Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Real Estate Posts

Easy-to-use real estate posts will display your messages elegantly and promote your property listings around the clock.
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Custom Size:

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Real Estate Sign Posts

Real estate post signs are crisp-looking media designed for outdoor applications. They’re popular real estate signs which are placed on the lawn and show off property listings. The product is composed of a face material, installation construction and accessories. This display features the following benefits:

Sturdy Face Material

UV-Protected Inks

Waterproof Construction

Easy Installation

Easy Maintenance

Make your own real estate sign post with Square Signs.  Wherever you reside in the US or Canada, we’ll deliver your order straight to your doorstep. We also offer free ground shipping within the contiguous US on orders over $85 and under 36" in size.

Buy More, Save More

All our products are available at discounted rates if you get two or more of them. The price list below is for realtor sign posts with default dimensions (24”x18”) and accessory options.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

5% OFF

$157.01 $165.27

$314.02 $330.54

5 pcs

10% OFF

$148.74 $165.27

$743.70 $826.35

7 pcs

12% OFF

$145.44 $165.27

$1,018.08 $1,156.89

10 pcs

15% OFF

$140.48 $165.27

$1,404.80 $1,652.70

Easy Mounting of Real Estate Sign Posts

Step-by-step installation of real estate sign posts

We offer white real estate sign posts that can be installed in a matter of minutes. The set is composed of a double-sided hanging plaque, a single-arm plastic construction and accessories that help put the display up. Choose the right area in the yard, fix the PVC real estate sign post in place and hang the plaque. Whenever you want to update your message on the display or add new information, you can order real estate rider signs separately. They’re installed right above the hanging plaque and attract customers’ attention. 

Get more detailed instructions by visiting our real estate sign posts installation page.

Popular Uses of Real Estate Post Signs

Do you want to learn about the advantages of realty posts? Keep on reading and find the most common applications for them.

“For Sale” Real Estate Posts

Selling a house or apartment is no longer a problem if you know how to pique people’s curiosity with good selling content. Use an in-ground real estate sign post with creative imagery which you can make on our design tool. The platform will let you choose background colors, ready-made icons and illustrations as well as add texts and photos. This unique display can hold up well under all weather conditions.

“For Rent” Real Estate Posts

Custom real estate sign posts are also necessary for rental listings. Get one of them and place it on your lawn to capture attention. If you need ideas for unique graphics, you can browse our templates and choose your favorite. Restyle it to your liking or use it as is. The double-sided images will surely get your properties noticed by all.

Standard Sizes of Real Estate Post Signs

We offer several size options for real estate post signs. The pricing corresponds to standard products without accessories and add-ons.



24”x36” / 36”x24”




Real Estate Post Sign Materials and Printing

Real estate post signs display and installation accessories

We manufacture realtor sign posts composed of a mounting construction and hanging face material. The graphics are applied to composite aluminum surfaces (also called dibond) which come with pre-drilled holes and are hung using hanging tools. They show off double-sided imagery with UV-protected inks. The latter makes it last for more than five years. The displays are available in three standard size options with small and large mounting posts.

Comparison Chart of Real Estate Sign Posts and Similar Products

Find a list of products below which are similar to our realtor sign posts. The pricing corresponds to products with default options and without additional accessories.


Real Estate Sign Posts

Real Estate A-Frame Signs

Open House Signs

Yard Signs

PVC Signs




4”x4” - 48”x96”

4”x4” - 48”x96”

4”x4” - 48”x96”

Face Material





Polyvinyl Chloride

Lifespan (Indoors/Outdoors)

N/A / 5+ years

5+ / 3+ years

N/A / 3+ years

N/A / 3+ years

10+ / 3+ years

Real Estate Sign Posts FAQ

How to make a real estate sign post?

Go to our design platform and select the product’s dimensions. Create the graphics and verify your order once you’re done.

How to remove a real estate sign post?

Take down your real estate sign post by reversing the process. Take off the hanging display then unfasten and remove the arm. Finally, remove the post along with its ground stake.

Where to buy real estate sign posts?

Get real estate sign posts on our website at reasonable prices and unique imagery that you can create from scratch.

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