Gatorboard Signs

Gatorboard Signs

More resistant to bending, denting and additionally is recyclable - perfect for everything from casual, stylish bedroom decor to sophisticated high-tech office signage and more

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Gatorboard Signs

Gatorboard, also known as Gatorfoam is a lightweight material that is ideal for Interior and Exterior usages. Gatorboard is used for signs as well as decorations: storefront signs, wall signs both in the form of letters and boards, wall photo prints and what not. Gatorboard is a sturdy material the middle of which is a rigid foam core bonded between two sheets of wood-fiber veneers. The material provides two smooth sides for printing breathtaking graphics.

Gatorboard Signs can easily be wall mounted and hung. Though Gatorboard carries the name of a water-loving animal, it doesn’t love water itself so keep your sign away from damp areas. Gator Board has some similarities with Foamboard but Gatorboard has a more solid inner core.

At Square Signs, Gatorboard comes in different thicknesses and in two colors – white and black. This itself means that the areas on Gatorboard that are not printed will have the color of the empty sheet. Use this lightweight material for indoor storefront signs, make decors from it, depict your company name and logo on Gatorboard with UV protected inks. Gatorboard printing is very popular because this material is lightweight and provides an ideal finish for prints. Add to this the possibility of printing on both sides of this board and you will have a perfect material for your applications. While it is highly recommended to use Gatorfoam indoors, feel free to use this material for exterior applications as well in case of good weather conditions and short terms.

Benefits of Gatorboard Signs


  • Durable
  • UV protected
  • Perfect decorative tool
  • Double-sided printing


The material is an ultra-durable Gatorboard, which is a polystyrene board bonded between wood-fiber veneers. Gatorboard comes in two colors: black and white, but you can get graphics printed on them in any color.


We offer one and double-sided printing on Gatorboard, by using accurate UV and digital printers. All our printed signs are UV protected. This happens by drying the inks with ultraviolet rays right after the printing process. You can order custom Gatorboard Signs with your personal design. Use our designing tool full of free templates or send us your own design.    

Gatorboard Signs Cutting


Our cutting services for gatorboard signs include CNC mill and Digital cutting options. Tools and knives of the digital plotter machine are used to cut soft materials of different densities. With the help of its cropmark sensory system, digital plotter machine cuts materials with high accuracy. Computer numerical control machines ensure accuracy and precision thanks to CAD software that controls the operation of the machine. Both options provide quick and consistent sign cutting.

Gatorboard Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

With drilled holes - You can order Gatorboard Signs with pre-drilled holes for installation. You can choose the quantity and the placement of the holes while making your order.

Double-sided - Gator Board Signs can have printings on both sides. These types of signs increase visibility. Hang your double-sided sign in your desired location and increase foot traffic to your establishment.

Square or Rectangle cut - Gatorboard Signs can be cut in standard square or rectangle shapes in your desired sizes.

Rounded cut - With this option the standard square or rectangle-shaped Gatorboard Signs will be cut with rounded edges.

Outline cut - This cutting option provides signs cut in the exact shape of your design.

Overline cut - With this cutting option you will get Gatorboard Signs cut in the shape of your design with a little border around it.

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