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Custom Printed PVC Signs

PVC Signs

Waterproof - non-yellowing PVC signs to decorate and brand your Exterior and Interior Venue. Project high-quality, professional Corporate image with ease.

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PVC Signs

PVC signs are a great solution for short-term outdoor and long-term indoor use. The plastic material offers smudge-resistant prints with a neat and attention-grabbing look.

Most of the time, these lightweight signs are used as office name plaques, decorative displays, directional signs, real estate or yard signs and so on. They can often be seen at trade shows, expos and other promotional events.

Inscribe your brand name on PVC signs to leave a professional impression on customers. PVC signs are not only used for business needs but can also make beautiful interior decorations.

PVC foam panel has a smooth, glare-free surface which makes it ideal for high quality digital printing. Double-sided PVC signs have the same printable surface on both sides. This makes it easy to provide graphics and text on either side to multiply the effect you’re after.

With PVC signs, you’re not limited to only square or rectangle-shaped displays. We offer PVC signage in all kinds of custom shapes. Choose from the wide range of free templates we offer to get started with your design. You can also use our free design tool to create unique artwork that suits your needs.

PVC signs can be easily fastened to the walls with standard, pin or standoff mounting systems. Pick one of the many accessories we offer for PVC signs that’s best suited for your location.

Benefits of PVC Signs


  • Double-sided
  • UV protected
  • Glare-free
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Indoor and outdoor use


PVC, aka polyvinyl chloride, is a high-quality plastic material used in the sign making industry. Naturally, the material comes in two colors: black and white. However, you can order PVC signs with printing in any color. The material is durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions. This means you can use PVC signs both indoors and outdoors.


You can order one or double-sided printing on PVC signs. Choose one of our many templates or upload your image to our design tool to get it printed on the sign. We use premium UV and digital printers which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays making the sign sun-resistant. This process prolongs the life of the printing so your PVC sign will retain its vivid colors for a long period.

PVC Signs Cutting


We provide cutting services for your PVC sign with a premium CNC cutting machine. Being controlled by CAD software, it provides high accuracy and low material waste. The spindle of the CNC router is perfect for cutting a wide variety of rigid materials. For cutting thin PVC, we also offer laser cutting for custom sizes and complex shapes. The flexibility and laser power of the cutting machine can burn and cut any design with extreme precision.

PVC Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

Double-Sided - For more visibility, we offer double-sided PVC signs with printing on both sides.

Drilled Holes - Order PVC signs with pre-drilled holes in custom numbers based on placement.

Square/Rectangle Cut - Get signs with standard square or rectangle shapes with sharp edges.

Rounded Cut - Get square or rectangle PVC signs with rounded edges.

Outline cut - With this cutting option, the signs will be cut in the exact shape of your design.

Overline cut - Your PVC sign will be cut in the shape of your design with a border around it.

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