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Telescopic Banners

Telescopic Banners

Ideal for all kinds of presentations and events - often serves as a red carpet logo wall. Advertise your brand with visually impactful and sturdy and reliable Banner stand.

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Telescopic Banners

Use these world-class step-and-repeat telescopic banners to proudly showcase your brand at trade shows and other special events. These portable step-and-repeat backdrops are ideal for retail displays, conventions, birthday backdrops, seasonal promotions and holidays. Telescopic banners are highly versatile brand signage. They can suit all the different conferences and trade shows you choose to display your promotional graphics at. With their brilliant graphics, they’re a marketing tool for high-impact brand recognition and visibility. The graphics are UV-resistant, can withstand rain or sun and be changed in accordance with your promotional campaigns. The graphics serve their purpose for many years indoors without fading.

The telescoping poles give the construction ultimate visibility and can be adjusted to your desired size up to 10’X8’. The aluminum base is quick and easy to transport and set up. Due to its adjustable height, width and sturdy but lightweight construction, it’s an ideal choice for those who regularly attend business meetings (just an awesome travel companion). You can use telescopic banners as a passive advertising tool. Using inspirational backdrop graphics for any event will gather the camera lovers. The pictures of show attendees with the background of your logo wall are ideal to leave a long-lasting impression of you and your company on social media and elsewhere.

Benefits of Telescopic banners


  • Perfect for various events
  • Attractive
  • Great promotional tool
  • Printing with UV inks
  • Durable


There are two material options for telescopic banners: fabric or vinyl. Both materials come in rolls and their primary color is white which can later be printed in any color. You can order vinyl or fabric banners in any size which can be used both indoors and outdoors.


For telescopic banner printing, we use UV-curing printers which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays, making the printing sun and fade-resistant. This process prolongs the lifespan of the printing. Order telescopic banners with your custom design, by using one of our free templates or by uploading your own image to our free design tool.

Telescopic banner buying option

Buying Options

With pole pockets - You can choose to get the vinyl banner with pole pockets, with which you can install it on the frame.

With grommets - Another installation option for these banners is through grommets. These are metallic rings fixed onto the banner. You can tie the banner on the frame with the help of these grommets.

Vinyl graphics - There are two material options for telescopic banners and one of these is vinyl. This is a slightly glossy material often used for banner printing.

Fabric graphics - The next material option for telescopic banners is fabric. This is a glare-free material great for red carpet events. The fabric is a lightweight material that can be used for various purposes. Choose the material that best suits your needs. What are telescopic stands?

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