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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Real Estate A-Frame Signs

Real estate A-frame signs are an affordable option to advertise any business. They’re versatile and lightweight solutions for your needs.

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Real Estate A-frame Signs

Real estate A-frame signs are professional displays made of a collapsible steel frame and a 24"x18" coroplast display. These are usually placed on or near the street. Real estate A-frame signs are also great at serving directional purposes.

These lightweight real estate signs are both portable and easy to store. They’re affordable and suitable for most real-estate related events and listings. Like open house signs, real estate A-frames are fully customizable in terms of texts and graphics.

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2 pcs

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$40.5 $45

$81 $90

10 pcs

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$29.25 $45

$292.5 $450

20 pcs

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$27 $45

$540 $900

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$22.5 $45

$675 $1,350

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$900 $2,250

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$13.5 $45

$1,350 $4,500

A-frame Open House Signs

As a common type of yard signs, A-frame open house signs are placed near the road to guide possible buyers toward a certain property. An A-frame open house sign has many benefits including light weight, bespoke shapes, easy installation and vivid UV printing.

A-frame open house signs designate properties that are up for rent, lease or sale. A-frame open house sign displays are manufactured using a fluted plastic material and they have various installation accessories.

 A-frame open house sign with a directional arrow

Real Estate A-frame Sale Signs

The first step to selling something is letting people know that it’s up for sale. A-frame real estate signs, like real estate sign posts showing that a property is for sale are handy in attracting attention to your business.

Use our sign design tool to sketch your own unique product. However, if you’re short on ideas, feel free to browse through our sign templates and explore our collection of artwork. Whether it’s for real estate A-frame open house signs or other sale displays, we’ve got you covered.

 Real estate A-frame sign for sale with contact information

Real Estate A-frame Sign Material and Printing 

Real estate A-frame signs consist of durable steel and 0.16" thick coroplast. Put your mind at ease knowing that, both the steel frame and plastic display can withstand any adverse weather.

We offer double-sided printing for real estate A-frame sign displays. You have the option to print the same graphics on both sides or display different visuals on either side. This product is printed with UV inks.

Real Estate A-frame Sign Set-Up

Set up the metal frame of a real estate A-frame sign on the floor. Pass zip ties over the horizontal top of the frame and through the grommets of the display. Fasten the zip ties loosely so that the display hangs a little freely. For more details, see our installation guide for real estate A-frame signs.

This product contains a holder for riders. All you have to do is clamp them to the top of the construction. Enjoy your real estate rider signs.

Real Estate A-frame Sizes

This product is only available in 24"x18" in size.

Comparison of Real Estate A-frame Signs and Similar Products


Real Estate A-frame Signs

Sandwich Board Signs

X-stand Banners

Retractable Banners

Size Range



24”x63”, 32”x72” 




Price Range


$157.99 / $187.99

$83.18, $99.51




Face Material


Vinyl / coroplast









Single-sided, double-sided

Lifespan (Indoors/Outdoors)

5+ / 3+ years

N/A / 5+ years

10+ / 3+ years

15+ / 5+ years

Real Estate A-frame Signs FAQ

What kind of inks do you use to print this product?

We apply a direct printing method using weather-resistant ultraviolet inks.

Why are grommets needed to set up my real estate A-frames?

Grommets on the displays allow zip ties to be used to hang the coroplast without scraping the real estate A-frame.

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