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Canvas Prints

Turn your photos into professional wall art and celebrate all your memorable moments in style

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Installation of Canvas Prints

Canvas installation with command picture hanging strips

Step 1: Take the measurer, find the perfect place for installation, and mark the area of application with masking tape.

Step 2:  Next, take a pair of clips and remove the tape on one side, then attach one clip to each corner of the canvas frame.

Step 3: Remove the backing tapes of the clips that should be  already fixed to the canvas frame.

Step 4: Press the canvas with command strips against the surface in your pre-marked location.

Step 5: To ensure the adhesive will hold, remove the canvas from the wall by lifting it from the bottom and easing away from the strips. Don't pull straight off. Then wait 1 hour to make sure the strips are securely fixed to the surface and only then reattach the frame.

Step 6: Next, apply the canvas back to the wall by attaching the fasteners on the canvas and on the wall to each other. NOW you are done.

To remove the strips from the wall and the sign, slowly stretch the strip straight down. Keep stretching up to 15 inches and the strips will easily release from the surface.

Canvas installation with a Hanging kit

A hanging kit is another option for canvas installation. This is a collection of tools that will help you easily hang your canvas. The kit includes a saw tooth bracket, 2 screws, a hook, a nail, and two sticky pads which will not be visible from the back of the canvas print.

Step 1: First pick an area for installation, and then hammer a nail to the wall.

Step 2: Take the sawtooth bracket and screw it on the back of the canvas frame. Fix the bracket upside down, so it won’t peek out from the back of the canvas.

Step 3: Now that you have both the canvas and the wall ready for the installation, just hang the canvas on the nail via the bracket and that’s it.

Canvas Installation with pole pockets

We offer canvas prints with a pole pocket on the top. Use these pockets to hang the canvas through a pole, rope, or any other similar accessory that you may find.

Step 1: Take the canvas and open the pole pockets.

Step 2: Pass the hanging accessory through the pockets.

Step 3: Hang the canvas from anywhere you might like.

Canvas installation with zip ties

Step 1: Grab the number of zip ties according to the number of grommets.

Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the grommets and attach the canvas where you decided.

Step 3: Tighten the zip ties on all the grommets.

Step 4: Snap so there is no wiggle room left.

Step 5: Cut the extra endings of the zip ties to provide a cleaner look.

Canvas installation with hanging clips

Step 1: Take the hanging clips and pass them through the grommets on the canvas.

Step 2: Hang the canvas print by passing the clips on the grommets to your desired location.

Canvas installation with ropes

Step 1: Choose your number of ropes according to the number of grommets.

Step 2: Pass the ropes through the grommets and affix the canvas in your desired spot.

Step 3: Tighten the ropes to keep the canvas secure in its place.

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