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Jessica Goldsworthy October 19, 2020 • 9 min read
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Looking for outdoor party decoration ideas? Then you’re in the right place. This is a complete guide on how to decorate the backyard for a party. We’ve included decor ideas for special occasions and simple gatherings that will leave everyone happy. From wooden signs to banners, balloons and welcome boards, you can find the perfect idea for your celebration here. I’ll also share important tips and highlights in the second section to bring it all together so you can get the party started!

Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas

Whether you want to throw a party for your kid’s birthday or a wedding in your backyard, you’ll need garden party decoration ideas to brighten up the mood. Keep your guests entertained with these highlights and throw a party no one will forget.

Cute Backyard Party Decoration Ideas for Babies

Toddler parties should be colorful and whimsical. These outside party decoration ideas for a baby birthday or shower will help you celebrate your precious one as well as parenthood with style.

1. Baby Shower

Baby showers are typically gender-neutral so parents can reveal the gender of their baby during the party. In any case, feel free to use your favorite colors in combinations that feel good for you. Here are a few outdoor party decor ideas you should use:

  • Welcome guests with sandwich boards or retractable banners
  • Arrange lots of balloons with cute prints
  • Use curtains as backdrops for a breezy feel
  • Hang up cool and colorful thematic garlands

Mary's Baby Shower backyard party decorations

Whichever style you choose, remember that your decors should be playful. Finally, organize different games and gift raffles to make the party not only beautiful but also engaging.

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2. Birthday Party

Planning to host an outdoor b-day party for your little one? There are a lot of outdoor party decor ideas to fill the air with giggles and good vibes.

  • Fill a pool with mini air balls for your little guests
  • Hang photo prints of your child’s monthly milestones
  • Get a photo booth or backdrop with a step and repeat banner
  • Set up a gift table with cute signs

David is 1 outdoor party decoration idea

These cute and simple backyard party decorations will make your party unforgettable. Don’t forget to think of activities for older kids so they don’t get bored and ruin the whole party. You can arrange a craft table or organize different games to keep them entertained.

Cool Outdoor Party Decor Ideas for Teenagers

Parties for teenagers are a lot of fun. Whether you want to host a birthday party or a movie night in your backyard, these garden decoration ideas for a party are ideal for adolescents.

3. Outdoor Movie Night

All teenagers love movies. They’ll love it even more if you organize an outdoor movie night. To make the party special, make use of these cool yet simple backyard party decorations.

  1. Use a clapperboard or camera-shaped yard sign
  2. Spread pillows and quilts for everyone to sit on for a cozy vibe
  3. Use star-shaped decor pieces to give the space a Hollywood make-over
  4. Go for thematic decors according to the movie you chose

Now Showing outdoor movie night party decor

These ideas will make the night extra cool or groovy or whatever they call it these days. You can also have a snack table for popcorn and sweets to keep things sweet and organized. Take it to the next level by sending out invitation cards that look like movie tickets. This will add an authentic touch and make the invitees feel like VIPs.

4. Teenager Birthday Party

A teenager’s b-day celebration should be nothing less than fabulous lest you want to deal with their angsty side. These outdoor party decor ideas will help you throw the most unforgettable party for the celebrant.

  • Put up an “official teenager" and "cheers to 13 years" on corrugated plastic signs
  • Prepare an Instagram photo booth frame
  • Display number decor to showcase the age of the celebrant
  • Use a disco bulb to fill the party with colors

Official teenager backyard party decoration

The guests will love these backyard party decoration ideas. Make sure to prepare cardboard sunglasses or mustaches for extra flair at the photoshoot.

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Fancy Outside Party Decoration Ideas for Adults

Speaking of outdoor parties for adults, they are no less fun than that of kids or teenagers. You can either throw a party for a special occasion like a wedding or just have a relaxing time with your friends. In any case, you’ll want to decorate your venue to make it as welcoming as possible.

5. Spa Party

Do you need some rest and relaxation time with your girlfriends? Then you deserve a spa party! Take a look at this list of outside party decoration ideas to turn your garden into a 5-star sanatorium.

  • Add an ethereal touch with flowing white curtains or a tent
  • Organize supplies for different tables and set up acrylic signs on each
  • Use cute stickers to identify all the supplies
  • Fill the pool with foam, bath bombs or balloons

Backyard spa party decoration

Colors set the vibe of an event so make sure to choose the right color theme. Finally, make your guests feel special by preparing a basket with headbands, nail and makeup supplies, candles, and chocolate for each of them.

