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Jessica Goldsworthy April 9, 2021 • 9 min read
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Motherhood is worthy of being celebrated all-year-round. It’s been honored from ancient times but it’s never enough! Moms make the world go round. We owe them wide smiles and warm hugs to say the least.

Here, I’ve gathered Mother’s Day sign ideas that can be used as gifts as well as decorations for a cool party.  

Cute Mother's Day Signs

Here are a few Mother’s Day sign ideas that will warm your mom’s heart and make for ideal gifts and decorations. From acrylic signs to wall decor, we’ve got everything you need.

Touching Mother’s Day Plaque Ideas

Plaques are one of the most popular types of signage for this holiday. Here are Mother’s Day plaque ideas your mom will love. 

Idea 1. Tell Her She’s the Best

Moms often ask themselves if they’re good at motherhood or if they do enough for their children. Tell her she’s the best one ever, even during times you don’t understand each other. Here is an example of wood decor. You can also use the phrase “best mom” for a range of other similar Mother’s Day plaque ideas.

Mother's day wooden sign idea with the the phrase Best Mom Ever as a gift

Idea 2. Define What She Means to You

The definition of a mom is different for everyone. She is a best friend, a wise advisor, the person who’s always there for you... This gives plenty of creative possibilities for Mother’s Day plaque ideas. Get a few plaques combinations printed and place them into a gift box or go ahead and decorate the walls for a sweet surprise. 

Cute mother's day sign in pink color with touching words

Idea 3. Don’t Forget About Your Grandma

Grandmas are amazing and they appreciate your attention more than anyone on earth. You can always personalize the above-mentioned Mother’s Day plaque ideas for grandma or create unique ones just for her. Here’s an idea!  

Mother's day sign idea in green color as a gift for grandma

Idea 4. Tell Her She’s in Your Heart

A heartbeat sonogram line that transforms to spell out “mom” or her name will top the list of cute Mother's Day signs. Let her know she’s always in your heart. 

Unique mother's day sign idea with a heartbeat sonogram line print and the word Mom

Idea 5. Celebrate Important Life Moments

Speaking of memories, there are more Mother’s Day plaque ideas that’ll remind her of the happiest moments you’ve shared together. Add your and your sibling’s names and dates of birth on a plaque using adhesive letters. Use an interesting medium like wood or custom aluminum signs for a rustic decor piece that will last. 

Mother's day plaque idea displaying child birth dates
Create similar signs online with our design tool. It has thousands of templates, elements, backgrounds and other features to customize your sign. 

Nice Mother’s Day Wall Decor Ideas

Decorate the walls for a celebration with cute Mother's Day signs. The below ideas can be used even after the holiday to induce feelings of warmth.

Idea 6. Print Your Photos for Wall Art

Get two acrylic prints with your photo together to decorate the walls of your and her home. Every time you look at the photo, you’ll both feel the connection and love you have for one another. 

Cute mother's day sign with a mom and daughter wall art

Idea 7. Get Animation Style Family Art

There are lots of tools that can create animated variants of your photos. Once you’ve converted your favorite photo, simply upload it to our design tool, customize it to perfection and place an order. You can create a range of cute Mother's Day signs with this idea.  

Mother's day drawing sign idea displaying an image of a mother holding her child

Idea 8. Use Minimalistic Wall Decor 

Wall decals give you a handful of Mother's Day background ideas. You can combine designs and quotes that are more timeless and leave them up as wall art after the celebration. 

Mother's Day wall decal displaying a minimalistic design of a mother holding her child

Idea 9. Show Her Your Appreciation

We don’t always know how to tell our moms how amazing they are. Do it with cute Mother's Day signs describing her with the words that suit her best. Choose ones based on the anagram for “mother” to add a unique touch to your gift. 

Cute Mother's Day sign with crossword print displaying the word mother

Check out our design tool that enables you to design your Mother’s Day sign ideas. Bring them to life with ease and order from the tool itself.  

Idea 10. Create a Family Photo Collage

Photos bring back memories. Pick the best ones of your mom and loved ones for a sweet memory board. Arranging them in a heart-shape then adding quotes and special dates are all cute Mother’s Day sign ideas for a photo collage.

Heart-shaped photo collage Mother's Day plaque printed on a white background

Idea 11. Make a Crossword Decor Piece

 Mom makes life worth it, doesn’t she? Remind her about how much fun she fills your world with using unique crossword Mother’s Day sign ideas. Simply apply adhesive letters and symbols to blocks of wood, acrylic or another material. Take a look at this one for inspiration!

Crossword decor idea for mother's day celebration

Do you like the idea of decorating your own signs for gifting? Here are cool Mother’s Day woodworking ideas to help you kickstart a DIY project.
Idea 12. Send Love from Wherever You Are

You and your siblings may not always be in the same place as your mom. Send her your love with a canvas print featuring a map of all your locations marked with hearts. 

Cute Mother's Day sign with the USA map and small red hearts printed on canvas

Idea 13. Gift a Dry Erase Recipe Board

Cute Mother's Day signs can also make for functional gifts. Get an acrylic board with dry-erase finish that looks like a page from a recipe book. She’ll be able to use the surface just like a white board and her recipes will be a nice addition to the kitchen. 

