Open house signsOpen house signs
Directional open house signDirectional open house sign
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Open house signs
Open house signsOpen house signs

Open House Signs

Lightweight, easy-to-install, durable and customizable open house displays can serve as helpful markers to guide people towards your property.

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Installation of Open House Signs

We offer H-stakes, spider stakes, grommets and zip ties for mounting. For installation with stakes, make sure the soil consistency is soft. For hanging with zip ties, we recommend you get preset grommets from our accessories menu for a neat and secure finish. 


Installation with H-stakes:

Step 1: Choose level ground for installing the stakes.

Step 2: Pull the two stake wires through the corrugated flutes.

Step 3: Push the bottom tips of the poles into the ground.

Step 4: Make sure the display is firmly set into place.


Installation with spider stakes:

Step 1: Mark a spot on the ground for the stake.

Step 2: Slide the display down onto the stake wires.

Step 3: Push the base of the spider stake into the ground.

Step 4: The stabilizing peg will ensure the display is sturdy.


Installation with zip ties:

Step 1: Make sure your target area is level.

Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the holes on the product.

Step 3: Attach the display to the application area.

Step 4: Tighten the zip ties and cut the extra ends.


Installation with grommets:

Step 1: Pass the hanging hardware through the grommet holes.

Step 2: Tie the display firmly to the attachment point.

Step 3: Ensure the display is level and firmly fixed in place.

Step 4: Cut off any excess ties for a clean look.

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