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About Perforated Window Decals

For those looking to make an impact, perforated window decals add a unique visual to storefronts and windows. These decals feature micropunctures over half of the film, allowing for an opaque appearance from the outside and an unobstructed view from the inside. Installation is easy, requiring only soapy water and a rubber squeegee. These decals are also available in a variety of sizes.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Weight: 0.09 lbs per square foot

Thickness: 0.016″

Perforation Size: 0.060″ (1.5mm)

Details: These long lasting perforated decals offer easy installation and removal as well as privacy in the area of installation

Suggested Uses: Intended for both indoor/outdoor use for home, office or retail windows

Printing Method: Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion resistant UV ink

Approximate Lifespan: 3+ years with proper installation and maintenance

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 12″x12″, 24″x12″, 2’x2′, 4’x4′, 3’x5′

Options: Cut, Accessories

Begin by cleaning the surface onto which your decal will be installed. To ensure your installation is in the proper location, you can mark the location with a washable marker. Remove the backing, align with your marks, and gently press your decal onto the glass. Use a rubber squeegee to remove any bubbles. Soapy water is not recommended for use in the installation of Perforated Window Decals.
You can clean your decals with a damp cloth. To remove, peel the decal from the top down, removing any residue with adhesive remover and a razor blade. Do not use pressure washers when cleaning your decals, as they may cause peeling.

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