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Static Clings

Static Clings

Reusable - no-residue window Sticker Clings - Ideal for vehicle and shop window temporary Advertising.

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Static Clings

Static Clings are perfectly used as both decorative and promotional tools. This material can easily cling to glass like surfaces, smooth Plastic (PVC, Acrylic) or Aluminum materials without any adhesives.

Static Cling is a  fade resistant and eco-friendly material.

These adhesive-free Clings are used for temporary window signage during seasonal promotions and events. It’s a quality investment for any business institution with a glass door storefront. Ideal for office glass doors or windows, shop front or home window branding.

Static Clings are a can’t-miss addition to every storefront window, for sale announcement and product placement. The custom graphics with your logo or company name and message cling to the inner side of the glass facing outside. It is also beautiful and cost-effective way to brand the storefront, also provide a private space for your customers.

Clear non adhesive window Clings are also used for decorative purposes. Apart from anniversary celebrations and decorations, it is used for electronics or glass branding.

White ( Opaque ) Static Clings are free of the adhesive surface, easy to maintain; easily removable, repositionable and leave no residue onto the surface. The Clings are not weather resistant, so we highly recommend only indoor usage. Prints come with custom graphics with an opaque white surface on the back. It’s a non-see-thru Vinyl.

The Clear Static Cling Decals are full color printed using our digital printing machine.  The clings can be die-cut to any shape and size.

We can customize your vinyl products any way you want them, including various sizes and shapes, shadows, corporate logo reproduction, custom fonts and dimensioning styles.

Create your own Static Clings with your custom design for your business or just for decoration with Square Signs!  

Benefits of Static Clings


  • Reusable, can be removed and reapplied multiple times
  • Easily applicable and removable
  • Printed with UV inks
  • For both indoor and outdoor applications


The material is a reusable Opaque Cling which can stick to glossy surfaces like glass or metal. You can remove the Cling from one surface and stick it to another whenever you wish. Naturally, the material comes in white but you can order Opaque Static Cling with printings in your desired colors.

Clear Static Cling is a reusable material which is great for attaching to metal, glass and other glossy surfaces.

The material has no color, it is completely clear but you can get printings in any possible color. You can order Clear Static Clings in custom sizes as the material comes in rolls. The material clings to glass, aluminum and other smooth surfaces due to the cohesive forces that appear between the surfaces. It sticks to the surface like a suction cup.


For printing, we use only high-quality UV and Digital printers which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays and prolong the lifespan of the printing. You can get any design printed on Opaque Static Cling by sending us your image or choosing one of our free templates.  There are various printing options you can choose: standard print, second surface, standard print no background and second surface no background. The first option, as its name implies, is a standard printing, when the image is displayed on the face part of the cling. With the second option the image is mirror printed on the back side but is visible from the front part. The latter two are the same but do not have any background color except the main graphics.

Static Clings Cutting


For soft and self-adhesive materials, we provide cutting services with premium digital plotter cutters. You can have your static clings cut in standard, rounded, overline, and outline cuts with our digital cutting option. The wide array of tools and knives enables ultra-precise cutting with accuracy of 0.1mm (0.004”). Blades and contouring are computer controlled. Wide working area is suitable for cutting large-scale signs.

Static clings Buying Options

Buying Options

Square or Rectangle cut - You can choose to order Static Clings in standard square and rectangle shapes with sharp edges.

Rounded cut - If you don’t like the look of standard square or rectangle-shaped Clings with pointed edges, you can choose this option. The sharp edges of Static Cling will be rounded to make it look neater.

Overline cut - Your custom Static Cling will be cut in the shape of your design with a thin border line around it.

Outline cut - With outline cutting option, the Clings will be cut in the exact shape of your design. So, there will not be any empty space around your design.

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