Perforated Window Decals

Perforated Window Decals

Advertise your store, products, services on the window without blocking the view from the inside - make your message visible to passersby without sacrificing your privacy

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Perforated Window Decals

Perforated Window Decals are Adhesive Vinyl with tiny holes that provide high adhesiveness and one-way visibility. This means transparency from one side and privacy from the other. These decals, also called see-through window decals, are perfect for bus advertisements, car advertising, storefronts, beauty salons, etc. In the daylight, the inner side of the window remains invisible and in the night the products will be calling the passers-by for shopping. The place with more light gets the visibility.

These are a great solution for beauty salons, barbershops, banks and any other establishment that want to provide the privacy of their customers.So, you can promote your brand at the same time conceal the inside view from the windows for everyone outdoors.

We print with high-quality UV inks that are weather and fade resistant. The lifespan of our see-thru Window Decals is 5+ years with proper installation and maintenance.

Custom design your own window graphics online and cover your windows with high quality and removable Window Decals. The order is accepted immediately and the production starts right after that. We work hard to provide you with Next Day Shipping so hurry up to get your personalized sign at Square Signs.

Benefits of Perforated decals


  • Durable, eye-catching, cost-effective solution
  • Ideal for interior branding and decorative applications - and advertising
  • Usage include office, home and any special environment
  • Comes with custom sizes, shapes - design solutions
  • Provides one-way visibility


The material of these window decals is top-quality perforated vinyl. This is a unique material that has small holes across it providing one way visibility. The material is highly adhesive which can easily be applied to windows and glass surfaces. Perforated vinyl is easy to apply with a squeegee and remove without leaving any residue.


Our digital printer has the ultimate color range, which allows us to guarantee the exact matched color of your graphics printed on the window stickers. The printer has an LED Curing system, which dries the UV inks simultaneous to the printing process.   

Perforated WIndow Decals Cutting


We also offer premium cutting services for your perforated window decals with bleeding-edge digital plotter cutters. Digital cutting is the best option for soft and self-adhesive materials. Being controlled by computer software and having a cropmark sensor system these cutting machines ensure the highest precision and accuracy in cutting. Among the range of tools, the best ones for cutting soft materials of different density are die-cutting and kiss-cutting tools.

benefits of perforated window decals

Buying Options

Square or Rectangle cut - The standard cutting option offers Perforated Decals cut in square or rectangle shape with pointed sharp edges.

Rounded cut - This option provides standard square or rectangle Decals with rounded edges.

Overline cut - With this option the Decals will be cut in the shape of your design with a little border around it.

Outline cut - Perforated Decals will be cut exactly in the shape of your design without any borders.

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