Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Add color to your space with affordable Wall Decals - premium solution for office, retail, business and home wall decor.

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Wall Decals are a type of indoor as well as outdoor advertisement, which can also serve as a decoration. These Decals are a great option, if you are looking for an affordable way to decorate your office or home. With wall stickers, you can have customized, unique decorations and advertisements in any shapes and sizes.

Wall Decals require a simple installation. You just need to take the back paper off and directly mount it to a smooth surface, preferably painted. Just make sure the surface is clean, otherwise, air bubbles will form under the Decal. Easily removable Decals do not stain the surface.

These Stickers are often used for outdoor advertising. Such as, on the walls of cafes and restaurants or for other types of promotions. Wall Decals are frequently used in stores to inform about the sales or, for instance, to inform about the arrival of a new seasonal collection. Peel and stick Wall Decals can be used for indicating direction. Such indicators can be found in shopping malls, offices, etc.

As for decorative Decals, you can get a Wall Decal with any design to add a splash of colors to the empty walls.Upload your own image to our designing tool to get it printed on the Decals. You can also use one of our many free templates by adjusting them for your requirements.

Benefits of Wall Decals


  • Highly adhesive
  • Easy to apply and remove without damaging the surface
  • Does not stain the surface
  • Perfect for interior decoration
  • UV protected, to retain the printing when displayed to the sun


The material of a Wall Decal is premium-quality Opaque Vinyl. Vinyl is a self-adhesive material that retains its stickiness for a long period. The material comes in rolls and its natural color is white, but you can order Decals in any size and color. Vinyl Decals are very easy to apply and remove, after the removal these stickers do not damage the surface.


Wall Decals can have printings with custom graphics in all possible colors. For Decal printing, we use top-notch digital and UV printers. The printers dry the Decals with ultraviolet rays during the process of printing. Due to this procedure, the printing becomes sun resistant and does not fade over time. Use our designing tool with endless free templates or upload your own design to be printed on Wall Decals.  

Wall Decals Cutting


You can order wall decals in standard, rounded, overline, and outline cuts. We offer cutting services with the latest digital cutting equipment of the industry. Our digital plotter cutter ensures the highest precision thanks to a wide range of tools and knives controlled by computer. Production working area of the digital cutting machine provides the opportunity to cut large-scale signs. Locating dotted cutting line with cropmark sensory system it performs cutting with 0.1mm(0.004”) accuracy.

Wall Decals buying options

Buying Options

Standard cut - If you need simple Wall Decals you can choose to get standard square or rectangular cut Decals. With this option, the Decals will have sharp edges.

Rounded cut - With this option, all the sharp edges of the square and rectangular Decals will be rounded.

Outline cut - The Decals will be cut in the shape of the outline of the chosen graphics without any borders around it.

Overline cut - Your custom Decals will be cut in the shape of our design with an extra border around it.

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