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School banner signs are much more than informational displays. The following school banner ideas will motivate students and teachers alike. Read on to explore school banner samples for different occasions and areas of campus. Find a quick guide on how to create your own and order them from Square Signs.

School Banner Ideas for Different Areas

Different areas of campus require different school banner ideas. You can choose from various styles and mounting methods that suit your needs. You may also select either mesh, fabric or vinyl banners based on location. Take a look at these school banner samples along with advice on how to use them. 

Classroom Banner Ideas

Your classroom banner ideas may serve different purposes. Here are a few that will boost participation and enthusiasm in the class.

Idea 1. Educate through signs

educational classroom banner idea displaying the types of triangles

Absorbing information is easier when students can see it on the classroom walls. There is fundamental knowledge on each subject you can feature as a daily reminder for them. Classic examples are the periodic table of elements and types of triangles. Your classroom banner ideas can be fully customized for each of your lessons. 

Idea 2. Create a theme

Similar to the idea above, you can create a theme for each classroom. The one below is for decorative purposes. Using classroom banner ideas like it will create a dynamic environment for students. The design of a classroom is considered a built-in pedagogy. You can make sure that it has a positive effect on student engagement. Plus, it’s an easy way to give the classroom a fresh look. You can switch between decorative classroom banner ideas as often as you wish.

Idea 3. Motivate with graphics

cute school banner displaying little superheroes reading a book

Motivating students with classical literary quotes doesn’t always work these days. Place yourself in their shoes and find the things that speak to them․ For instance, including superheroes may seem inappropriate to you but they’ll resonate with students. You can help them relate to your lessons by displaying beloved characters on foam board printing or gator board printingas an alternative.

You can achieve better student performance and satisfaction with the above-mentioned classroom banner ideas. Isn’t that what every teacher strives for, after all?

Click on an image to use the design for your orders. You may also explore our education sign templates for more customizable options. 

You need to keep things a certain way for classroom banner ideas. Thankfully, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to your hallways. Take a look at these school banner samples and ideas for inspiration.

Idea 4. Highlight special moments

school banner idea displaying a photo collage of school life

Create a memory corner featuring special moments of school life. Good examples are the winning shot at a sports game or a favorite summer camp activity. Photo prints with a title on step and repeat banners make for cool school backdrop ideas as well. Your students are going to love them for photoshoots. 

Idea 5. Display values you promote

colorful school banner idea displaying positive words

Friendship, respect, responsibility… You can instill these values in children from a young age. Hanging banner decors with wise sayings or impactful words is one way to do it. Printing them on bright colors would make cute school banner ideas for hallways. They’ll decorate and educate students at the same time. 

In a post-pandemic world, it’s wise to integrate more safety signs in schools. Read our article on 10 safety signs to establish a healthier environment in your school.

School Yard Banner Ideas

The school yard is where you display information for students as well as the general public. For huge signs meant for outdoor use, it’s best to go with mesh banners They can withstand harsh wind conditions. Here are two must-have school yard sign ideas to consider. 

Idea 6. Display a welcome banner with your school name

school branding banner idea displaying the college's name and logo

Displaying the school name and a welcome greeting is essential at every entrance. Depending on your premise, you may need to use different mounting options. Free standing banner displays are also available. Of course, you can go with monument signs> as a more permanent and elegant solution.

Idea 7. Display various information

informational school banner sample displayed outdoors

You may use different school banner ideas for different occasions. Outdoor school banners are great for displaying public information like admission days or fundraiser events. Retractable banner stands are ideal for such occasions. They can be easily taken down and stored when you no longer need them. 

Consider adding lawn signs to the mix for your school yard sign ideas

Read on for more school banner samples for different occasions. We’re going to cover it all from admission to high school sports sign ideas. 

School Banner Ideas for Different Occasions

Vinyl, mesh and fabric banners are used for various events and occasions. These school banner samples will help you select the best one for your needs.

Walk to School Banner Ideas

Walk to School Day is on October 6th this year. Schools from every US state participate in the event. It promotes the idea of walking or biking to school in order to bring positive change. The benefits include fitness, community building and environmental awareness. These walk to school banner ideas will help you boost student participation.

Idea 8. Promote the event

walk to school banner idea displayed outdoors

Does your school take part in Walk and Bike to School Day activities? Consider using the promotional walk to school banner ideas. Make sure to use them in classrooms, hallways and outdoors. This way, both parents and students have access to the information they’ll need for the event.

Idea 9. Give reasons to walk

large walk to school banner idea

The benefits of walking to school may seem obvious but it’s wise to inform people about the event. Get a cute school banner that explains the main points and includes the date of the event. It will bring everyone together for the walk.

School Spirit Sign Ideas

Spirit week is an opportunity to break out of the routine and engage students in new activities. School spirit sign ideas can also go beyond spirit week. They’re used for decorating schools and inspiring students throughout the year. Here are some examples. 

