Telescopic Banners

Telescopic Banners

Ideal for all kinds of presentations and events - often serves as a red carpet logo wall. Advertise your brand with visually impactful and sturdy and reliable Banner stand.

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Installation of Telescopic Banners

The Telescopic Banner includes Vinyl or Fabric graphics and the frame. The stand comes with accessories like screw knobs, bolts to fasten the Aluminum base construction. Also, you get 2 steal bases, 2 sets of medium poles (which will be screwed to each other to make the frame).

Again, for the installation of the telescopic backdrop no additional tools are needed.

Step 1: Build up the cassette or frame of the banner: fix the base and side poles.

Step 2: Insert the Vinyl or Fabric graphics onto the top pole through the pocket.

Step 3: Fix the Banner crossbars at the top and insert the pole through the hanging graphics and adjust the bottom pole of the backdrop stand.

If you have a Telescopic Banner with grommets, here are the quick steps to install the backdrop.

Step 1: Screw the base to the poles and build up the banner frame.

Step 2: Fix the Fabric or Vinyl graphics with zip ties from top to sides and bottom grommets.

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