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Wall art decals

Wall Art Decals

Versatile and high-resolution wall art decals add visual appeal to any surface with easy application and maintenance.

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Installation of Wall Art Decals

You can stick this product to any wall with no trouble. A squeegee will come in handy when smoothing out the material onto the application surface.

Step 1: Clean any debris off the wall before applying the product.

Step 2: Place the sticky graphics in their correct position.

Step 3: Fix the product with tape at the top and sides if needed to keep it in place.

Step 4: Remove one part of the backing paper and adhere the exposed section.

Step 5: Remove the rest of the backing paper and adhere the remaining part of the material.

Step 6: Use a squeegee or plastic card to remove any air bubbles.

Step 7: Work your way from top to bottom and center to sides to smooth out the product.

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