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Telescopic Banners

Telescopic Banners

Ideal for all kinds of presentations and events - often serves as a red carpet logo wall. Advertise your brand with visually impactful and sturdy and reliable Banner stand.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Specifications of Telescopic Banners

Frame sizes:

8’x8’, 8’x10’

Set up time:

1-3 mins


Aluminum construction


Adjustable height and width

Usage outdoors:

7+ years


Digital full-color UV printing

Usage indoors:

15+ years

Carry bag:

Nylon bag, with a shoulder strap

What are Telescopic Stands?

Telescopic or Step and Repeat Backdrops are popular event signage with adjustable height and width – allows ultimate size flexibility up to 96"x120". It’s a highly popular tradeshow banner stand with a strong accent on the Vinyl Graphics. You can use more than one Telescopic Banner to create larger backdrop configuration. The immense size of this backdrop banner attracts potential clients, spreads brand awareness and leaves your competition astounded.

Where to use Telescopic backdrops?

Telescopic Banner stand is a versatile promotional tool. Dance clubs, hotels, stores, malls individual business owners utilize the Step and Repeat Banner for annual events, special occasions like birthdays, presentations, conferences and many other formal and informal meetings. The Telescopic Banner is ideal for fairs, expos, gala openings and other commercial events.

Which one to choose? Telescopic Banner or Pop Up Display, Retractable or X-stand Banner?

Telescopic and Retractable take up less space on the tradeshow booth floor than Pop-up Display and moreover X-frame Banner. Telescopic Backdrop is ideal for formal events where it serves as a Logo Wall. The advantage is that the pictures from that same event stay for a long time on the online platform. Which means one solid investment in Telescopic Banner and brand recognition through social media and other platforms is guaranteed. Pop Up Display is ideal for attention grabbing and product/service promotions. The display has a full accent on the graphics. Moreover, the construction takes less than a minute to set up. Retractable Banners and X- stand Banners are the multi-functional stands. Portable and easy to set up features makes it ideal for schools, universities, hospitals, malls and other industrial representatives utilize this for promotions and advertisement. The one and only advantage of the X-stand Banner over Retractable Banner is that it’s ideal to place at the corners.

How to install Telescopic Banner stand?

The installation depends on the finish of the Vinyl Graphics. We offer two types of finishes for the banner – with grommets or pole pockets. For the Vinyl Graphics with Grommets, firstly you need to set the cassette or frame of the Telescopic Banner. After which the Vinyl Banner is attached to the construction with the help of the zip ties. Another type of backdrop – with pole pockets, requires alternative installation: first, hang the display from the top horizontal pole and adjust it to the side vertical poles and fix the ends. For the detailed – step-by-step instructions please read our installation guide.

How to maintain Telescopic Backdrop?

To clean the Telescopic Banner you will need a plain water but in harsh cases liquid soap is required. Gently wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth and make sure to completely dry the vinyl surface before storage. Avoid solvents like acetone and alike harsh chemicals and scrubber sponges not to scratch the Vinyl Graphics. For storage roll the banner, but never fold, with printing inwards not to damage or cause lines or wrinkles. However, if you feel the need to smooth the vinyl surface, you can lightly iron the graphics to restore the initial look. In case of fabric graphics, solely wipe the dust off and fold for storage.

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