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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Real Estate Riders

Small and handy real estate rider signs suitable for different realtor displays. Easy-to-install, they’re available in two printing options.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Real Estate Rider Signs

Add to your realtor displays’ efficiency with our weatherproof real estate rider signs. Eye-catching and to-the-point, our realtor sign riders will surely amplify your message. 


2 real estate riders placed above a real estate post and an A-frame

Real estate rider signs are must-have media for effective real estate signs. Turn heads by placing them either above your real estate posts or real estate A-frames. This product is available in two materials, one of them being the same as that of corrugated plastic signs and the other being composite aluminum. Both these materials are ideal for outdoor announcements.

Order your real estate rider signs from Square Signs and benefit from shipping all across the USA and Canada. We also offer free ground shipping for orders ove $70 and under 36" in size within the contiguous US.

Buy more, pay less!

Get discounted rates by ordering real estate rider signs in bulk.

Note: The prices listed in the table are for the 24”x6” double-sided coroplast display. They’ll vary for the other material and size options.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs


$23.22 $24.97

$46.44 $49.94 

7 pcs


$20.73 $24.97

$145.11 $174.79 

20 pcs


$18.98 $24.97

$379.6 $499.4 

50 pcs


$17.73 $24.97

$886.5 $1,248.5 

100 pcs


$15.98 $24.97

$1,598 $2,497 

500 pcs


$14.73 $24.97

$7,365 $12,485 

Popular Types of Real Estate Riders

Highlight your message with our handy real estate rider signs which are compatible with different realtor displays. Here are their most common types:

Property Status Real Estate Rider Signs

Attract attention through eye-catching real estate rider signs. Whether your property is for sale, already sold or you’re having an open house, custom real estate sign riders will help get your message through. Explore our ready-made templates to get maximum exposure.

Text and QR Code Real Estate Rider Signs

Display contact information on real estate rider signs to help interested people learn more about your property. Increase traffic and provide fast access to your listings by displaying a text or scannable QR code via sign riders for real estate.

Make use of our intuitive design tool to create your own real estate sign riders. Choose fonts that can be easily read from afar.

Main Features of Real Estate Riders

Real estate rider signs are easy-to-install durable displays. Learn about their most common features below.

Real Estate Rider Material and Printing

Real estate rider signs are made of 0.16” thick white coroplast or 0.125” thick composite aluminum material. They’re available in single-sided or double-sided printing options. Using UV inks, we offer high resolution and full-color printing.

Real Estate Rider Sizes

Our realtor displays are available in 24”x6” and 36”x6” and a rectangle cut only. Choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Comparison of Real Estate Sign Riders and Similar Products

Compare real estate rider signs with other similar products.


Real Estate Rider Signs

PVC Signs

Yard Signs

Dibond Signs


Coroplast, dibond





Coroplast - 0.16”

Dibond - 0.125”

0.125", 0.25", 0.5"




24”x6”,  36”x6”

4"x4" - 48"x96"

4"x4" - 48"x96"

4”x4” - 96”x48”

Lifespan (Indoors/ Outdoors):

N/A / 3+ years

10+ / 3+ years

N/A / 5+ years

10+ / 5+ years

Real Estate Rider Signs FAQ

What are riders in real estate?

A real estate rider is a small display made of either coroplast or composite aluminum. They’re most suitable for outdoor usage.

What’s the lifespan of the riders?

Under moderate conditions, these displays will last for more than 3 years. Note that they are easily interchangeable.

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