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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Wood Prints

Highly durable plywood product suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Get yours in custom shapes, sizes and styles.
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Wood Prints

Wood prints are beautiful products you can use to elevate the charm of your home or workplace. Photo prints on wood will allow you to create stunning representations of your favorite art, sayings and photographs.

Our natural wood prints stand out thanks to their organic look. Wooden signs are available in different shapes and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. A personalized wood print for your interior will add a rustic vibe to the setting. Our wooden photo prints are also a chic, eco-friendly substitute for acrylic photo prints.

Order custom wood printing from Square Signs and enjoy shipping all across the USA and Canada.

Buy More Wood Prints, Pay Less!

Purchase two or more wood photo prints to take advantage of our discounted rates. This chart displays prices for 8”x8” wood prints with default options.

Number of Pieces 

Discount Rate 

Price of Each 

Total Price

2 pcs

7% OFF

$74.04 $79.61

$148.08 $159.22

7 pcs

17% OFF

$66.08 $79.61

$462.56 $557.27

20 pcs

24% OFF

$60.50 $79.61

$1,210 $1,592.20

50 pcs

29% OFF

$56.52 $79.61

$2,826 $3,980

100 pcs

36% OFF

$50.95 $79.61

$5,095 $7,961

500 pcs

41% OFF

$46.97 $79.61

$23,485 $39,805

Wood Photo Prints for Different Applications

Wedding wood photo prints in outline and rectangle cut placed on the shelf

Wood prints are commonly used as decorative art pieces for different environments. Our durable wood photo prints are more sustainable than foam board printing and more inviting than metal photo prints or custom aluminum signs. Continue reading to explore the two main applications of our wood print product.

Wood Photo Prints for Home Decor

A wooden print of a family photo will create a sweet and cozy atmosphere. A wood print element will complement any rustic house design, mixing well with other organic textures. A high-quality wooden photo print will make any setting feel more homey. Combine them with acrylic signs for contrast.

Wood Prints for Office Design

Make your workplace stylish with premium wood prints. Whether printed as the centerpiece for a wall or a decor element on a shelf, our wood prints are ideal for adding character to any office. Full-color UV printing ensures that your wood photo print will retain vibrant colors for a long time. Custom wood prints make a nice accessory for professional spaces.

Print On Wood by Different Themes

Motivational quote wood print mounted on the interior wall

A wood print is an exquisite medium suited for interior design. From family photos to landscape shots, pictures on wood add class to any setting.

Quotes on Wood Prints

A text print on wood will let you display any quote or message you like. Custom wood prints designed with texts will serve as a dynamic accessory. Whether it’s wall art or a porch item, our exquisite wood photo prints will make a statement. These custom wood photo prints will be a conversation starter no matter where you place them.

Art Prints on Wood 

Liven up the space by depicting art on a wooden print. We use UV inks with a matte finish for printing photos on wood to ensure that illustrations keep their vivid colors. This technique creates long lasting visuals on your wood print. Reveal your creative taste with wood photo prints around the house. Print on wood by selecting your favorite masterpieces and enjoy a personal gallery.

Photo Prints on Wood

Adorn your home or office walls with a photo collage made fashionable by custom wood prints. Get a style boost with custom wood printing in any setting. Printing on wood will add a special effect, turning regular pictures into breathtaking decor items. Wood photo prints make wonderful decor as well as gifts for photography lovers. Print photos on wood and curate your exhibit with this refined medium.

Custom Wood Printing 

Wood photo prints can be personalized to suit your vision. Tailor a photo print on wood online in any style imaginable with the help of our sign design tool. To get a wood print of your favorite images, simply upload them to our platform. For original pictures on wood, try our designer-made sign templates with modifiable elements. You’ll get the desired illustrations for your own wood prints in minutes.

Main Features of Wood Prints

White coated wood print illustrating cat paws designed with heart icons

Printing photos on wood is trendy, tasteful and ingenious. Check out the specifications below to learn more about the product and its customization options. 