Idea 10. Display planned activities

colorful school spirit sign idea

Spirit week should be full of excitement. Make sure to inform students of the upcoming events with a cute school banner or two. Knowing activities in advance will build up anticipation and help them prepare for each day’s theme. You may use sandwich boards to display the event schedule and relevant information. 

Organizing parties for spirit week? Here are 16 unique party banner ideasfor a rocking celebration.

Idea 11. Showcase the school motto 

outdoor school banner idea displaying the college's name and motto

The school colors and motto are more relatable for students than the school name and logo. Adorning the halls with them will raise their school spirit like nothing else. Having a motto that unites students and creates a sense of belonging is vital to every school’s identity. You may still use the latter in your school spirit sign ideas.

Back to School Banner Ideas

Going back to school can be exciting for students, teachers and parents. But let’s be honest - it’s stressful at the same time. Make the day more exciting and less stressful with these back to school backdrop ideas.

Idea 12. Get a “Welcome Back” display

colorful back to school banner idea displayed indoors

Welcoming school yard sign ideas are a must for when students come back to school. Choose a design according to the age group of your students. You can also use PVC signs as an alternative to banner material.

Idea 13. Set up a photo corner

big school backdrop idea in dark green for back to school

Get an oversized print of a cute school banner for photoshoots. It will be a favorite spot for your students to take pictures. You can use several school backdrop ideas to avoid crowds gathering around a single one. Make it fun and let your students enjoy their day to the fullest. 

High School Sports Sign Ideas

Sports are a big cause for celebration, especially for high schoolers. Make them even more exciting with these high school sports sign ideas. As students DIY their own signs for the games, administrators can take care of bigger ones for the event. 

Idea 14. Raise the team spirit

high school sports sign idea with a large display

Feature a large photo of the players in your home team along with an encouraging quote. This will raise the team spirit, encourage fans and intimidate rivals. For outdoor events, consider using mesh for your high school sports sign ideas. The porous material will prevent the wind from ruining your banners. 

Idea 15. Make a corner for game highlights

three sports-themed school banner samples

Capture the best moments from competitions and get them printed in collage form. Be sure to update them with fresh images regularly. A cute school banner wall will engage students in sports activities and encourage the players.

School Admission Banner Ideas

When admission rolls around, your displays should attract students and parents alike. A cute school banner may be a turning point in their decision to attend your school.

Idea 16. Provide vital information

school admission banner idea for outdoor display

Remember to provide important information for people passing by the premise. This includes the school name, admission timeline, contact and other appropriate info. Make sure to use eye-catching colors and designs. You can include memorable school photos in the print for a more relatable approach.

Idea 17. Advertise your school

school advertising banner idea for entrance display

Why should people choose your school over others? Admission signs should provide the answers to this question. Feature benefits, highlight photos from previous years and display major achievements. Let your cute school banner proclaim the reasons for why your school is the best choice. 

Use our design tool to create and order your signs now!

School Graduation Banner Ideas

Graduation is the most anticipated event of the school year. Make sure it turns out to be the best one for your students each year. These school banner ideas will help you accomplish the goal.

Idea 18. Congratulate on graduation

school graduation banner idea in light blue

Congratulatory graphics are perfect for setting the right mood. You can display them by the entrance to greet guests and graduates before the ceremony. 

Idea 19. Give it a red carpet feel

step and repeat school banner idea for graduation

Make the day especially memorable with a step and repeat display. Imagine how excited the grads will be to walk on a red carpet and take photos like real life superstars. They are the stars of the year, after all. This school backdrop idea can be used for the ceremony as well as any graduation party.

Idea 20. Choose a theme for the stage

large school banner idea for the graduation ceremony stage

Thematic graphics and decor should adorn the stage for the big culmination. Use a large banner with your school logo as a cool background for photos. You can hang string lights above the stage to make your designs look even brighter. 

Check our party sign templates for every occasion!

How to Make School Banners With Square Signs

Square signs offers a sign design tool for making your school banner projects. The tool is easy to navigate and you’ll find all the features you need in the menu bar. Here are the steps to follow for successful results.

1. At the top of the left hand menu bar, choose the product you want to order. If you’re not sure which one to choose, read the descriptions on the respective product pages for more info. We offer a variety of custom signs online

2. Go on and specify the size you want for your project.

3. Select features like the material, mounting and printing options along with accessories and so on.

4. Create your design. You can choose one of the free templates, upload a ready made design or create from scratch using elements, backgrounds and your desired texts. 

5. Once you’re satisfied with the design, go ahead and add your order to the cart. From there, you can proceed straight to checkout. 

If you need more help with the design tool, feel free to check out the tutorial video on how to use it. 

All the banner types listed are available for order straight from our website. Just go to the design tool and create your sign now!