Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Acrylic Photo Prints

10% OFF

Photo printing on plexiglass for exhibitions is widely used for the artistic qualities of this material.
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Specification And Usage

Acrylic Photo Prints

Upgrade your interior and exterior design or exhibit your photography with acrylic photo prints. This product has the refined appearance your photos deserve. Our prints come in a variety of options to meet even your most sophisticated requirements. 

Acrylic is a versatile material that replaces glass in sign making. It’s more high clarity, impact resistant and lighter weight than standard glass. It’s also more affordable than glass. 

Acrylic can withstand direct sunlight and UV rays. Combined with the UV printing system we offer, you can rest assured that your pictures on acrylic will retain their vibrant look for years to come. Our prints have a lifespan of up to 5 years outdoors and more than 15 years indoors. 

Square Signs has acrylic photo printing offers in any shade and style you can imagine.  We deliver all across the US and Canada. Free ground shipping is available for qualified orders over $85 and under 36” across the contiguous US.

Buy More, Save More

We offer special discounts when you buy two or more pieces. Please, note, that the prices in the below table are for the default 12”x12” size and default options of the product.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF





7 pcs

17% OFF





20 pcs

24% OFF





50 pcs

29% OFF





100 pcs

36% OFF





500 pcs

41% OFF





Acrylic Prints by Usage

Music themed acrylic photo prints mounted with standoffs

Custom acrylic prints, also known as plexiglass prints, are used for a wide range of purposes. They make excellent acrylic wall art, decor elements and informative displays. 

You can check out our acrylic signs for custom nameplates, logo prints and other business uses of this material.

Acrylic Photo Prints for Home Decor

Add that missing glow to your home’s interior design with custom acrylic prints. Display them on your walls or shelves in any size you desire. Create a photo collage on one piece, curate a collection of prints or order multi-panel acrylic pictures for trendy decor. All you need for the project is our user-friendly design tool and a bit of your creativity. 

Acrylic Photo Prints for Office Decor

Do your office lobbies and meeting rooms lack an artistic touch? That’s where pictures on acrylic can offer the perfect solution. Plexiglass prints look professional and creative at the same time. Regardless of your business type, acrylic wall art will improve your workspace atmosphere and enhance customer experience. 

All you need to do is upload your photo on our design platform or choose one of the free templates available on our website to create gorgeous prints with just a few clicks. Combine custom acrylic prints with other promotional mediums like illuminated logos for added effect. 

Acrylic Photo Prints for Exhibitions

Photo printing on plexiglass is a popular medium used at exhibits thanks to the artistic and high-end qualities of acrylic. The optical clarity and HD properties of photo printing on acrylic sheets give your decor an upscale and contemporary look. Add depth to your photography with professional acrylic photo printing.

If you're looking for other lightweight, cost-effective, high-quality alternatives you can go with gator board printing and foam board printing.

Acrylic Wall Art by Shape

Acrylic photo prints in different shapes mounted on a wall

Custom acrylic photo prints come in a variety of shapes. While the word ‘custom’ implies that you have freedom with your design, there are popular forms accepted in the industry which you can select as standard options. Check our outline cutting option or contact us for more unique solutions.

Regular Landscape/Portrait Acrylic Prints

Landscape simply refers to acrylic glass prints that have a horizontal orientation whereas the portrait version has a vertical orientation. We offer landscape and portrait acrylic glass pictures of custom sizes and edge options.  

Panoramic Acrylic Prints

Panoramic format, just like landscape, has a horizontal orientation. However, they mostly refer to a higher ratio between the height and width of your acrylic glass prints. This format is perfect for wide-angle photos of cityscapes, nature scapes and the like. 

Square Acrylic Prints

Square shapes give pictures on acrylic a neat and polished touch. Get multiple prints in different sizes to combine into a geometric collage on your living room wall. You can also align acrylic glass photo prints in one row to decorate the lobby or hallway of your office, restaurant or hotel.

Round Acrylic Prints

Circular or oval acrylic wall photos have an even more unique appearance for various uses. Go with large acrylic photo prints with a circle or oval shape to create a focal point and visual hierarchy in your overall design.


Acrylic Photo Prints by Size And Thickness

We offer custom size acrylic photo prints from as small as 4x4 to as large as 96x48 inches. When it comes to thickness, we have two options to choose from: 1/8" (0.125") and 1/4" (0.25"). The 1/8" (0.125") thick acrylic panel photo is great for small to medium displays. The 1/4" (0.25") is durable enough for even the largest scale prints and adds greater visual depth. 

Popular Sizes for Acrylic Pictures 

While you’re free to choose any size from the range we offer, here is a comparison of popular selections along with their prices. Please note that the prices for the acrylic photo prints listed don’t include drilled holes, mounting accessories or advanced cutting options.






Price (1/8"/1/4")


Price (1/8"/1/4")

Size (⌀)

Price (1/8"/1/4")


Price (1/8"/1/4")


$ 71.28/131.44


$ 80.45/150.92


$ 65.20/110․00


$ 62.10/111.97


$ 126.32/248.27


$ 107.97/209.33


$ 101.40/175.90


$ 89.62/170.39


$ 273.07/559.77


$ 163․00/326.14


$ 226.80/419.90


$ 199.69/404.02

Material and Printing Options for Acrylic Prints 

We create custom acrylic photo prints by mirror-printing your picture directly onto the back surface of clear acrylic. The photo is visible in the right orientation from the other side. The optically clear sheet of the material adds depth and brilliance to your pictures on acrylic. 

