Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Frosted Window Decals

Durable and classy frosted decals are designed to offer privacy as well as add elegance to any glass surface.
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Frosted Window Decals

Add sophistication to your space with frosted window decals. Custom frosted glass decals are a crisp and elegant option for window decals that offer both privacy and superb design. Read the top features of our frosted decals for glass:

Durable Material

Sandblasted Effect

Two-Way Privacy


UV-Cured graphics

Easy Application

Design and order frosted glass decals with bespoke shapes and sizes. We’ll ship your etched glass decals anywhere within the US and Canada. We also offer free ground shipping within the contiguous US for items under 36" and over $85.

Buy More, Save More on Frosted Window Decals

Get custom frosted window decals in bulk from Square Signs and get them at discounted rates. The pricing below reflects frosted glass decals 18”x24” in size.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF

$45.98 $49.44

$91.96 $98.88

10 pcs

17% OFF

$41.04 $49.44

$410.4 $494.4

30 pcs

24% OFF

$37.57 $49.44

$1,127.1 $1,483.2

100 pcs

29% OFF

$35.10 $49.44

$3,510 $4,944

500 pcs

36% OFF

$31.64 $49.44

$15,820 $24,720

1000 pcs

41% OFF

$29.17 $49.44

$29,170 $49,440

Uses for Frosted Glass Decals

Frosted window decals with mountain landscapes for a meeting room

Order custom frosted window decals to level up your glass doors and windows with exquisite designs and obscure the view from both sides. Continue reading and discover the best frosted glass decal solution for your needs.

Frosted Window Decals for Business

Tasteful touch-ups will reel in more people than you might expect. Custom frosted window decals are a classy way to do this. Apply your company's logo or business information on etched glass vinyl decals to personalize them or create a unique look from scratch with our design tool. Select the sizes and shapes of your frosted glass decal. Then choose background colors, texts, icons and other suitable add-ons to perfect the design.

Decorative Frosted Window Decals

Give a fresh look to your space with frosted decals for glass. Get your custom etched glass decals shaped in the exact form of your graphics to give them a unique look. Apply the frosted window decals to the glass doors and windows and combine them with other decorative items such as acrylic signs to get an instant make-over. Do you need inspiring frosted window decal ideas to brighten up your mood? Explore our list of designer-made templates. Choose your favorite and restyle it to suit your preferences.

Etched Glass Decals for Privacy

Custom frosted window decals offer a fantastic advantage. Etched glass decals provide 24 hour privacy in addition to their neat appearance, making them ideal for business decorations and promotions. Another plus is that a frosted glass decal blurs the view from both sides yet allows light to travel through the material.

Common Sizes for Custom Frosted Window Decals

Our custom frosted glass decals range from 6”x6” to 58”x1680” in size. See the rates for our standard etched glass window decals without additional options and accessories below.













Main Features of Etched Window Decals

Frosted window decals with custom shapes for business decoration

Learn the features and benefits of our custom frosted window decals to make sure that this product satisfies your requirements.

Material and Printing of Frosted Window Decals

A frosted window decal, also called an etched glass decal, is a 4.7 mil thick, durable adhesive that has a semi-translucent surface with a sandblasted effect. Custom frosted glass decals give a professional appearance thanks to their innovative design.The unique material of a frosted window decal allows light to pass through while providing privacy by blurring the view from both sides.

Our custom etched glass decals are printed using a UV-curing system which ensures vibrant and durable graphics with a matte finish. Custom frosted glass decals are suitable for indoor and outdoor application with a three to five year lifespan. They’re easy to stick on and peel off without leaving residue upon removal.

Shapes of Custom Frosted Window Decals

We manufacture custom frosted window decals cut into the following shapes:

Square / rectangle - frosted glass decals with pointed 90° corners

Rounded - frosted glass decals with rounded 90° corners

Outline - custom frosted window decals in the shape of your graphics

Overline - custom frosted window decals in the shape of your graphics with a border

Reverse cut - square or rectangular frosted glass decals with your designs cut out of them

Mounting of Frosted Glass Decals

Frosted vinyl decals are easy to apply. Just remove the protective backing paper and cling the frosted glass decal to the clean glass. Visit our frosted window decals installation page for instructions on how to properly put up your frosted decals for glass.

Comparison Chart of Frosted Glass Decals and Similar Products

We offer other products similar to frosted vinyl decals. Take a look at the chart below for their main specifications. The pricing list corresponds to standard options without additional features and accessories.


Frosted Window Decals

Clear Window Decals

Opaque Window Decals

Perforated Window Decals

Static Clings

Size Range

6”x6” - 58”x1680”

6”x6” - 58”x1680”

6”x6” - 58”x1680”

6”x6” - 52”x1680”

6”x6” - 52”x850”

Price Range

$23.65 - $6,366.36 

$7.97 - $3,369.94

$22.99 - $2,225.39

$12.41 - $3,061.97

$7.63 - $1,141.12


4.7 mil

4.0 mil

4.0 mil

6.0 mil

7.0 mil



Standard, second surface



Standard, second surface

Lifespan (Indoors/


5+ / 3+ years

6+ / 3+ years

6+ / 3+ years

N/A / 2+ years

5+ / 1+ years

Custom Frosted Window Decals FAQ

How to frost glass windows?

Etched window decals are an affordable solution if you’re thinking about how to frost your windows. Frosted vinyl window graphics are made of a semi-translucent adhesive which comes in rolls and can be cut into custom sizes and shapes. Read our frosted window decals specifications page to learn more technical details.

How can I take care of my frosted window decal?

Use a feather duster to regularly clear off the dust on your custom frosted window decals. Then clean the custom frosted glass decals with a window cleaning spray that doesn't contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Wipe the surface with a non-abrasive cotton towel. Dry around the edges of the frosted glass decals carefully to prevent moisture buildup that could make your custom frosted glass decals peel at the corners.

How do I store my frosted window decal?

Frosted glass decals are only suitable for one-time application. If they’re still unused, you can roll up your etching adhesives and store them in a dark and dry place.

Where can I get my frosted window decal delivered?

We can ship your frosted window decal anywhere you want within the US and Canada. We offer free ground shipping in the contiguous US for orders over $85 and under 36” in size.

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