Aria Kyan
Aria Kyan March 26, 2020 • 7 min read
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Danger brings with it the opportunity for unified action towards safety. When proper preventative measures are implemented, any threat can be extinguished. The same goes for Covid-19. It’s time to come together and take action. Here are safety signs that will inform the public about how to stop coronavirus in its tracks. 

1. How to Stop Coronavirus using Attention Grabbing Signage

The trusty stop sign halts people in their tracks. Use these specially modifiable Covid-19 safety sign templates to get people to pause. Place them in a noticeable area, perhaps in front of an entry-way. Now that you have their attention, proceed to inform them of further guidelines for how to fight coronavirus.

how to stop coronavirus with attention grabbing sign

2. How to Prevent Coronavirus with Notices of New Rules and Regulations

Do not enter! Notify your customers that visitation is not permitted at this time because of the pandemic. This is the next best step to take if it pertains to your business. Limited contact with crowds is one of the most effective solutions for how to prevent coronavirus.  Similar notices can be modified and showcased on sandwich board signs for neighbors and guests in residential areas.

Notice coronavirus safety sign

3. How to Prevent Virus Infection with Important Public Safety Measures 

Remind everyone that keeping social distance is paramount at this time in order to prevent the spread of the virus. A clever way to do this is with floor decals, spaced out with the recommended distance from one to the other. This way, people standing by will have an example to follow and get an idea for the right procedure on how to prevent coronavirus spread. 

Keep Social Distance safety sign

4. How to Fight Coronavirus with Restrained Social Protocols 

Social interactions are difficult to relearn since they are such an habitual part of day to day life. Proper protocols placed in visible areas are essential for people to know how to stop coronavirus from spreading. These signs will help instruct people about modified social behavior that can flatten the curve of the outbreak. You can ues a host of mediums such as acrylic signs, pvc signs or gator board signs

Handshake Free Zone coronavirus safety sign

5. How to Prevent Coronavirus Spread with Prevention Tips and Procedures

Being proactive is the best way to remain healthy and make sure others around you don’t get affected either. Healthcare professionals and authorities have recommended coronavirus prevention tips and safety procedures. See below to find out how to prevent virus infection and make sure you place these signs wherever appropriate.

Follow Security Measures safety sign

6. How to Locate Relevant Goods with Consumer Resource Signage

Many stores and services are currently on hiatus. It’s advisable to mark critical resources such as the sale of protection masks and other goods that are in high demand but short supply. Our templates are easy to customize, as shown below. 

Covid-19 Protection Masks signage

7. How to Keep Up with Fluctuating Hours of Operation 

Most businesses are expected to remain closed or offer only essential services. Hours of operation are temporarily unpredictable. We recommend that you use customizable business hour signage and update them regularly to keep your customers in-the-know. 

Business Hours window signage

8. How to Stop Coronavirus from Spreading with Informative Signage

Things are in a constant state of flux and will remain that way for an indefinite period. It’s advisable to attain signage that is customizable so that you may update new information, notices and other relevant announcements about how to stop coronavirus spreading. 

how to stop coronavirus from spreading with informative signage

9. How to Build Community with Neighborhood Resources

Community is a vital lifeline in times of distress and uncertainty. The most vulnerable groups need help from their neighbors but oftentimes, they’re not in a position to ask. Neighborhood signs with kind offers to go shopping for the elderly are a great gesture. Additionally, cautions regarding neighborhood watch can help save lives. 

Warning surveillance wall signage

10. How to Prevent Coronavirus in the USA with Public Announcements

Public Service Announcements are crucial since this affects everyone. Working collectively as a nation is the only way we will be able to prevent the further spread of this global pandemic. It starts at home in the USA. These PSA signs have the power to unify us in taking critical action. You can have them printed on mesh banners or any of the numerous other materials we offer.

PSA Closed safety signage

There’s no time to waste. Let’s make sure this thing goes away as quickly as it appeared. Spread these coronavirus prevention tips by using our free design tool and templates to choose and customize the safety signs that are right for you. Find them under our Safety/Notice templates. As always, feel free to upload your own graphics. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Let’s stay healthy together!