean or else the decal will not stick properly. For great results, we recommend applying floor decals to the following surfaces:

  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Indoor Concrete Floor
  • Indoor Stone Floor
  • Linoleum

Free Ground Shipping

We ship all our orders anywhere in the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts. So, if you are looking for a quick turnaround, you’re at the right place. At Square Signs, we do our best to provide our clients with custom floor decals in the fastest way possible.

Place your order today and your custom floor decals will be shipped to your desired location promptly.

Comparison Chart


Floor Decals

Wall Decals

Vinyl Lettering

Window Decals

Min. size





Max. size

50" x 1680”

52" x 1680”

58" x 1740”

58" x 1680”






Printing Options




Second Surface


Second Surface

Standard with no background

Second surface with no background


What are floor decals made of?

Our floor decals are made of a highly adhesive opaque vinyl material. The material is very easy to apply and remove without leaving behind any residue. Opaque vinyl is the perfect material for displaying graphics of various color schemes.

Where can I use floor decals?

Floor decals can be used in all kinds of indoor premises. The material is recommended to be applied to only smooth surfaces, such as laminate, hardwood, tile, concrete and flat stone. As for the purpose, floor decals can serve decorative as well as promotional needs.

You can get fun floor decals to decorate the floor of your child’s bedroom. You can also use floor stickers to brand your office. Such decals are perfect for showcasing company names, logos and slogans.

Can floor decals be custom shaped?

Absolutely. Everything here is customizable. You can choose to either cut your decals in standard square/rectangle or in completely tailored shapes. Just select the “outline cutting” option in the design tool and your floor graphics will be cut in the exact shape of the design.

What is the lifespan of the decals?

Depending on the amount of foot traffic, floor decals can have a life span anywhere from one month to a year or more. The laminated finish we apply to the floor graphics covers it with an ultra-thin, yet highly durable and scratch-resistant layer. In humid areas, the decals may have a shorter lifespan but in dry areas and with proper care, they can last up to three years or more.

Will the graphics printed on the decal fade from foot traffic?

Short answer - no. 

We provide lamination for floor graphics. It is a process of covering the decals with a protective layer that prevents the colors from fading and makes the material scratch-resistant. It also makes the surface slip-resistant.

Will the decal ruin the floor?

No. Floor decals do not damage any surfaces. Our floor decals are made of adhesive vinyl that is very easy to remove without leaving any stains or sticky residue. All you need to do is wipe the area with a damp cloth after removal.

Can floor decals be applied in the bathroom?

Yes, you can display floor decals in bathrooms as well. Moreover, we offer tile decals specially for the bathroom. You should have in mind that floor graphics may have a shorter lifespan due to the higher humidity levels present in a bathroom. Still, they will serve you a good few months before requiring a renovation. 

Can I install the floor stickers myself?

Absolutely. Custom floor decals require a simple peel-and-stick installation. All you need to do is take measurements to find the perfect spot for application. Peel off the backing paper of the decal and apply it to a smooth surface. Then simply flatten it out to get rid of any air bubbles and that’s it. You can find a detailed step-by-step application guide in our installation section.

Can floor decals be applied to staircase risers?

Yes, floor graphics can be applied to staircase risers. These are a perfect option for giving a fresh look to weary staircases. Just make sure to apply them to smooth surfaces.

Are floor decals easily removable?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of floor graphics. Very little effort is needed for their application and removal. All you have to do is peel it off the floor and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The custom removable floor decals leave no residue, so the surface will look exactly the way it did before the decal was applied.

Are floor graphics reusable?

No, floor decals are not meant for multiple uses. Once you remove it from the floor it cannot be applied back as the material loses its adhesiveness. But if early on during the installation you want to adjust its position, you can do it by quickly peeling it off and reattaching without any issues.

How to clean floor decals?

In most cases, you can just clean the floors as you usually do. However, with custom floor decals, the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cloths is not recommended in order to avoid scratches and discoloration. 

Do you offer die-cut floor stickers?

Yes, we do offer die-cut stickers. To get this result, you need to choose the “overline cutting” option in the design tool. If you don’t want an extra white line around your design, you can choose the “outline cutting” option. With this option, the decal will be die-cut in the exact shape of your design without a border.

Can I upload my own design?

Yes, you can upload your design through our design tool. You can send us your design in any file format. Furthermore, you can make edits on your design online such as adding a text, an element or anything else.

Can I see the final design before ordering?

Yes, you can. We have a preview option in our design tool. Just click preview when you are done with designing and you will see the final design in a full-screen mode.

How can I create a design for floor decals?

To create your design, you need to click the “Create your sign now” button in the product page. After, you will get to our free design tool where we provide all the required tools and resources to create a stunning design from scratch. In our design tool, you can find thousands of free templates in all possible categories. You can also find a large selection of backgrounds and elements that enable you to create your own design without any assistance. Once you finish the design, you can preview the final look before proceeding to checkout.