Mother's day acrylic sign idea as a dry erase recipe board for gifting
Before we get to more Mother’s Day sign ideas, here is a fun fact: More calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. Another fun fact is that a call should always be accompanied by a cool gift. Below is a list of funny Mother's Day signs to add the cherry on top.

Funny Mother's Day Signs

To make the celebration even more exciting, consider using these funny Mother's Day signs.

Idea 14. Use Sticky Graphics for Wines

You’re the reason she… well, sometimes wants to get drunk and forget about everything. But you can also be the reason she laughs while doing it with the help of Mother's Day funny signs. Get her a bottle of wine and stick custom graphics and hilarious quotes on it. 

Funny wine bottle sticker with colorful balloons for mother's day celebration

Idea 15. Go on With the Wine

When it comes to the topic of alcohol, Mother’s Day sign ideas can go on and on. Get a personal quote printed on wood to gift along with her favorite drink. You can even combine multiple drink-related Mother's Day funny signs for thematic party decor.

Mother's Day funny sign with a quote printed on wood

Here is How to Make Wooden Signs in 3 Steps in case you want to craft your own Mother's Day funny signs.

Idea 16. Let Her Know She Did a Great Job

Who made her a mommy? You! Who made you the person you are? Well, admit it, she had at least a little part to play in your personality development. Use this tidbit for funny Mother's Day signs that are humorous as well as meaningful.

Mother's day funny sign in black color displaying a humorous message

Idea 17. Tell Her She’s Loved Even When She’s Mad

Do you remember trying to define what your mother means to you? Here is a funny spin on that shared experience. I think your dad will adore this one, too. Combine this with other Mother’s Day plaque ideas with quotes to make sure your dad is not the only one who likes the gift. 

Mother's day humorous sign idea displaying the meaning of the word MOMster

Idea 18. Give Credit to Mom’s Superpowers

You know the feeling of complaining you can’t find something until your mom shows up with it in her hand after spending a mere 3 seconds on the search? That’s a mommy superpower! Use the phrase “nothing is really lost until mom can’t find it” for a funny Mother's Day sign!

Mother's day funny sign with a quote printed on clear material

Idea 19. Turn Her Favorite Phrases Into a Photo Op

There are phrases that all mothers use and there are those that are typical to your mother only. You can make cool Mother's Day backdrop ideas with “that’s so mom” sayings. Get a step and repeat banner printed with quote clouds that read “because I said so” in response to “why” or maybe something more personal. It’ll become a favorite spot to take pics at a Mother’s Day party!

Funny mother's day photo backdrop idea in blue color

Do you need more Mother's Day banner ideas? There’s a handful of cute Mother's Day backdrop ideas in the last section of this article. 

Idea 20. Let Everyone Know Who’s Boss

Who’s the boss in your family? C’mon, you can admit that it’s your mom at least on this day. You know she’s the best boss anyway! Go ahead and apply this option to different Mother’s Day sign ideas.

Funny mother's day sign idea displaying house rules

Did you know that Mother’s Day was officially celebrated for the first time in 1914? It’s now one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States. 

To rock the special day, read on forMother's Day backdrop ideas!

Bonus: Mother's Day Backdrop Ideas

Idea 21. Embrace Floral Prints 

Flowers are a must-have for Mother’s Day. Use floral prints for Mother's Day banner ideas to fill the day with a warm and feminine atmosphere.  

Floral Mother's Day banner with the words Happy Mother's Day

Idea 22. Accentuate Mom With a Line Drawing

Line drawings also make great Mother's Day backdrop ideas for decoration and photo booths. The outline prints of a pregnant woman, mom and baby or mother and daughter walking hand-in-hand will make cute Mother's Day backdrop ideas that you’ll both remember for a lifetime.

Mother's Day background with a line drawing print and a quote

Idea 23. Color the Day With Warmth

Mother's Day backdrop ideas with warm colors will make your holiday party even more exciting. Choose a thematic pallet for your backdrop along with a nice quote or greeting. Read up on color psychology to set the mood exactly the way you want it.  

Cute mother's day backdrop idea with flower elements displaying the words Happy Mother's Day

Idea 24. Decorate in Sleek Black and White

Speaking of colors, elegant black and white can also look amazing for Mother's Day backdrop ideas. They won’t take up much attention but will fill your photos with a classy atmosphere. 

Mother's Day banner printed with black and white elegant graphics

Idea 25. Celebrate a Lifetime of Motherhood

This holiday is all about celebrating motherhood and its beauty. Mother's Day background ideas that showcase the theme of motherhood in its different stages of life would make an ideal timeline decal. Adhere silhouette graphics on the wall of a baby girl growing up to become a mother herself one day. 

Motherhood lifecycle adhesive Mother's Day Sign with the words The Miracle of Motherhood

Idea 26. Combine Sweet Words in a Heart Shape

It’s never enough to tell your mama how amazing she is. Mother's Day background ideas are yet another opportunity. Create a heart shape with the words that describe her and use it for everything from Mother's Day banner ideas to a hand-written card. 

Heart-shaped mother's day backdrop idea displaying different cute words for moms

Are you ready to give your mom the best Mother’s Day celebration she deserves? Check out our Mother’s Day templates and create cool signs for gifting and decoration. BTW, all of the above-mentioned Mother’s Day sign ideas can be easily made using our design tool.