Floor Decals

Floor Decals

Pull in more foot traffic to your place of business with impossible-to-miss floor decals

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Guide customers to your establishment with the help of easily noticeable Floor Decals. Floor Graphics are an effective way of product promotion. These are attractive Stickers applied to the floor, both for indoors or outdoors.

Use the ground for the marketing of your brand with vibrant floor graphics. Floor Decals are commonly used for discount announcements, mall advertisements, directional signs and many more. The most popular use of Floor Decals is for wedding venues, gym and dance floor decorations as well as for 3D Floor graphics.

We offer high-quality Custom Decals, the material of which is durable Vinyl that can last quite long. That is one of the reasons why vinyl Floor Decals are getting so popular nowadays, as they can withstand any weather conditions.

The installation of Floor Decals is very simple, you just need to peel off the decal from the backing paper and fix it to the floor. Make sure the surface is clean, in order to get a smooth finish.

Benefits of Floor Decals


  • Perfect for guiding
  • Durable
  • All types of weather resistant
  • Eye-catching
  • Easily applicable and removable


Floor Decals are made of high-quality opaque Vinyl. The material comes in rolls, so you can order Decals in custom sizes. The natural color of Floor Vinyl is white but we can print graphics with any color on them. Vinyl is a highly adhesive material, but at the same time easily removable.


You are open to order Floor Decals with your desired artwork and messaging. We offer full-color printing services with digital UV printer. The inks are immediately dried with ultraviolet rays, providing a long lifespan to the printings. Printed Floor Decals will retain their primary look and vivid colors without fading for a few years. For printing, you can create your personal design with our free designing tool with a great number of templates. Also, you can send us your own design to be printed on the Decal.

Floor Decals Cutting


Have your Floor decal cut with our bleeding-edge digital plotter cutters. The digital plotter machine cutting option is perfect for self-adhesive and soft materials. Its tools and knives enable ultra-precise and accurate cutting of different soft materials. Computer controlled cropmark sensor system provides contours for cutting. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting tools are the most suitable for floor decals. The wide production working area enables cutting decals of a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Floor Decals Buying Options

Buying Options

Standard cut - Highly adhesive Decals will have standard square or rectangular shapes with sharp edges.

Rounded cut - With this option the pointy edges of the square or rectangular shaped Decals will be rounded.

Outline cut - If you choose this option, your decals will be cut in the exact shape of your design.

Overline cut - Floor Decals will be cut in the shape of your design with a little extra border around it.

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