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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Selfie Frames


Artistic selfie frames made of lightweight material can help you take memorable pictures at parties with friends and family.
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Selfie Frames

Throw an unforgettable party with family members, colleagues and friends. Take memorable photos with our custom selfie frames which will be a trendy addition to your event. Personalize a selfie board on our website by choosing the size, orientation and other options. If you’re feeling creative, illustrate your own imagery to match the event. The product is a cutout of lightweight foamboard signs, making it easy to carry and hold your selfie cutout frame while taking photos.

Stylize your own selfie frames for parties and place your order at Square Signs within minutes. We’ll deliver your product to you anywhere in the USA and Canada. You can also benefit from free ground shipping within the contiguous US for custom selfie frame boards costing more than $85 as long as they’re smaller than 36”.

Selfie Frame Boards for Different Events

A selfie frame board is a popular element for modern events and ceremonies. They’ll spruce up any occasion thanks to their fully customizable visuals which make them fun to use. Read on to find out where and how you can use selfie frames for events.

Selfie Frames for Weddings

Personalized selfie frame board with floral graphics for wedding photoshoots

Events such as wedding ceremonies and bridal shower parties are once-in-a-lifetime events. You should try to make them as unforgettable as possible. Make sure people have a fun way of taking memorable pictures. Think of jaw-dropping photographic ideas to create lasting memories with those who are closest to you. Use one or two personalized selfie frame cutouts with thematic designs. You can fit between one and four people in a selfie frame board depending on the size of the product.

Don’t forget to decorate the background before you start your cool photoshoot. Order self adhesive foam boards or custom acrylic signs with vibrant content and attach them to the wall. Once you’ve set a merry atmosphere, you can have fun with your entourage.

Selfie Frames for Birthday Parties

Large selfie frame with a purple background for birthday parties

A photoshoot with your friends is the most awaited part of any birthday event. You can create a thematic photo booth where you’ll take pictures with small to large selfie frames for parties. The product’s size will let you define how many people can fit in the photo.

Scan through our modifiable sign templates created by professional designers if you’re looking for new ideas to create catchy selfie frame board imagery. Select your favorite template and design a selfie frame online by restyling it to your taste or using it as is. Once you’re all done, place your order with a few clicks and we’ll send your product so that you can take awesome photos while celebrating.

Selfie Frames for Graduation Parties

Small selfie frame board with blue graphics for one-person photoshoots

Selfie frames for events remind us of giant polaroid pictures or social media posts. They’re decorative tools used to add some fun during graduation parties.

Personalized selfie frame cutouts will complete the ceremony, allowing you to create original photographs for the graduates in caps and gowns. Match them to the background, students’ outfits and the overall mood. Get the design just right by modifying them on our website.

Create your own selfie frame with the help of our free sign design tool. Choose the size of your selfie cutout frame and other options like whether you want landscape or portrait orientation. Add text-based content such as the date of the party, names of the graduates, quotes and more.

Selfie Frames for Holiday Celebrations

Medium selfie frame for Christmas parties with thematic texts and illustrations

Custom selfie frame boards are artsy tools for taking unique pictures. Use personalized selfie frame cutouts with peculiar imagery to host an exquisite celebration. Selfie frames are practical for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine and Easter among others.

Decorate your product with inspirational quotes or the names of the people posing in your custom selfie frame. You can also level up the background by using gator board signs with thematic visuals. This innovative solution will let you snap post-worthy pictures that’ll light up Facebook and Instagram.

Custom Selfie Frames for Other Occasions

Don’t forget about business promotions and announcements when thinking about the functions of selfie frames for events. You can use the product to spread branded messages or show up with an announcement about your business. Depending on what sizes your selfie frames are, they’ll have sufficient printing space on them to present logos, slogans and illustrations.

Use custom selfie frames for sporting events, trade exhibitions and other promotional occasions. You can customize your product with the Twitter bird and your business’ handle. You can also get Linkedin post designs which is a fun way to pique customers’ curiosity and grab their attention.

Main Features of Custom Selfie Frames

Find all the technical information about our selfie frames below. Learn their specifications and explore the features of selfie frame boards to make the right purchase.

Material and Printing of Selfie Frame Boards

Selfie frame board material in different orientations and thicknesses

The material of a selfie frame board is a foam sheet sandwiched between two paper layers. The layers are well attached to the core and don’t come off over time. We offer rectangular selfie cutout frame sheets in two thicknesses: ½” and 3/16”. The former is best for making a large selfie frame because it’s more durable.

We use UV-printing technology to create custom selfie frame boards. It gives the product a matte finish and prolongs its lifespan. It’s worth mentioning that all our selfie frames are single-sided regardless of their thickness.

Standard Sizes of Custom Selfie Frames

We produce rectangular selfie frame boards in six standard sizes. Find the size options for our custom selfie frames below.























Custom Selfie Frame Boards Design

Go bold with your selfie frame board on our design platform. The platform will let you create unique imagery for selfie frames for parties, holiday celebrations and other occasions from scratch. Select background colors, illustrations, icons, fonts and other elements which are all available on our design platform.

Find ready-made visuals on our website if you need some inspiration. We have a collection of modifiable designer-made sign templates that can give you creative ideas. They’re changeable, which means you can choose one and restyle it until you get your perfect selfie board design or use it the way it is.

Comparison Chart of Selfie Frames and Similar Products

Explore the chart below to find products similar to our selfie frame boards. Please note that the prices shown in the chart correspond to products that come in default sizes without additional accessories.


Selfie Frames

PVC Signs

Acrylic Photo Prints

Metal Photo Prints

Wood Prints

Pop Up Displays


18”x24”, 24”x36”, 36”x46”





96”x96”, 120”x96”


 $35, $46, $67





$785.93, $871.49 



Single-sided, double-sided

Second surface




Lifespan (Indoors/Outdoors):

25+ years / N/A

10+ / 3+ years

15+ / 5+ years

15+ / 10+ years

7+ / 1+ years

15+ years / N/A

Selfie Frame FAQ

What is a selfie frame board made of?

The material for our selfie frame boards is a foam-core substance. It’s lightweight and easy to carry from place to place, suitable for parties and gatherings. The product has two thickness options with different sized frames for group photoshoots.

How to create a selfie frame?

Our design platform will help you stylize a selfie cutout frame from scratch. It allows you to choose a suitable size for the selfie board and create original imagery. As for the design, personalize it by using background colors, illustrations, texts and other elements. Also make sure to take a look at our fancy templates created by professionals. You can even modify them in any way you want to make them just right.

Where to store a selfie frame to use it later?

Place your selfie frame in a cardboard box and store it in a cool, dry place. Don’t stack other heavy items on top of it to avoid damaging the selfie board. Keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Where can I buy a selfie frame?

If you’re wondering where to print selfie frame cutouts, just head to our website and order them in minutes. All our products, just like our selfie frames are delivered across the USA and Canada. We also ship free of charge within the contiguous US for orders smaller than 36" that cost more than $86.

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