Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners

Eye-grabbing banners for birthday celebrations, interior decorations and event announcements

Standard Size:
Custom Size

Price Total:

Specifications of Fabric Banners








Digital printing with UV inks

Min. size:

12" x 12"

Installation options:

Grommets & hem, Pole Pocket, bungee, zip ties, hanging clips, nylon rope

Max. size:

115" x 1680"

Lifespan indoors:

10+ years

What are Fabric Banners?

Fabric Banners are a means to showcase your company at trade shows, conferences and other events. They perfectly carry a message on them and deliver to the audience with eye catching visuals and catchy texts. They are the best way if you want to stand out in an event, announce sales and promotions. These banners can easily be folded and reused due to the versatility of the material. The print does not crack and keeps it fresh look for a long time.

Where to use Fabric Banners?

Fabric Banners are very eye-catching because of their size and ability to give vividness to colors. Due to this they have a wide usage in different events as trade shows, conferences, celebrations like birthday and wedding. They can serve as photo backdrops as well as tablecloths to personalize everything you show.

These banners draw much attention to them showcasing your company, advertising it or presenting your services. They depict eye catching visuals that will be noticed immediately and be stuck in heads of customers.

Can Fabric Banners be used outside?

Being made of soft fabric, Fabric Banners are advised to be used mostly indoors as harsh weather conditions may harm it. But in case of one-day outdoor usage they will be just fine. For longer outdoor usages you can use Vinyl Banners that are weather and water resistant.

How to install Fabric Banners?

For Fabric Banner installation grommets are made on the banners. Bungees, nylon ropes, hanging clips or zip ties are passed through them and are tied to a part of the construction the banner should be fixed. If you need to hang your banner, pole pockets are another option.

How to maintain Fabric Banners? / What is the best way to clean Fabric Banners?

Our Fabric Banners tend to stay for a long time without a special care. They keep their print and fresh look for a good deal of time. The only thing you should care about is to keep them away from sharp objects. But if you think it’s time to give some freshness to your banner, use a soft cloth with some soapy water to clean your banner and still keep it in its perfect condition.

Does many color printing cost more that one color?

No, there’s no difference for us how many colors we use for the printing your custom banner, the price of the printing remains the same. We print with high-quality, fade-resistant UV inks that provide longevity and vividness of colors for your banner.

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