Material and Printing for Wooden Prints

Our wood prints are made of plywood which is a more rigid alternative to regular wood. It consists of multiple cross-bonded plies, providing density for the product. The panel sheets have a white coat of paint that ensures quality color printing on wood. 

We use UV-cured inks with a matte finish to enhance the contrast and prolong the lifespan of your art prints on wood. Our wood prints come with a single-sided printing option only. The edges of wood photo prints show a natural wood finish.

Print photos on wood to embellish your interior with long-lasting decor. With proper care, our wood photo prints will last over 7 years indoors. A custom print on wood is also applicable outdoors unlike paper poster printing. Your printing on wood can serve more than a year outdoors depending on weather conditions.

Size and Thickness of Wooden Photo Prints

Our wood print product is made of 0.5 inch rigid plywood. Thanks to the multiple plied layers pressed together, your print on wood will not only be stylish but also extremely durable. The sizes for our printing on wood range from 6x6 to 48x96 inches. Our small to large wood prints can be customized to match your requirements.

Cutting Options for Wood Photo Prints  

Want to support the environment and use sustainable products for your interior? Purchase eye-catching wooden prints with a personalized design. Explore different cutting options to get the wood print that suits your style.

Square / Rectangle Cut Wood Prints

With the standard cutting option, a wooden photo print in square or rectangle shape comes with 90 degree corners. This results in a bold and classic wood print.

Rounded Cut Wood Prints 

By selecting this option, you can give your wooden print a softer look. Your square or rectangular wooden photo print will have subtle round corners.

Outline Cut Art Prints on Wood 

With this method, you can create your wood prints with a custom outline. The precision cutting will give your wood print the exact outline shape of your design.

Overline Cut Art Prints on Wood

Choose this option to get a wood photo print in the outline shape of your design with a thin border around it. This will make your text and visuals pop.

Mounting Options for Wooden Prints 

We offer several installation options for our wooden print product. Read further to find the wood photo print mounting accessory that fits your needs.

Wood Prints With Standoffs

Give your wooden photo prints a classy touch with gold or silver standoffs. You can select pre-drilled holes from our design menu. 

Wood Print With Easel Backs

This option is suitable for displaying small wood prints on shelves or other flat horizontal surfaces. This gives it an artsy look.

Wood Prints With Zip Ties

Suspend your wood prints with drilled holes. Slide the zip ties through the holes and tighten the wood photo print to the installation area.

Wood Print Command Strips

This lets you mount your print on wood with no visible hardware. With command strips, your wood photo print won’t require any holes in walls.

Explore the installation page of your print on wood to get a step-by-step guide for each other mounting options.

Comparison of Wood Prints and Similar Products

Find a comparison chart of wood photo prints and similar products we offer below.


Wood Prints

Custom Canvas Prints

Wall Art Decals

Gator Board Printing










0.188", 0.5", 1"

Min. Size:





Max. Size:

48”x 96”

96”x48” (with a frame)

1,740"x120" (without a frame)




(In / Outdoors):

7+ / 1+ years

60+ years / NA

6+ / 3+ years

25+ years / NA


Wood Photo Prints FAQ

What is a wood print?

A wood print is a high-quality representation of texts and visuals on a wooden board that’s popular for interior design. It’s made of durable plywood, a material composed of cross sections of wood shavings pressed together. We offer wood photo prints in different shapes and sizes.

Where to print on a wooden board? 

Design your unique wood photo print with our creative online design tool. Explore the platform and our modifiable templates to make an exceptional wood print. Print your photo on wood to give it new life.

How to maintain wooden photo prints? 

Custom prints on wood require little maintenance. Wipe off any dirt or dust regularly with a soft damp cloth. Store and showcase the wood photo print away from humidity.

What’s the lifespan of wood prints?

Our wooden prints made of plywood are more durable than regular wood. With proper care, our custom wood prints last a minimum of 7 years indoors and more than a year outdoors. In case you need a more durable outdoor solution, you can opt for PVC printing.

Do you provide shipping for wood prints? 

We offer shipping all across the USA and Canada for all our products including wooden prints. We also provide free ground shipping on orders over $85 and under 36” in size. Purchase two or more wood prints to get special discounts.

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