6. Wedding Celebration

Decorations are the key to transforming your outdoor wedding party into a fairytale. Here is a list of outdoor ceremony decor ideas that will make the big day an ideal start to a new life.

  • Get a wooden board printed with your favorite quote
  • Prepare an arbor with floral arrangements
  • Showcase photos of the happy couple 
  • Use candles to light up the evening

elegant backyard party decoration for wedding

Whatever decorations you choose, they should also have a common thread. You can keep everything in harmony with a certain color palette or overall theme.

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Elegant Backyard Party Decorations for the Elderly

An outdoor party for the elderly? That sounds like a good ol’ time if you ask me. No matter what occasion you have planned, you’ll want to turn your garden into a classy and relaxed venue. Or get crazy, who knows.

7. Retirement Party

Retirement is not about getting old, it’s about getting your long-deserved vacation! You deserve a show-stopping party for the day. Here’s a list of decorations to prepare.

  • Arrange funny quote prints all around
  • Hang a prominent “Happy Retirement” garland
  • Set up an honorary achievement board 
  • Display a travel wall with a map of countries to visit

Funny outdoor retirement party decor ideas

You can use these decors for different occasions. Prove the neighbors wrong in case they don’t think you can still throw a wild party just because you’ve grown more mature.

Use our event templates to bring these ideas to life. They are easy to customize and can be used on various products

8. Wedding Anniversary

Are you planning for a big wedding anniversary celebration after all these years? Throwing an outdoor party is a perfect way to mark the grand occasion! Take a look at these elegant backyard party decorations for a truly memorable day.

  • Get a sassy “Just Married Again” sign
  • Hang a string bulb for ambiance
  • Arrange a family tree with photos
  • Use foil whirls to decorate your outdoor plants

Garden party decoration ideas for wedding anniversary

Your wedding day was certainly a memorable one. To stir up that bittersweet feeling of nostalgia, go with the same theme and style as the original.

Bonus DIY Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Throwing a party and want to spend as little as possible on it? Or maybe you’re looking for DIY garden party decoration ideas? This section is the right one for you. Take a look at this list of cheap backyard party decorating ideas you can easily DIY.

  • Make a sculptural balloon backdrop
  • Hang hand-made paper lanterns
  • Use mason jars as candle holders
  • Cut and use fresh flowers from your garden
  • Use bandanas or paper cut-outs for garlands

outdoor party decorating ideas on a budget

These backyard party decorating ideas on a budget will make your party glow. Make sure to store all the reusable decorations from this party in a safe place so you don’t have to buy or make them again next time.

Tips and Highlights: How to Decorate the Backyard for a Party

Besides the DIY backyard party decoration ideas, I’d also like to share important tips on how to throw and decorate any party like a pro. Take a look!

Tip 1. Use Outdoor Rugs

Cover up the ground with outdoor rugs to give the space a more tidy and luxurious look. They’ll also help you designate the spaces you want your guests to relax, not to mention make them feel like kings and queens.  

Tip 2. Get Creative With Light Strings

LED light strings can be used to create an enchanting atmosphere in your garden. Here are a few methods to try. Put water-proof ones in the ice basket to light up drinks, wrap twinkling ones around trees or hang color lights around the tables. Use outdoor lighting to illuminate your home and garden with a touch of magic.

Tip 3. Use the Decorations You Already Have

Make sure to repurpose decorations you kept from previous parties or ones you already use indoors. Your living room decors can be used as cool backyard party props. Just be selective so you don’t ruin expensive items.

Bonus Tips: How to Organize a Flawless Outdoor Party

Let’s face it. However fun parties are, they can also be stressful. Decorating your garden, thinking of activities to keep everyone entertained, taking care of food and other supplies can all be overwhelming. Here, I have tips that will ease the organizing process and help you enjoy the party to the fullest.

Tip 1. Make Use of Disposable Supplies for an Easy Clean-Up

Use disposable tablecloths and other supplies so you don’t have to clean everything up for three days after the party’s over. You’ll want to use eco-friendly or recyclable materials so you don’t create needless waste and give your conscience a break.

Tip 2. Keep Mosquitoes Away

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can be a real nightmare when it comes to outdoor activities. Get rid of them simply by having two or three fans around the parameter or arranging beautiful lavender bouquets to repel them with the scent.

Mint fan for outdoor party

Tip 3. Have a Fun Ice-Breaker Game

You want your party to be fun, don’t you? Organize an ice-breaker game to get the party started. An ideal game would be one that helps people get to know each other while they get into a fun mood.

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