Second surface printing protects your print on plexiglass from being scratched or damaged. Another advantage is that although the printing process turns the surface texture matte, the front-facing side retains a glossy appearance.

We use the highest-quality printers available paired with UV-stable inks for acrylic photo printing that’s as stunning as it gets. 


Acrylic Photo Prints With Different Edge Options

Acrylic prints with different edges and mounting options on an interior wall

You’re free to choose from multiple edge options we offer for custom acrylic prints. You can select them before placing an order to add a final stylistic touch to your decor. Acrylic photo cutting styles allow you to further personalize your prints. 

Acrylic Prints With a Halo Effect / Overline Cut

We offer overline cutting known for its “halo effect” for custom acrylic prints. This option adds clear edges to the border of your pictures on acrylic. The technique will create a unique frame around your print, priming it for home decor or gallery displays. Mostly used for photography exhibitions, this style will impart a museum-worthy appearance to your acrylic wall art. Keep in mind that the size you select for your photo will include a ¼ - ½ inch clear edge. Contact us for custom-sized edges.

If you’d like to have acrylic pictures with a different colored frame, gradients or anything other than clear, you’ll need to include it in the design and choose one of the other cutting options so it doesn’t come with a clear edge.  

  • Square or Rectangle Cuts 

This standard cutting option for acrylic glass photo prints is the most popular choice for our customers. Choosing this one, you’ll get a print that has 90° corners with sharp edges. 

  • Rounded Cut

As with the standard-cut option, you’ll still get 90° corners but the edges will be rounded at a 1/4"-1/2" radius, depending on the size of your acrylic picture prints. This option will give your decor a softer look. 

  • Outline Cutting

We offer full customization when we print a photo on acrylic glass so you can get decor in any shape you can imagine. All you need to do is design your plexiglass prints with a custom outline and we’ll make precision-cuts to match. 

  • Circular/Oval Cut

Upload your pictures and choose this option if you need round acrylic photo prints. Get the perfect circular or oval shape by selecting the height and width of your design. Make sure no important part of the image is cut off by examining the proof we send you prior to production. 


Mounting Options for Acrylic Prints

While you can order acrylic pictures without any accessories or mounting systems, we do offer a few options. Please check our installation section for more detailed instructions on how to mount your acrylic photo with each of the features below. 

  • Standoff Mounting

We offer metallic and gold standoffs for mounting your acrylic wall art. They’re made of stainless steel and give your custom acrylic photo prints a professional appearance. It’s recommended that you use standoffs in all four corners of your sign for secure mounting. You should add more if you have larger acrylic photo prints. 

*Please note that you should select the drilled holes and standoff options from the design tool before finalizing your order. 

  • Command Strip Mounting

Give your acrylic glass pictures a flawless look with no visible installation pieces by choosing command strips. A set of 4 strips can hold up to 12lbs. They stick neatly on the back of the display and won’t damage the wall or leave residue after removal. 

  • Easel Back Mounting

Easel back mounting for acrylic photos works the same way as the mounting of photo frames. The easel backs are intended for smaller acrylic picture prints. We offer a few variations for different sized pictures on acrylic. 

Comparison of Acrylic Photo Prints with Similar Products

This chart includes a comparison of custom acrylic photo prints and similar products. Please note that the prices don’t include any accessories or mounting systems. They’re listed for the default thickness, color, cutting and printing options that differ from product to product. 


Acrylic photo prints

PVC signs

Aluminum signs

Canvas prints

Wooden signs

Min/max sizes






Price (min/max)






Lifespan (indoor/outdoor)






Printing options









Acrylic Photo Prints FAQ

What are acrylic photo prints?

Custom acrylic photo prints are a high-definition reproduction of your photos on an acrylic sheet. They are often used as home and office decorations. Thanks to the superior quality of, they’re also used in gallery exhibitions and museums.

How are acrylic photo prints made?

We mirror-print the picture on plexiglass, aka acrylic, so the graphics are protected and visible with the right orientation from the other side. We utilize direct printing without any additional layers of vinyl or other materials from the backside of the acrylic glass pictures. This method prevents air bubbles and gives the product a flawless look from the sides as well.

What’s the suitable thickness for acrylic photo prints?

We offer plexiglass products with two thicknesses: ⅛” (0.125”) and ¼” (0.25”). ⅛” thick acrylic photo prints are thin, lightweight and suitable for both small and large graphics. On the other hand, ¼” thick plaques are perfect for hanging and wall-mounted illustrations. Their edges are easily customizable thanks to their thickness.

Where can I get acrylic photos online?

Here! We offer acrylic photo printing online with any picture you desire. You can personalize the prints with custom elements, shapes and mounting options with our intuitive design platform. Don’t hesitate to contact us for special requests. 

Design, order and we’ll deliver all across the US and Canada. We offer free ground shipping for orders over $85 and under 36” across the contiguous US.

How do you care for acrylic glass pictures?

Wipe the dust off with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive sponges on either side of the display. Soap water is sufficient for cleaning your acrylic photo decors.